Dec 162017
RBBS 17.3 external file transfer support.
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RBBS 17.3 external file transfer support.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EXT-READ.ME 2202 1106 deflated
XFER 0 0 stored
PCKERMIT.EXE 45373 24569 deflated
PCKERMIT.TXT 244 159 deflated
QMXFER.COM 39523 21560 deflated
QMXFER.DOC 3350 1531 deflated
WXMODEM.COM 22868 14900 deflated

Download File RBBS-EXT.ZIP Here

Contents of the PCKERMIT.TXT file

Additions to version PCKERMIT version 2.0

- 19200 bps support.

- Pop-up status window.

- Minor Bug fixes.

Fixes in version 2.1

- Wrote my own windowing routines to fix the interrupt
problems in version 2.0.

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