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Time Door 4.1 for Wildcat 3.X.

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Time Door 4.1:Time Banking,Gambling & Transfers for WC! 3.x
Time Door 4.1 is a Wildcat! 3.x door with full featured Time
Banking, Gambling and Transfer sections. Time Door is the
only door to offer all these sections along with the BEST
and most complete sysop control. The registered version even
has a BYTE and DOWNLOAD bank where users can deposit bytes
and downloads. Time Door is the premiere Time Banking Door
for Wildcat! 3.x being the only Wildcat! door to bring
together Time Banking, Gambling and transfers along with the
bonus of a BYTE and Download bank. This program is shareware
and will not expire.

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Time Door 4.1 for Wildcat 3.X.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DOOR1.BAT 400 236 deflated
DOOR1.RUN 392 242 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 625 329 deflated
PRIZE60.BBS 1428 471 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 6055 1887 deflated
SETUP.EXE 139188 78743 deflated
SYSOP.DOC 58274 17830 deflated
TIME.HLP 27972 6939 deflated
TIME.PRF 60 52 deflated
TIMEDOOR.CFG 189 146 deflated
TIMEDOOR.EXE 257536 123145 deflated
TIMEDOOR.HIS 18719 7213 deflated
TRIVIA.DAT 19095 6030 deflated
UPGRADE.DOC 654 372 deflated

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Contents of the REGISTER.DOC file

Time Door Registration Information


Time Door costs $28.00 but a $3.00 discount is available. Read further
for more details.
Download Discount

If you would like to download your registration packet from Crown Jewel
BBS, you can take a $3.00 discount and get Time Door for only $25. The
$28 price will get your registration packet and the latest copy of Time
Door mailed to any place in the world. If you choose to take the
discount, you will be required to download your registration packet from
Crown Jewel BBS at 813-696-2444 (2400 baud). NOTE: When you choose the
download option, we will NOT notify you when your registration is received.
Please do not ask for us to call you or your BBS when your registration is
received. Crown Jewel BBS can also be very busy at times.

Handling Guarantee

Rest assured, your registration will be handled professionally and
quickly. We have found that people who register software don't bounce
checks so your registration will usually be in your hands before your
check even hits my bank. Your registration will not be held up for any
reason and its very rare that a registration is not ready within 24 hours
of being received. We know what its like to be waiting for a
registration, so we will do everything necessary to make sure you don't
have to wait.

Online Registration

You can now register your copy of Time Door ONLINE with your MasterCard,
Visa or American Express. Just call Crown Jewel BBS at 813-696-2444
and choose option R from the main menu. When you use online registraiton, you
get your TIMEDOOR.ID immediately. NOTE: The download discount does not apply
to online registrations.

Registration of Poster

If you would like to register Poster at the same time you register Time Door,
just add $5.00 to your registration fee and note on your registration form that
you want poster also.

Terms, Conditions, Address, Who to write the Check To

Please read the section in the SYSOP.DOC that explains the License
Agreement and Warranty. After you fill out the registration form (you can
do this inside of SETUP using the [R]egister option), please send the
registration to the following address...

Bill Bolden
C/O David Waldrop
1599 Cypress Lake Rd.
Lake Wales, FL 33853

Make checks payable to BILL BOLDEN. Please send a check or Money Order.
I am not responsible for lost cash.

Foreign Users: If you want to register using foreign funds, please contact
me for the proper fee in your currency.

-------------------------------- [Cut Here] -----------------------------------
| Office Use Only |
| TD #:___________|
| PC #:___________|
| Date:___/___/___|

Registration Form for Time Door 4.1 or Above

SysOp Name:____________________________________

BBS Name:____________________________________
(IMPORTANT: The BBS name can't be more then 30 characters.
Whatever you put here will not be edited in any way.)



City:_______________ State:_____________ Country:_______ Zip:___________

BBS Main Number ( ) - Voice Number ( ) -

Multinode (check one) [ ] Yes [ ] No

Disk Type [ ] 3.5" [ ] 5.25" (check one)

Registration Method (Check One) Mail ($28.00) [ ] Download ($25.00) [ ]*

Crown Jewel BBS Access Information (required for download)


Birth Date:____/____/____




I agree to not distribute my TIMEDOOR.ID file, the Trivia Editor, or any
other file labeled "Registered Users Only."

(Sign Here)

Please mail with a check or money order for $28 or $25 (US funds) to:

Bill Bolden
C/O David Waldrop
1599 Cypress Lake Rd.
Lake Wales, Florida 33853

Thanks for your support of Time Door!

* Download registration means that you call Crown Jewel BBS and download your
registration packet. We will not call or send you a notice when your
registration is received. **

* End of Registration Form *

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