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Telegard Software Developers Kit, 2.5 versions.
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Telegard Software Developers Kit, 2.5 versions.
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HEADERS.ZIP 20941 20736 deflated
HISTORY.TXT 413 218 deflated
PACKING.LST 689 292 deflated
SAMPLES.ZIP 3073 2692 deflated
SOFTDEV.DOC 9856 3469 deflated

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Contents of the HISTORY.TXT file

Telegard Software Development Kit
Copyright 1990 by Eric Oman, Martin Pollard, and Todd Bolitho
All Rights Reserved

**> Release History <**

Release Date Description
============ ===========

07-Jan-1990 Initial release for Telegard version 2.4.

26-Mar-1990 Updated for Telegard version 2.5.

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