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TRIBBS utility (see - Time Bank Door version 3.1.

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TriBank v3.1 - The TriBBS TimeBank door
VERSION 3.0 (BETA 7) AND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
New features: Will not allow users to
withdraw time from the bank before an
event. Also, will log users off if they
store all of their time away.

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TRIBBS utility (see – Time Bank Door version 3.1.
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Contents of the HISTORY.DOC file

TriBBS TimeBank Revisions
3.1 - Made a BIG boo-boo when recompiling TriBank 3.0--I used an
old copy of my door routines which really messed things up.
Many thanks to Larry Gunter for pointing this out.
3.0 - TriBank will now NOT allow people to withdraw time if there
time on the BBS was shortened because of an upcoming system event.
- TriBank now takes advantage of the GOODBYE feature that TriBBS
now has (in 3.0). If a users stores all of his/her time, TriBank
will set the "Goodbye" flag in the data files, and TriBBS will
log him/her off.
- Changed the !!! UNREGISTERED SHAREWARE !!! notice to:
Registered to: Unregistered
- Minor changes to data file stuctures read from TriBBS.
PRIOR to 3.0 (beta 6 and below!)
2.4 - BBS Name change only
2.3 - TriBank wasn't correctly modifying a users time on the BBS
if they stored ALL of the rest of their online time. Fixed.
- If you store all of your online time, TriBank will automatically
take you right back to the BBS, without going back to the menu.
- Fixed 3-4 misspelled words. Ooops! 🙂
2.2 - TriBank was allowing people to stack time up on the BBS
without "withdrawing" any. Fixed, thanks to the help
(and patience) of Eric Randall. Thanks Eric!
- TRITEL.SYS format now supported.
- Recompiled using RMDoor v2.0, which fixes minor bugs
2.1 - Fixed bug where, if a user deposited all of his/her time,
then they would be returned to the BBS with all of their
time intact--many thanks to Bob Harmon and a few others for
finding this one!
2.0 - Now TriBBS 2.0 compatible
- Now multinode capable
- Changed: <3> Quit to uit
- Added a "beg screen" after the user quits, to encourage
the sysop to register. (Only in unregistered systems)
1.51- Bug in the registration system. Fixed.
1.5 - Rewrote TriBank under a new set of door routines (RMDoor,
written by Randy Hunt & Mark Goodwin [quick plug!]).
- Locked baud rates now available! (for high speed modems)
- Included the TimeBank editor. Won't work unless your a
registered TriBank Sysop anyhow.
- A few color changes
1.4 - It was possible for a user to keep adding in more time in
the bank that he was 'supposed' to be able to store.
Fixed, thanks to Robert Harmon. Thanks Bob!
- Totally new registration system. Read README.1ST for more info.
- Added a few more error checkers with the data files that I
had overlooked.
- A few other minor things fixed.
1.3 - Fixed a bug that would print a bunch of garbage if
the user had no time left.
- Removed user # checking. Found that if the TriBBS user file
was 'packed', then all of the user numbers would get messed up.
- Now works with TriBBS v. 1.11. New file formats were messing
up TriBBS. Fixed.
- Drop-to-Dos now works. Hit Alt-D and type 'exit' to return.
1.2 - A zillion and one bugs!
- Wasn't saving datafiles correctly--fixed
- Problem with unlocking codes--fixed
- Wasn't properly retrieving saved time--fixed
- Added max. amount of time to store
- And a 'version' constant to make things easier for me
- Wrote and re-wrote the Timebank editor--it FINALLY works!
- Edited documentation to fix some errors
^^ (Note: I decided to NOT ship out any 3-1/2" disks
because of the cost of them)
- Changed data in TRIBANK.CFG
- Wrote this file!

1.1 - Never existed! (1.2 sounds better, doesn't it?)

1.0 - First Release

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