Dec 122017
Updated .hlp files for CMPQWK 1.40l.
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Updated .hlp files for CMPQWK 1.40l.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
001.WAV 8914 4342 deflated
002.WAV 44728 25102 deflated
003.WAV 4854 3799 deflated
004.WAV 8996 5261 deflated
005.WAV 20702 5394 deflated
006.WAV 22809 10680 deflated
007.WAV 55880 32706 deflated
008.WAV 55880 32706 deflated
009.WAV 9964 9218 deflated
010.WAV 9044 5507 deflated
CMPQWK.HLP 627096 170028 deflated
OPTION.DLL 2048 1081 deflated
README.TXT 541 316 deflated

Download File CMPHLP14.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

CMPQwk 1.4k help update.

After you unpack the help file, please
move the OPTION.DLL file to your
\SYSTEM directory. I apolgize for it
going there, honest. But it has to.

If you already have a version of CMPQwk
that uses OPTION.DLL you can throw it

Copy the *.WAV and *.HLP file to whatever
directory you'd like. If you want to call
it from within CMPQwk 1.4, the CMPQwk home
directory is best.

Todd Henschell
CMPQwk Development

------------end of readme.txt---------

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