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Net Runner: BBS online "PC Hacking" game door.

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NetRunner Door V1.02 for PCBoard, Gap, WC!,
RBBS, QBBS and Others! The first true 'Cyber
Punk' online game. You're a NetRunner, bold
and arrogant! Use your cyberdeck and an
assortment of hacking 'wares to invade the
corporate systems and raid their credits.
NetRunner uses ANSI graphics and keypad for
movement in the grid and systems.
By Rob Jacob and Seattle Cybertechnologies.
February 9th, 1992

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Net Runner: BBS online “PC Hacking” game door.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 412 283 deflated
HISTORY.TXT 545 305 deflated
MAINT.EXE 35143 14088 deflated
NETRUN.AD 1183 646 deflated
NETRUN.BAT 56 50 deflated
NETRUN.CFG 866 403 deflated
NETRUN.EXE 179706 76308 deflated
NETRUN.TXT 19932 7452 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 4631 1730 deflated
RESET.BAT 85 52 deflated
SYSBUILD.EXE 35010 14707 deflated
SYSNAMES.DAT 2542 1237 deflated
SYSOP.DOC 8229 3409 deflated
SYSTEMS.ZIP 106206 79776 deflated

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Contents of the HISTORY.TXT file


2-9-92 v1.02

- Fixed small bug in chain.txt routine that was messing up
first name variable.

- Moved bulletin routine to netrun.exe so bulletin is updated
when player exits game.

- Updated player docs.

Note: I will start working on v2.00 next week.

1-28-92 v1.01

- Fixed program so GENERIC.SYS would work properly.

- Added use of CHAIN.TXT for WWIV.

1-25-92 v1.00

- First public release of NetRunner

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