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NetRunner V1.0 - Registration Form
(C) Copyright 1992 by Seattle Cybertechnologies


This software is distributed as Shareware.

If you try this program and continue to use it, you are expected to
register with us.

This software can be freely distributed, as long as no money is charged for
it, and all the files are included, unmodified, and with their modification
dates preserved.

This software may not be distributed as a part of, or in conjunction with,
another product without permission of the author.

Whether or not you use this product, please give complete copies of this
software to others.

This software is provided "as is" and without any warranties whatsoever.

In no event shall I, Rob Jacob, be liable for any indirect, incidental,
special or consequential damages or any loss of business profits, business
interruption, loss of business information, or other losses arising out of
the use of or inability to use this software or accompanying written
material, even if I have been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Without a registration key, NetRunner has the following restrictions:

SYSBUILD.EXE will refuse to to run, limiting you to using the 200
systems that come pregenerated in the distribution archive.

Players will be automatically retired when the achieve 5000 experience

The door will display an 'UNREGISTERED' message on the opening screen
and it will ask your players to encourage you to register when they
exit the door.

All other game features are completely functional as in the registered
version. There are no annoying pauses or beeps.

If you try NetRunner and decide to continue using it, you will need to
register your copy at a cost of only $25. For your registration fee you
will receive:

A registration key. Inserting this number in your configuration file
will replace the 'UNREGISTERED' message with a 'REGISTERED' message and
display your BBS name and serial number in the opening screen. Your
players will be able to advance in experience as far as they can and
you will be able to generate a custom 'CyberSpace' for your game using
the system generator module.

All future upgrades to NetRunner. Your registration number will work
with all future versions of this software.

There is no special "registered" version to download or have sent to you.
Just type registration key in NETRUN.CFG when you get it to register your
copy of the software.

Sorry, at these low prices we can't afford to accept credit cards.

All orders are sent out via US Mail the same day I receive them, or the
following day at the latest.

--------------------------------cut here----------------------------------

To register your copy of NetRunner, send check or money order to:

Seattle Cybertechnologies
P.O. Box 8466
Federal Way, WA 98003-0466 USA

$_____ Please rush my NetRunner registration number! I have enclosed
the registration fee of $25.00

$_____ Washington State residents only, add 8.1% sales tax.
Tax on $25 order is $2.03

$_____ OVERSEAS ORDERS ONLY, include an additional $1.00 for registration
number. Also, please send US currency. (It costs $20 to cash a
Eurocheque here!!!)

$_____ Total US funds enclosed

Your name: ______________________________________________________________

Sysop name or BBS name as you want it to appear in the opening screen:

"Registered to: _______________________________"



Phone number (voice):____________________________________________________

BBS name: ________________________ BBS Phone number: ____________________

BBS software:______________________________ Version: ____________________







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Archive   : NETRN102.ZIP

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