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NetRunner Version 1.02 - SysOp Documentation
(C) Copyright 1992 by Seattle Cybertechnologies
Compiled using CKit V2.10


Thank you for trying NetRunner, the first online BBS game that even comes
close to simulating 'cyberdecking' as described in "Neuromancer" by William
Gibson or the game "ShadowRun" by FASA. NetRunner is designed to
ruthlessly challenge your players, this game is NOT easy! We hope,
however, that this will enhance the playability of NetRunner by ensuring
that players always have a goal to shoot for, rather than allowing them to
master all of its tricks overnight.


The following files should be included in your NetRunner distribution
archive. If ANY of these are missing you DO NOT have a complete set of
data files and should call one of the support/distribution sites listed at
the end of this file.

SYSOP.DOC - This documentation
REGISTER.TXT - Registration form for NetRunner
NETRUN.EXE - NetRunner door module
SYSBUILD.EXE - System generation module (Requires valid registration
key in order to run)
MAINT.EXE - Daily maintenance module
SYSNAMES.DAT - Default system names
NETRUN.TXT - Online user documentation
RESET.BAT - Batch file to reset game
NETRUN.CFG - Default configuration file
SYSTEMS.ZIP - Contains system maps for unregistered demo game
NETRUN.BAT - Sample execution batch file
HISTORY.TXT - Release History

In addition the following files will be created as the game is played:

PLAYERS.DAT - Player database
HISCORE.TXT - Bulletin of Most Wanted NetRunners
HISCORE.ANS - Bulletin of Most Wanted NetRunners (ANSI color)
GAMEDAY.DAT - Gameday counter data
BBSPROGS.DAT - Programs for sale at Frannie's Freehold
BBSMSG.DAT - Messages posted on Frannie's Freehold
CONTROL.DAT - Node locking flag for multi-node use


UnZIP (or ARJ or LZH) the contents of the NetRunner distribution archive
into a directory. Then extract the contents of SYSTEMS.ZIP into the
NetRunner directory.

Modify NETRUN.CFG to reflect the parameters you want NetRunner to use when
played. The configuration file is defined as follows:

0 <- Registration key (registered version only)
0 <- Serial number (registered version only)
Your BBS Name <- BBS name (registered version only)
5 <- Percent chance to get virus from broker
5 <- Percent corruption due to virus attack
1 <- # of progs to contaminate when virus runs
3 <- # of days obsolesence for VIRUSCAN
10 <- Percent chance of virus infection from Frannies Freehold
5 <- Amount of corruption per infection at Frannies Freehold
75 <- Move limit in net per day
10 <- Amount of corruption required before DIAGNOSTICS detects
1 <- Points of strength damage before DIAGNOSTICS detects
1 <- Percent chance to die when drugs are ingested
2 <- Threshold of stat 'plusses' before chance of stat loss
25 <- Percent chance to lose point of stat when theshold reached
5 <- Average number of days for money to regenerate in systems
30 <- Number of days before inactive players deleted
40 <- (for SYSBUILD) 40=40X40 grid

The next step would be to modify the sample batch file and any config-
uration files your BBS system requires for a door installation. NetRunner
directly supports the following door files.

DOOR.SYS - WildCat! v3.x, GAP v5.x, generic & others
CALLINFO.BBS - WildCat! v2.x
PCBOARD.SYS - PCBoard 12.0 - 14.5

For maximum compatibility, NetRunner will also read a file called
GENERIC.SYS. GENERIC.SYS file is a standard ASCII file and contains 3
lines, each followed by a carriage return, line feed. The format is:

John Smith <- The BBS operator's name
COM1: <- The COM port in use
30 <- Minutes allowed in door

When NetRunner finds a GENERIC.SYS, it will ask the user for his/her first
and last names before opening the door. After the user inputs their name,
the door will continue to load and run.

The door batch file need only switch to the NetRunner directory and then
call NETRUN.EXE while passing the path and name of your BBS's door file.
For example:



NetRunner does not yet support multiple players in the door simultaneously,
however, it will automatically use semaphoring to lock the door to
additional users when the game is already being played. You do NOT need to
use any special batch file tricks or utilities to do this. NetRunner will
handle all of the details all by itself. The only time you need to concern
yourself is if for some reason a node crashes while NetRunner is being
played. In this case, you will need to manually delete CONTROL.DAT to
ensure that the next player on will be able to enter the door.


The maintenance module, MAINT.EXE, should be run once a day. No command
line parameters are required. This module must be executed from with the
NetRunner directory. When maintanance runs, the file HISCORE.TXT will be
updated. This is a simple ASCII file that will list the five Most Wanted
NetRunners ranked by the amount of credits they've stolen. An ANSI version
of this file is also created. It will also add a random amount of credits
to each data node, and replace all ICE that have been destroyed.


If you've registered NetRunner, you can use SYSBUILD.EXE to randomly
generate a completely new 'CyberSpace' for your players to explore. To
create new system maps, switch to the NetRunner directory and run
SYSBUILD.EXE with no command line parameters.


The following function keys are supported:

F5 - Shell to DOS
F8 - Return user to system
F9 - Toggle display
F3 - Toggle Printer (PCBoard only)
F4 - Toggle Bell (PCBoard only)
F7 - Toggle Caller Alarm (PCBoard Only)
Alt-H - Toggle status line
Alt-N - Toggle sysop on next
Alt-X - Exit to DOS after call


Please see REGISTER.TXT for details.


Support for NetRunner is available via CyberSpace BBS in Seattle, WA.
Node 1 - (206)248-7647 USR HST, Node 2 - (206)248-7628 USR HST V42.bis.
Visiting Sysops recieve immediate access.

Messages may also be sent to ROB JACOB in the RelayNet (RIME) Doors Forum
or via the NetRunner Support forum on ShadowNet.

The latest version of NetRunner is always available on the following
distribution boards:

CyberSpace BBS Seattle, WA (206)248-7647 HST
(206)248-7628 HST

HCS BBS Cleveland, OH (216)273-8224 HST
(216)273-8981 V32

Thank You's And Such

I am much indebted to Michael Brunk of CyberSpace BBS for not only his
invaluable help in creating and testing this game, but also for introducing
me the the genre of 'CyberPunk' in the first place. Thanks Mike!

Also the several patient playtesters I had, who kept coming back, reset,
after reset. (Lord Dakkath, Slider, Icepick, Golden Bear, Olias, and
Neuromancer). (Slider was the first person to reach 1,000,000 credits,
RIP Slider)

Thanks to Brandon Bannerman for the 'Shadow' font that I swiped.

I would like to thank William Gibson (Whom I have never met) for his
inspirational books. Call me sometime. 🙂

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