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A Statistics Generator for Fido Nodelist.
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A Statistics Generator for Fido Nodelist.
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Contents of the NLSTATS.DOC file

Nodelist Statistics

Version 1.00

(C) Copyright 1991, Gary Vedvik
FidoNet 1:102/1006

This program was based on NETSTATS by Justin Marquez that
produced some simple statistics on the FidoNet nodelist. That
program, however, didn't seem to display the statistics I wanted
to see so I created my own nodelist statistic utility. NLSTATS
was the result.

NLSTATS uses unsigned integers for all totals, so there
shouldn't be any need for updating due to variable overflows until
we get more than 65,535 nodes in the nodelist. If that happens, I
estimate the nodelist will be no less than 5Mb in size and will
definitely mean that its time to overhaul the structure of the
nodelist file. 🙂

The program supports 3 command line parameters of which only
one is required. Each parameter must begin with either a '-' or
'/' character. If no parameters are specified a short summary
will be displayed. The supported (case insensitive) parameters


The path and filename of the nodelist to analyze. This
parameter is required.


The output filename. NLSTATS will attempt to write to
whatever you specify for this parameter. Note that this
permits you to specify a device name here (eg: -oPrn if
you wish to send the report directly to the printer).
This parameter is optional and if not specified
NLSTATS.RPT will be created in the current directory.

Additionally, if you don't want a report file created,
use a parameter of -onul.


Quiet mode. By default, the program will display its
progress as it reads the nodelist and display everything
to the screen that goes to the report file. Use this
option to disable this.

As far as I know, there are no bugs in this program. However,
if you find any, feel free to send me a netmail message describing
the bug you found and I'll try to get it patched up as soon as
possible and send you a return netmail message indicating that an
update is available for file request.

NLSTATS is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind,
either expressed or implied. In no event will the author be
liable to you for any damages, including any lost profits, lost
savings or other incidental or consequential damages arising out
of the use of this program. The only thing I guarantee this
program will do is take up disk space. 🙂

NLSTATS can be freely distributed so long as 1) no fees are
charged in any form and 2) the files are not altered. There are
no registration fees required to use this program. Your free to
use it as you see fit so long as neither of the two above rules
are broken.

If you like the program, the only thing I ask is that you send
me a netmail message indicating that you like it and are using it.

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