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SnagTag 2.0 - The tagline snagger for the 1st Reader offline mail program.

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SnagTag 2.0 - The tagline snagger for the
1st Reader offline mail program. Snag tags
and add them to your collection as you read
messages; they'll be immediately available
for use in your replies. Includes sound
(MME) support for Sound Blaster cards and
more. Very easy to install and use - and
it's freeware!

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SnagTag 2.0 – The tagline snagger for the 1st Reader offline mail program.
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$$F1.DOS 21 21 stored
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SNAGTAG.DOC 5095 2031 deflated
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SNAGTAG.VOC 8810 5720 deflated

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Contents of the SNAGTAG.DOC file

SnagTag 2.0 - The tagline snagger for 1st Reader
Copyright (c) 1993 by Michael Leavitt, All Rights Reserved.

SnagTag allows you to add to your tagline collection while
reading messages in 1st Reader. It captures the tagline from
the message you are reading and automatically adds it to your
1st Reader tagline file with just a couple of keystrokes.
You can optionally also use the MME feature of SnagTag to play
an appropriate VOC file as it snags the tag.

SnagTag requires Sparkware's 1st Reader to operate - it will
not work with any other mail reader.
A Sound Blaster card is necessary if you want to use the MME
feature of SnagTag. SnagTag will work even if you don't have

When you unzip this ZIP file, you'll find 5 files inside:

SNAGTAG.EXE - the main program
SNAGTAG.DOC - this file
$$F1.BAT - the batch file to start SnagTag from 1st Reader
$$F1.DOS - 1st Reader display commands for executing SnagTag
SNAGTAG.VOC - the VOC (sound) file that SnagTag will play when
you snag a tag if you have a Sound Blaster.

All ready? Just copy all the files into your main 1st Reader
subdirectory. That's it!

Using SnagTag:
When you're reading mail and see a tagline you've just got to add
to your collection, just hold the SHIFT key and press the F1 key to
activate SnagTag.

SnagTag will pop up a window showing you the tagline that it picked
up from 1st Reader. If upon looking it at it again, you decide that
you don't want to save it, just press the key and it will be
discarded. However, pressing any other key will cause SnagTag to
save the tagline.

Where the tag is saved to:
Normally, SnagTag will add the snagged tagline to the 1st Reader
TAGLINES.DAT file, where it's ready for immediate reuse.

However, if the tagline file is full - or if the first line in your
1st Reader tagline file starts with DOS: - the tagline will instead
be added to a text file in the 1st Reader main directory called
SNAGGED.TAG. This is a standard ASCII text file that you can import
into 1st Reader's tagline file, or import into the tagline files of
other tagline manager programs (like the wonderfully exotic JH3).

Cute noises:
If your system is equipped with a Sound Blaster (or compatible) card,
SnagTag will play the SNAGTAG.VOC file as it snags a tag for you. You
can replace this VOC file with any VOC file you'd like - just copy
your new VOC to SNAGTAG.VOC. This file (like all of the SnagTag
files) needs to be located in your 1st Reader main directory.

If you don't have a sound card, or if SnagTag can't find the
SNAGTAG.VOC file - no sound will be produced. Hint: if you've got
a Sound Blaster but don't want to hear anything when you snag a tag,
just delete or rename the SNAGTAG.VOC file.

SnagTag is copyright (c) 1993 by Michael Leavitt - All Rights Reserved.
This program is licensed for use by users of Sparkware's 1st Reader
program only, and may be used without payment of any registration or
license fee.
You are encouraged to share this program with other 1st Reader users
and upload it to BBS systems. However, you must distribute this
program in its original unmodified ZIP file with nothing added or
subtracted. Included BBS advertisements inserted into the ZIP file are
specifically prohibited, and any such insertion no matter if it was
done by an automatic process or manually is a violation of this
license and an infringement of the copyright covering this program.

SnagTag is distributed as 'user supported software' and is warranted
to do nothing more than take up space on your hard drive. No other
warranty either express or implied is offered - specifically, neither
the author, Sparkware, nor any agent of these entities will be
responsible in any way, shape, or form for any damage or loss of any
kind that you may suffer while running SnagTag.

You can contact the author via The Graphics Connection BBS at
(801) 264-1191 (UTSLC). Leave a message to Michael Leavitt, and
be sure to give details on what kind of problems you may be having.
You'll receive a reply within 48 hours.
SnagTag has been extensively tested before public release (over 3
months of alpha and beta testing) and is known to work well for
everyone who's tried it - before contacting the author, review this
document again and make sure you've installed it correctly and all
files are present.

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