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Galactic Warzone ][ (the Sequal). A BBS Doors Game. Version 1.1.
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Galactic Warzone ][ (the Sequal). A BBS Doors Game. Version 1.1.
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Contents of the DEVDESC.TXT file

NAME: Engines CLASSES: 1-5

PURPOSE: Moves ship through space.

USAGE: Starship

NOTES: Engines are a necessary accessory for your ship to enable
travel through space. Several classes of engines are available,
each allowing for a greater amount of thrust per energy unit.

An Engine's thrust is measured in tons per energy unit. This is
the weight (or mass) in tons that the engine can move one
sector using one energy unit. For example, if your ship weight
was 4000 tons and you had a 2000 ton/Eu engine, your engines would
use up two energy units every time you move.
NAME: Sensor Array CLASSES: 1-3

PURPOSE: Scans surrounding space for various items of interest.

USAGE: Starship

NOTES: This sensor device will scan the space in the sectors immediately
surrounding the sector you are currently in. There are three
classes of sensor devices available; Each adding additional
capabilities to the basic sensor. Here are the classes:

CLASS 1: Scans sectors surrounding your ship.

CLASS 2: Performs the same as class 1, but also adds the
capability to identify cloaked objects in

CLASS 3: Performs the same as class 2, but also adds the
capability to identify cloaked objects in
ADJACENT SECTORS as well as the current sector.
NAME: Phaser Bank CLASSES: 1-9999

PURPOSE: Fires a directed energy burst at an enemy ship, planet, or other
hostile body.

USAGE: Starship, Planet

NOTES: The phaser bank is an essential device for use in combat. It will
direct a portion of the energy on-board your ship at an enemy
vessel doing as much damage as possible. Many classes of phaser
banks are available; Each with a higher capactiy than the
previous class.

Phasers can be countered by the enemy using a shield device. In this
case, your phasers must have a higher capacity than the enemy's
shield in order to penetrate and do damage. A minimum of 100 units
must penetrate to do any significant damage.

A phaser bank does deduct energy from your ship. (i.e. to fire a
250 unit burst, 250 units of energy will be used up from your
NAME: Shield CLASSES: 1-9999

PURPOSE: Blocks ship from harmful energy weapons such as phasers or photon

USAGE: Starship, Planet

NOTES: The shield is an essential defensive device necessary to protect
your ship from enemy attacks. Many classes of shields are available;
each with a higher defensive capability than the previous class.

Shields have a fixed defensive capability (for each class) that will
block the same amount of damage from an energy weapon (i.e. a 250
unit shield will fully block a 250 unit phaser). A minimum of 100
units of energy must penetrate your shields to do any damage.

A shield will deduct energy from your ship when you are attacked.
(i.e. If an enemy attacked your ship with a 250 unit phaser, your
shield would use up 250 units of energy to block it)
NAME: Cargo Hold CLASSES: 1-25

PURPOSE: Used to temporarily store cargo.

USAGE: Starship

NOTES: A cargo hold contains a specific amount of holds, each capable
of storing one ton of cargo. Each class of cargo hold has a larger
amount of holds than the previous class.

Cargo Holds are necessary for trading between ports and for
transporting cargo between planets.
NAME: Barracks CLASSES: 1-?

PURPOSE: Living quarters for troops.

USAGE: Starship, Planet

NOTES: Barracks are simply living quarters for troop platoons. Each class
of barracks has a specific number of troop platoons that may be
contained within.

Trops are necessary in a variety of situations. The main use is for
troop-troop combat. (i.e. you land on a hostile planet; If it has
troops, you will need troops of your own to defeat the enemies)
NAME: Reactor CLASSES: 1-10

PURPOSE: Provides energy for operating ship.

USAGE: Starship, Planet

NOTES: The reactor is the device that will provide your ship with a daily
amount of energy. This energy is needed to operate your engines,
phasers, shields, etc.

Higher class reactors will provide an increased daily production of
NAME: Port Link CLASSES: 1

PURPOSE: Allows docking at any port remotely.

USAGE: Starship

NOTES: The port link is a special cargo teleporter which will allow you to
dock at any port within the galaxy remotely. Just go into the
sector of the desired port, set the port link, and you will be
able to dock remotely at any time.

Only one class is available.
NAME: Sensor Beacon CLASSES: 1

PURPOSE: Remotely scan a sector.

USAGE: Starship

NOTES: The sensor beacon is a special device which you may drop off in any
sector and then scan the sector and it's adjacent sectors remotely.

Only one class is available.
NAME: Cloaking Device CLASSES: 1-10

PURPOSE: Cloak (hide) a ship or colony.

USAGE: Starship, Planet

NOTES: A cloaking device will hide an object from view of other players.
Ten classes of cloaking devices are available. A class-1 device
is sutable for fully cloaking a player's ship while a class-10
device is necessary to fully cloak a colony.

A player with anticloaking sensor capability (i.e. sensor class 2 or
3) _may_ be able to see through a cloaking device.
NAME: Armor CLASSES: 1-9999

PURPOSE: Low-budget protection

USAGE: Starship

NOTES: Armor is a hardened titanium casing that fits around your ship in
order to protect it from attack. Armor is very similar to shields,
but there are important differences:

1) Armor is non-regenerative whereas shields will regenerate after
a battle.

2) Armor does neither require nor use up energy.

3) Armor weighs significantly more than shields.

Armor classes correspond roughly to shield classes.
NAME: Photon Torpedo Tube CLASSES: 1-25

PURPOSE: Necessary to launch photon torpedoes.

USAGE: Starship, Planet

NOTES: Photon Torpedoes are a self-propelled energy weapon. A Torpedo is
launched from the attacker, locks on to the enemy, and detonates
upon hitting the target. Torpedoes do not require energy from your
ship to launch (as opposed to phaser which do require energy), but
you must purchase Photon Torpedoes to launch.

Torpedo Tubes are necessary to launch photon torpedoes. Many classes
of torpedo tubes are available, each offering the capability to
launch more torpedoes concurrently than the previous class.
NAME: Planetary Defense Unit (PDU) CLASSES: 1-500

PURPOSE: Provides extensive planetary defenses.

USAGE: Planet

NOTES: The PDU is a multipurpose device which includes a phaser bank,
shield, and torpedo tube in one convenient package. For more
information, see the device information for PHASERS, SHIELDS, and

PDU devices are ONLY OPERATIONAL ON A PLANET. They may not be used
on a ship. (Although they may be transported by starship in an
inactive state)
NAME: Torpedo Factory CLASSES: 1-25

PURPOSE: Daily production of photon torpedos.

USAGE: Planet

NOTES: The torpedo factory is a device that when deposited on a planet
will provide a daily production of Photon Torpedos which may either
be left on the planet for defensive purposes or picked up by a
starship for its use.

For more information, see PHOTON TORPEDO.

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