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Imperium v3.52 - Strategic Wargame Door Similar to the old DEC game of Empire. Support for up to 31 players, map sizes up to 32k x 32k, 16 different terrain types and 30 different & completely editable unit types.

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Imperium v3.52 - Strategic Wargame Door
Similar to the old DEC game of Empire.
Support for up to 31 players, map sizes up
to 32k x 32k, 16 different terrain types and
30 different & completely editable unit types
Can utilize internal or fossil I/O routines.

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Imperium v3.52 – Strategic Wargame Door Similar to the old DEC game of Empire. Support for up to 31 players, map sizes up to 32k x 32k, 16 different terrain types and 30 different & completely editable unit types.
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Contents of the IMP-ONLN.DOC file

Imperium ++...+^++.+++++..+^++.+++++^+++
The WarGame of the Millenia.... +++..++++..++++..++++..+++^+^+
July 24, 1992 .+^++++++.+..+++++.++++..++...
Version 3.52 +.^.+++..++...+++..++...+++
Copyright 1992, Search IV, Diamond Bar, Ca. ++^*+++..++..*+++..++......

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
The Story...
In the late 21st century humankind was finally starting to make a serious
push towards interstellar colonization, the dwindling of Earth's resources
and the fiscally inept attempts of the regional governments to exploit the
near space resources had caused the global economy to go into a near terminal
spiral. The multinational corporations, in economic self defense, moved into
the gap and effectively eliminated most governments. For the most part, life
under corporate rule stayed much the same as it was before, boundaries became
more blurred, budgets were done with a bit more foresight, and the bottom
line was always the top priority; but the more things change the more they
stay the same...wars were still fought, and the Corporate Wars over resources
were more often violent than not.
Two historic discoveries neatly coincided to open up the galaxy to coloniz-
ation. The first discovery was of several earth-like worlds in orbit around
neighboring stars and was made by Daedulus series star probes sent out decades
earlier. The second discovery was that all bodies of near stellar mass or
greater were linked together by n-space singularities known as hyperstrings.
It took a major cooperative investment of capital and test pilots, but no
single megacorp wanted any of the others to have sole access to the vast
resources that these discoveries hinted at.
- - - - - Imperium v3.52
The Story...continues
The resources were in fact quite a bit more accessible than anyone had real-
ized. The each of the probes contained a nanotech seed package to make each
planetary biosphere more hospitable to human life and to build some basic
measurement and telemetry outposts. A basic flaw in the probe software let
the nanotechs evolve quite a bit more than the designers had wanted and in
ways that they had never dreamed of.
The first reconnaisance team to survive the trip discovered not only ex-
tremely earth-like worlds but also worlds that came complete with fully
developed cities. Cities that came complete with factories, ports, mining and
resource extraction facilites, power plants, and distribution systems. Cities
that were almost completely automated and capable of being programmed to pro-
duce almost anything, given enough time and resources. When reports of this
bonanza got back to Earth, the corporate alliance that built the hyperstring
transport system collapsed amid the rush was to colonize all the worlds that
could be reached across the star strings....
You have been placed in charge of securing one of these worlds from your
rival corps, hostile governments, and freelance anarchists. Best of Luck!

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
The Game
Imperium is a multi-player strategic wargame. Each player starts out with
one city, a variety of units (which will vary from world to world and game to
game), and no knowledge of the world in general. Since there is only room for
one World Emperor, the ultimate object of the game is for each player to
eliminate or come to terms with all the other would-be emperors. The final
victory conditions will undoubtably vary from game to game, but as a general
rule the first player to conquer more than two-thirds of the cities is the
de-facto winner.

Another curious piece of new technology has allowed us to transform the
normally spherical world surfaces into distorted rectangular surfaces. The
rectangular map is then divided into a X by Y grid with each unit square
covering an area roughly equivalent to 250 square miles. All play will take
place on this grid. The actual values of X & Y will depend on the planet size.

Each player gets one set of moves per day with moves being executed on a
first come first moved basis. In essense this means that each player can move
every one of his units once a day for it's full movement allotment.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
The Map
As was noted above, the map is divided into a rectangular grid. Map coor-
dinates are always displayed as an x,y number pair. The first coordinate (X)
always corresponds to the column, while the second coordinate (Y) always
represent the row. Thus for a 150x100 map, the point (1,1) is at the top left
corner of the map, while the point (150,100) is in the lower right corner. Since
it isn't generally possible to view the entire map on the screen at one time,
the map is divided into overlapping sectors 70x20 units in size. Each sector is
represented by a multi-digit number-character pair. The number represents the
vertical sector, while the character represents the horizontal sector. The next
page shows how the sectors are laid out over the map.

Each different terrain and unit type is represented by a unique character on
the map. It is important to note that as units are moved across the map, only
the squares within that unit's scan radius are updated, all other territory on
the map is only as current as the last time the player walked/sailed/flew a
unit past it. The map always displays only the most recent information known.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
The Map A C
~~~~~~~ (1,1) /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\(150,1)
| : : : |
1 | 1A : : ---:---------------|
|_____________:___ : : 2C | 2
| : : : |
3 | 3A : : ---:---------------|
|_____________:___ : : 4C | 4
| : : : |
5 | 5A : : ---:---------------|
|_____________:___ : : 6C | 6
| : : : |
7 | 7A : : ---:---------------|
|_____________:___ : : 8C | 8
| : : : |
9 | 9A : : ---:---------------|
| : : : |
(1,100) \__________________________/ (150,100)
- - - - - Imperium v3.52
More about the Map
The characters that make the map are broken down into four categories:
Terrain, Cities, Advanced Terrain and Units. The characters are interpreted
as follows:

Basic Terrain: Character Color (if applicable)
Unexplored Territory - [ ] (blank) - black
Deep Water (River, Lake, Ocean) - [.] - blue
Land (Terra Firma) - [+] - green
Swamps (Terra Squishy) - [] or [=] - light green
Mountains - [^] - gray

Cities: Character Color
Unowned/Free Cities - [] or [*] - magenta
Enemy cities - [] or [X] - red/brown/yellow/gray
Your Cities - [] or [O] - light cyan

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Still More about the Map
These terrain types are only found in games that have been setup as advanced.
In advanced games terrain will cost movement points to cross rather than simply
being cross or non-crossable.

Advanced Terrain: Character Color
Ice - [] or [:] - white
Dune - [] or [@] - light red
Shallow Water - [,] or [,] - light blue
Hills - [~] or [~] - brown
Forest - [] or [?] - yellow
Desert - [] or [)] - red
Tundra - [#] or [#] - grey
Jungle - [] or [&] - light green
Volcano - [] or [V] - light magenta
Lava Flow - [] or [-] - light magenta

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Yet Still More about the Map
Units: (Your units will generally be displayed in cyan while the enemies units
will be in red. Units belonging to players you are allied with will
vary in color from brown to yellow to gray depending on the level of
the alliance. In non-color modes, your units are are always upper-
case and the enemy's are in lower case; allied units are generally
displayed as either boldface upper or lower case).

Unit Type Class Char | Unit Type Class Char
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ | ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~
Armies Light Land [a/A] | Cruise Missiles Special Air [m/M]
Tanks Heavy Land [w/W] | Corp of Engineers Special Land [e/E]
Fighter Planes Air [f/F] | Dredge Special Sea [g/G]
Destroyers Naval [d/D] | Anti-Missile Special Land [!/!]
Submarines Naval [s/S] | Satellite Space [%/%]
Troop Transports Naval [t/T] | Zeppelin Air [z/Z]
Cruisers Naval [r/R] |
Aircraft Carriers Naval [c/C] |
Battleships Naval [b/B] |

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
About the Units

Unit Class
Light Land - Units of this class can travel over normal land and swamps,
but are not equipped to travel over mountains.

Heavy Land - Units of this class can only travel over normal land. Swamp
bogs them down and mountainous territory is too restrictive.

Air - This class of unit can travel over any type of terrain,
land, swamp, mountain, or water.

Naval - This unit class is restricted to travel solely on water.

Space - This unit class is restricted solely to space travel.
Space travelling units cannot attack or be attacked by
non-space units.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
More about the Units
Armies - Typical light infantry troops. Only armies can capture
and garrison cities and they are essential to the con-
struction of new cities. One army unit is of about
legion strength (5000 troops).
Tanks - Armored calvary brigade. As a general rule faster,
tougher, and heavier than the light infantry.
Fighters - Combat/Reconnaisance aircraft wing. Aircraft have a
finite range and must be periodically refueled in an
occuppied city.
Destroyers - Small fast warship. Well equipped for Patrol/Recon/ASW
work. Destroyers are the only surface ships that can
detect submerged submarines.
Submarines - An attack sub, not to be confused with missile boats. A
submarine can operate in one of two modes: surfaced
where it is visible to all other units or submerged
where it can only move at half speed but is invisible
to everything but destroyers and other subs.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52

Troop Transports - Transports are the only ships that can carry armies or
tanks. Troopships can carry a fixed number of hits
worth of units, which generally means that a ship can
carry more armies than tanks and more damaged units than
healthy ones. If a transport is attacked and sunk, all
units onboard will drown.
Cruisers - Heavy warship. Generally stronger and more powerful than
destroyers, cruisers make good convoy escorts.
Aircraft Carriers - As the name implies, these are the only ships that can
carry fighters. The number of aircraft that can be
carried will decrease as the Carrier takes damage.
Battleships - The biggest largest nastiest ship. Typically this is
the sort of ship that eats destroyers for breakfast.
Cruise Missiles - Low-flying missiles that can be armed with a variety of
conventional/gas/bio/nuclear warheads. Cruise missiles
can be shuttled from one city to another and refueled
but once armed they are committed to fly until they
detonate. See warhead classes for more information on
warhead effects.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Engineers - Army corp of engineers. If something needs to be built
up/torn down/filled in/excavated this is the unit to do
it. Engineers can carve passes through mountain ranges,
fill in swamps, level hills, clear forests, make fords
across rivers, and build new cities.
Dredges - The naval equivalent to an engineer. Dredges can cut
channels and canals through land and flood swamps to
allow other ships passage.
Anti-Missiles - Anti-Missile Systems are the automated defense against
cruise missiles. Once a given system is 'A'ctivated it
watches a given area for incoming missiles; if a missile
enters then the Anti-Missile will attempt to shoot it
down. The smaller the defense radius the better the
chance that the Anti-Missile will have at shooting down
Cruise Missiles.
Zeppelins - Really big, hydrogen filled, lighter than air vehicles.
No offensive or defensive capabilities.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Unit Functions
Sentry - A unit on sentry duty will not move, but simply stand watch and
wake up when approached by an enemy unit.
Sleeping - Units onboard transports and aircraft carriers are considered
to be asleep. As are armies & engineers & dredges involved in
Landing - A airborne unit that is landing will fly to the nearest airfield
or aircraft carrying ship. If a landing unit is trying to land
on a ship it will follow the ship even if it moves.
On Path - A unit that is moving directly to a specific point. The unit
will attempt to circumvent simple obstacles and will wake up
when presented with impassable terrain...though there is a
chance that it might get lost and wander around in a circle.
Direction - A unit that is moving in a given direction until it runs into
something interesting.
Random - A unit that is moving completely at random.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Command Modes
Order - This is the mode that the player finds himself in immediately upon
starting the Imperium game. This is the top level mode from which
the player can view a summary of his empire; review all that's
occurred since the last time on; communicate with the other empires;
et al.

Move - This is the mode that allows the player to command the movement and
activity and function of each awake unit.

Edit - In this mode a player can move across the map; investigating the
identity of enemy units; altering the production of his own cities;
checking and setting the functions of his own units.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Orders Mode Commands
A - Allows the player to propose alliances, respond to other player's pro-
posals, and view current relations with other empires. There are basically
four levels of alliance: War, No relations, Non-aggression Pacts, and
Formal Treaties.

C - Communicate with other empires. The inter-empire communicator allows
players to send and recieve messages from other empires whether they have
been encountered in the game or not. Message length is currently lim-
ited to 15 lines.

D - Request a screen dump of as much of the world map as the player has
currently mapped.

E - Puts Imperium into Editing Mode, where the players can examine and/or
change the functions associated with units and cities.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Orders Mode (continued)
G - Toggle ANSI color graphics display mode. Issuing this command without
ANSI support and a graphics adapter produces useless output. Many com-
munications programs will support VT100 terminal emulation, this will
in most instances accomplish the same thing.

H - Display the Help screen. Contains a brief description of all the
order mode commands.

M - Puts Imperium into Move Mode, where the player can move, assign
functions to, and fight with his/her units.

Q - Quit the game and return to the BBS.

R - Display the results that have occurred to the player since the last time
purged. New results are always displayed when the door is opened. This
command allows the player to view the results in more detail. Results
will be saved until the player decides to purge them.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Orders Mode (continued)
S - Display a number of different summary reports for this empire. This
command will show summaries of city production, unit delivery timelines,
and unit status summaries (number of units/type, how many cities produce
them, when the next new unit is due, and what functions are the current
units performing).

V - Display the version history of the game. All fixes and improvements are
noted with this command.

Esc-S - will allow the user to select how large a map Imperium will display
on the screen. Values can range from 24 to 50 lines.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Movement Mode Commands
Moving a Unit is best accomplished by using the keypad with NumLock on.
The unit will move in the direction of the key pressed as follows:

7 8 9
\ | /
4 - * - 6
/ | \
1 2 3

Other Move Mode commmands...

A - Activate unit. Arm Missiles, activate Anti-Missile Systems, set Engineers
to building a city, start dredging shallow water, or launch a satellite.

D - tell a unit to start moving in a direction until it runs into something
or someone, whereupon the unit will wakeup.

E - Puts Imperium into Editing Mode, where the player can examine and/or
change the functions associated with units and cities.
- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Movement Mode (continued)
F - Tell a troop transport (or aircraft carrier) to go to sleep until it
is filled with armies (or fighters), then wake it up. If the ship has
taken damage, then the ship will wake up when it has all it can take.

H - Display the Help screen. Contains a brief description of all the
move mode commands.

L - Puts a fighter on a flight path to land at the closest carrier or city.
Useful to return fighters to bases when half the fuel is left. Note if
an aircraft carrier that has been targeted for landing moves, the
fighter will follow it so long as it doesn't move out of range.

O - return to Orders Mode. When all pieces have been moved the program will
automatically return to orders mode.

P - Sets a unit moving towards a specific position. Units will avoid ele-
mentary obstacles. To set the destination use the keypad to place cur-
sor over destination for the current unit and press return.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Movement Mode (continued)
R - Puts the current unit to moving completely at random. Units will stop
and awaken when they run across something they can't move through, but
will otherwise attack unfriendly units & cities while trekking about.

S - Puts the current unit on sentry duty. The player will no longer be
queried to move this unit until it is manually awakened or an enemy
unit approaches it.

W - Wakes up unit. If unit is a troop transport or carrier, the player
will be asked whether or not to wake up all armies or fighters on
board. If the unit is an engineer or dredge in the midst of some
construction, the player will also be asked to confirm wakeup...all
construction work will be lost if engineers or dredges are awakened
before completing their tasks.

^W - Master Wakeup. All forces performing some function (sentry/sleeping/
path following/random) wake up. Warning: This will wake up units on
transports and carriers, as well as all engineers and dredges.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Movement Mode (continued)
? - Display information about the current unit. Shows the function, hits
left, range, number of armies or fighters aboard, and armed status as

5 - Fire Artillery. If there are artillery type units in the game, this
command will put the unit into 'Targetting' mode. Hit Return to Fire.

+ - This command applies to only two unit types: Cruise Missiles and Subs.
For missiles it means DETONATE right here...right now. For submarines
it means come up to the surface. See also '-' command.

- - Submerge. If the unit is a submarine then it submerges, otherwise

[RET]- Move Later. Pressing this key moves a unit to the bottom of the move-
ment stack, in other words it's skipped for now.

[SPC]- Skip Unit. Pressing this key causes a unit to be skipped completely.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Movement Mode (continued)
Combat is engaged by moving your unit onto the square of the enemy unit you
you wish to attack. Hits are traded off at with a sysop defined proba-
bility of a hit landing on one or the other units until one unit is TOTALLY
destroyed. There is only 1 possible winner. Note that the probabilities of
successfully attacking a free city, an enemy city, or another unit can be
and most likely will be different.

Movement rate is also governed not just by the type of unit but also the
terrain that it moves through, Sysops can configure this to vary wildly
but expect that armies will move through forests/jungles/swamps slower
than through clear terrain.

There is also the possibility now for units to take damage moving through
certain terrains (i.e. ships in shallow water, armies on the desert, etc)
Make certain to check the help menus for each game to see the movement
rates. Terrains listed with negative rates have an X*10% chance of damaging
units...cumulatively. So a terrain with a -2 has a 20% chance of causing
1 point of damage, a 4% chance of causing 2 points, etc.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Edit Mode Commands
Moving the cursor is done by using the keypad with NumLock on.
The cursor will move in the direction of the key pressed as follows:

7 8 9
\ | /
4 - * - 6
/ | \
1 2 3

Other Edit Mode commmands...

C - change the name of the city. Hitting return alone leaves the name

D - change the map sector being displayed. The map is divided into 9
sectors vertically (1..9), and 2 horizontally (A&B) as was diagrammed
in the section on the map. Enter return alone to leave the map
display unchanged.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Edit Mode (continued)
H - Display the Help screen. Contains a brief description of all the
move mode commands.

J - Tries to put Imperium into Move mode. If all units have been moved,
this won't do anything.

O - Puts Imperium into Orders mode.

P - Change what a city is producing. There is a 20% penalty for changing
the production, the time necessary to retool the factories. Press
return to leave the production unchanged (and unpenaltied).

R - Starts the unit(s) under the cursor to moving completely at random.
Units will stop and awaken when they run across something they can't
move through, but will otherwise attack unfriendly units & cities while
trekking about.

S - Puts all units under the cursor on sentry duty.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Edit Mode (continued)
W - Wakeup a unit. If there are a number of units co-occupying a given
space, then all units in that stack wake up.

? - Displays information about the units, city, or land formation at the
cursor location. Shows the function, hits left, range and number of
armies or fighters aboard for friendly units and the name of the owning
empire if they are enemy units.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Cruise Missile Warheads
Each cruise missile can be configured with one of four types of warheads;
these warheads are of eight possible classes that are configured for
strength and lethality by the sysop when the game is started. The eight
warhead classes are:

Class Description
~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
Conventional Cities and terrain are unaffected, units are
damaged/destroyed according to the strength of
the cruise missile unit. Only units at the impact
location are affected.

Neutron Bomb Cities revert to unowned. Terrain is unchanged.
All units within the radius are destroyed.

Nerve Gas Cities revert to unowned. Terrain is contaminated.
All units in area are killed. Units entering the
area are damaged.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Warhead Classes: (continued)
Class Description
~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
Simple Bio Cities revert to unowned. Terrain is contaminated.
All units in area die. Units entering the area are
damaged, units that leave the area spread the

Clean Fission Cities are destroyed. Territory remains unchanged.
All units in area annihilated.

Toxic Waste Cities are destroyed. Territory is more heavily
contaminated. Units in area are are destroyed.
Units entering area are damaged.

Complex Bio Cities are destroyed. Territory is contaminated.
All units in area die. Units entering the area
are damaged, units that leave the area spread the

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Warhead Classes: (continued)
Class Description
~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
Dirty Fission Cities are destroyed. Territory is laid to waste.
All units in area die. Units entering area die.
The effects are permanent.

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
More on Alliances
In earlier versions of Imperium alliances were only as formal as the players
remembered them, and accidents were common. The basic state of relations was
generally war. Now there are quite a few new levels of alliance wherein the
door itself makes certain that 'accidents' don't occur. As was mentioned pre-
viously, there are four different levels of alliance:

(1) War - which could be interpretted as the ultimate non-alliance. Your units
and those of the players that you are at war with will attack when when
you move into locations that they occupy. Enemy ABM's will open fire on
your missiles when they move whether or not they are armed.
The units of players that you are at war with will appear in red.

(2) No Relations - players that you have no relations with, either because
you haven't run across each other or because there hasn't been a need to
do anything about the current state. A certain number of 'incidents' are
allowed between your forces and players that you have no relations with.
To take things beyond the point of 'diplomatic casualties' you need to
formally declare war. ABM's will fire on missiles of non-alligned
players. The units of these players are displayed in brown.
- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Alliances (continued)
(3) Non-Aggression Pact - You've run across player that you don't want to
fight and you want to be sure make certain that 'incidents' aren't
possible. Players with whom you have a non-aggression pact will not
be attack-able...nor will your units be able to attack them or their
cities. ABM's however will still fire on missiles entering their
defensive perimeters. The units of players with whom you have
non-aggression pacts will be yellow.

(4) Formal Treaties - For those players who you want to actively work with
or want to support your forces. Formal treaties consist of four
different components: border controls, air support, naval support, and
ground support. Border controls define what happens when your units
run across those of other players. Closed borders act the same as for
non-aggression pacts, your units and your allies will be unable to
attack each other. 'Air Only' will allow your fighters and those of
your ally to fly over each other and ground units. 'Air & Sea' adds
the same ability for ships. Open borders allow all your units to move
over/through your allies units just as if they were yours. The three

- - - - - Imperium v3.52
Alliances (continued)
levels of 'support' define what happens when between your units and
your allies cities. They break down into three basic levels: closed,
which means that your units don't have access to your ally's cities;
free access, which means that your units can move through an ally's
cities (fighters will be refueled); facilities usage, units left in
an ally's city will be repaired if they are damaged; and ordance,
which means that units that need to be re-armed can do so in an ally's

Known bugs and anomalies:
[*] Units don't spread plague.

[*] This file doesn't yet reflect the fact that the unit sets can change.

[*] Teleporting units will leave ghosts.

[*] This is a beta release. Here be Tygers....
- - - End of Documentation

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