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Sysop (Not Born Yesterday) file managment utility for GT Power 15 thru 16.
File S_NBY130.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Sysop (Not Born Yesterday) file managment utility for GT Power 15 thru 16.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDON.NBY 109 92 deflated
ALERT.NBY 201 134 deflated
BADFI.NBY 191 134 deflated
GTLOG.EXE 24208 14734 deflated
IDIOT.NBY 334 190 deflated
INTRO.NBY 124 107 deflated
NBY.UPD 43383 17610 deflated
NBYLOG.EXE 23424 14382 deflated
NBYUPD.DOC 8218 2711 deflated
NODOC.NBY 145 109 deflated
NOTPD.NBY 261 173 deflated
PD-LIST.NBY 188 125 deflated
SETUPNBY.EXE 137904 61566 deflated
SETUPNBY.HLP 15160 8047 deflated
SYSOPNBY.DOC 30809 10045 deflated
SYSOPNBY.EXE 99456 43296 deflated
THANKS.NBY 319 205 deflated
USERINFO.EXE 34944 19219 deflated
USERREC.DAT 79 79 stored
USERREC.EXE 37584 20194 deflated

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Contents of the NBYUPD.DOC file

NBY Data of Wednesday, March 13, 1991 at 16:46 Documentation File
Copyright (C) 1991 by cALMER Utilities [All Rights Reserved]
361 Somerville Road Hornsby Heights Sydney Australia [61+] (02) 4821715

You'll see several virus names appearing with an asterix behind them. This
indicates that NBY is scanning with several signatures for substrains of
the virus. Thus, if NBY finds one of these, it may report all or just one
strain. This is simply to ensure that none of the sub-strains can bypass
the system. Unlike other scanners, NBY continues to scan a file even if it
has already identified a virus. If you re-direct NBY's output to a file or
to the printer, NBY will report other viruses identified if any.

To update your current version of NBY which must be NBY Series 126 or
higher, simply copy the file NBY.UPD into the same directory from which
you run the renamed NBY.EXE. There is no need to rename NBY.UPD ! NBY
will automatically process NBY.UPD for you and the file will dissapear once
you have run your copy of NBY. NBY will then reflect the change by showing
the data file as being of Wednesday, March 13, 1991 at 16:46.

Viruses recognised by NBY as of Wednesday, March 13, 1991 at 16:46

1022 virus
1024 virus
1168 virus
1210 virus
1253 virus *
1280 virus
1381 virus *
1392 (amoeba) virus
1536 (zero bug) virus
1554 virus *
1559 virus
1591 virus
1591/1575 virus
1605 virus
1624 virus
1701 / 1704 - version b virus
1701 / 1704 - version c virus *
1720 virus
17n4 virus
17xx virus
1971 virus
2000 virus
2100 virus
2730 virus
2930 virus
3066 virus
3066/2930 traceback virus
333 virus
3445 virus
3551 (syslock) virus
382 virus
405 virus *
4096 virus *
4th bulgarian (v512) virus
512 virus
5120 virus *
537 virus
541 virus
555 virus
648 variant virus
648 virus
651 virus
765 virus
800 virus
847 virus
867 virus
903 virus
9800-2 virus
9800:0000 virus
Azusa virus
Cancer virus
Lazy virus
MG virus
PK virus
Phantom virus
RedX virus
Sentinel virus
Yap virus
aids ii virus
aids information trojan
aids virus
aircop virus *
akuku virus
alabama virus *
alameda/yale virus
ambulance virus
amstrad virus
anarkia virus
anthrax virus *
anti-pascal virus *
april 1st com virus
april 1st exe virus
april first - version c virus
april fool virus *
armagedon virus *
ashar virus
attention virus
bebe virus
best wishes virus
black monday virus *
brain virus
brain, shoe or ashar virus
carioca virus
cascade virus
chaos virus
choinka or monxla virus
christmas (xa1/1539) virus
companion (aidsii,8064) virus
dark avenger 3 virus
dark avenger ii / travel virus *
dark avenger virus *
datacrime / 1280 / 1168 virus
datacrime 1168 virus
datacrime 1280 virus
datacrime 2 virus
datacrime ii virus
datacrime ii-b virus
datacrime iib virus
datacrime virus
datalock 1 virus
datalock virus *
dbase virus *
december 24th virus
den zuk / search virus
den zuk virus *
destructor v4.00 virus
destructor virus
devil's dance virus *
dir virus
discom virus
disk killer (ogre) virus
disk killer virus
disk-killer trojan
do nothing virus *
doom two virus
dot killer virus
durban (sat14) virus
e_c_46 (rk) virus
edv virus
fellow virus
fellowship virus
filler virus
fish virus
fish(6) virus
flash variant virus
flash virus
flip virus *
form virus *
friday 13th virus
friday the 13th virus
fu manchu (2086) b virus
fu manchu - version a virus
fu manchu a virus
fu manchu virus
ghost version of dos-62 virus
ghost virus *
golden gate c 2 virus
golden gate c virus
guppy virus
hahaha virus
halloechen virus *
happy new year virus
holland girl virus
hybrid virus
hybryd 1.0 virus
hymn virus *
icelandic - version b virus
icelandic-3 virus
icelandic/saratoga ii virus
icelandic/saratoga virus
ikv 512 virus
int 13 virus
invader virus
iraqui warrior virus
israeli boot virus
italian virus
itavir virus *
jerusalem - version a virus
jerusalem - version b virus
jerusalem - version b-2 virus
jerusalem - version d virus
jerusalem - version e virus
jerusalem related virus
jerusalem version b virus
jojo virus *
jojo-1701 virus
joker virus
joshi virus *
july 13th. virus
july13 virus
june 16th virus
justice virus *
kamikaze virus
kemerovo virus
kennedy virus
keypress a virus
keypress b virus
khetapunk (1392) virus
korea virus
kukac virus
label virus
ldv virus
lehigh v b virus
lehigh virus *
leprosy b virus
leprosy virus
liberty virus *
lisbon 648 virus
lisbon virus *
little pieces virus
lovechild virus
lozinsky (aidstest) virus
mardi bros virus
marti bros virus
mg virus *
mgtu virus
microbes virus
microdot virus
mirror virus
mix 1 - icelandic virus
mix 1 virus
mix 1b virus
monxla (time) virus *
monxla virus
monxla-b virus
murphy virus *
music bug virus
new zealand (1) stoned, virus
new zealand (2) marijuana virus
news flash virus
nichols virus
nina virus
nomenclature virus
nothing-2 virus
ohio virus *
ontario virus
oropax virus *
pakistani ashar virus
pakistani brain virus
paris virus
pentagon virus *
perfume virus *
ping pong - ver. b virus
ping pong virus
pingpong 286 virus
pingpong or typo boot virus
plague virus
plastique (invader) virus
polimer virus *
polish 217 virus
pretoria (june14) virus
print screen virus
print screen-2 virus
prudent virus
psqr virus *
ptrsc virus
red diavolyata virus
red x virus
russian mirror virus
saddam virus
saratoga (2) / 656 virus
saratoga / icelandic / 642 virus
saratoga / icelandic virus
saturday 14th virus
scott's valley virus
sentinel virus *
shake virus *
skupshtina virus
slow virus
slowdown virus
solano virus *
sorry virus
staf / 2083 virus
staff virus
stone 90 virus
stone-90 virus
stoned 2 virus
stoned 3 virus
stoned virus
stoned/swedish virus
stupid virus
subliminal virus
sunday virus *
sunday/2 virus
suomi virus
suriv 1.01 virus
suriv 2.01 virus
suriv 3 virus
suriv 300 virus
suriv a virus
suriv b virus
svc 3.1 virus
svc 4.0 virus
sverdlov virus *
swiss 143 virus
sylvia virus
syslock 3551 virus
syslock virus
taiwan 2 virus
taiwan 3 virus *
taiwan 4 virus
taiwan virus *
the edv virus
tiny 133 virus *
tiny virus
tp06vir virus
tp16vir virus
tp23vir virus
tp24vir variant virus
tp41vir variant virus
traceback / 3066 virus
turbo 448 virus
turbo @ virus
turbo kukac virus
twelve tricks A trojan
twelve tricks B trojan
twelve tricks dropper virus
typo boot virus
typo com virus
ussr 1049 virus *
ussr 2144 virus *
ussr 311 virus
ussr 492 virus
ussr 516 virus
ussr 529 virus
ussr 600 virus
ussr 696 virus
ussr 707 virus
ussr 830 virus
ussr 948 virus
v-1600 virus
v-23693 virus
v-311 virus
v-644 virus
v-696 virus
v-704 virus
v-905 virus
v1024 virus
v2000 (eddie 2) virus
v2000 virus
v277 virus
v299 virus
v345 virus
v512x variant virus
v627 virus
v800 virus
vacsina virus *
vcomm virus *
vfsi virus
vhp virus
vhp-2 virus
vhp348 virus
vhp435 virus
vhp623 virus
victor virus *
vienna "a" (dos 62) virus
vienna "b" (dos 62) virus
vienna (1) / austrian / 648 virus
vienna (2) / unesco / 648 virus
violator virus *
virdem virus
virus-90 virus *
voronezh 2.01 virus
vp virus *
w-13 virus
w13 virus
whale mutant virus *
whale virus
wisconsin virus
wolfman virus
xA1 virus
xa1 (Christmas tree) virus
xmas (japanese) virus *
yale / alameda / merritt virus
yale / alameda virus
yale virus
yankee 2 virus
yankee doodle 2772 virus
yankee doodle 2885 virus
yankee doodle virus
yankee-go-home virus
zapper virus
zero bug (1536) virus
zero-bug (palette) virus

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