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Time bank program for Tribbs systems.

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This is a new Time Bank for TriBBS
systems. It is compatible with
TriBBS versions 4.x and higher only.
A new way to look at saving your
on-line time. Written By: Andy

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Time bank program for Tribbs systems.
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Contents of the SYSOP.DOC file

Blood Bank Release 1.0

Brought to you by
The Computer Doctor, Inc.
April 6,1993

Written By:
Andy Villers
Shawn Hord

Copyright (c) 1993
All Rights Reserved


Blood Bank is a copyrighted program being distributed under the
shareware concept. As such you may use Blood Bank for a period of
45 days without registering the software. After the 45 day evaluation
period, you must register your copy of Blood Bank or you will be in
violation of United States and International copyright laws.

As a shareware program, Blood Bank may be freely distributed through
a BBS. Shareware distributors may distribute copies of Blood Bank
on disk for a modest disk duplication charge not to exceed $6 per disk.


Blood Bank is distributed without warranty. In no event will Andy
Villers or Shawn Hord or The Computer Doctor, Inc. be liable to you for
damages, including any loss of profits, lost savings, or other incidental
or consequential damages arising out of your use of or inability to use
the program, even if Andy Villers, Shawn Hord, or an authorized
representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Andy
Villers and Shawn Hord will not be liable for any such claim by any
other party.

SetUp & Installation :

After uncompressing this archive you need to make sure the following files
are all present.

Blood Bank.Exe : The executable file for conquest.
Sysop.Doc : This File.
Sample.Cfg : A sample configuration file for you to use.
Sample.Bat : A sample batch file to run Blood Bank.
Opening.Ans : The ANSI screen you will see when beginning the
Blood Bank.
End.Ans : The log-off ANSI screen that is displayed when
leaving Blood Bank.
Atm.Ans : The main screen while in Blood Bank.

Everything else that Blood Bank needs it will create on it's own.

If all of the above files are present simply copy them into their very own
subdirectory. Usually this directory will be a subdirectory of your BBS.
Once you have copied all of the files you need to modify the Sample.CFG file
according to your BBS and it's setup. Below is a breakdown of what we are
looking for in the configuration file (note you can call the file anything
you want to as long as you use your file when loading Blood Bank).

GAP : BBS Type
D:\TriBBS\Doors\BldBank\ : Where the Bank is
The Doctor's Operating Room BBS : Name of BBS
The Computer Doctors : Name of Sysop
38400 : Locked Baud Rate
D:\TriBBS\NWork\ : Work Directory
D:\TriBBS\Doors\BldBank\ : Door Directory

Line # 1 : This is the line where you tell Blood Bank what type of door
data file format you would like to use. At this point we
are only compatible with TriBBS formats :

TriBBS, GAP (Door.Sys).

The file type is specified here as :

TriBBS for TriBBS

Line # 2 : This is where you specify where Blood Bank looks for it's data
and resource files. In other words the directory and path
to your main Node.

Line # 3 : This line is for the BBS Name and is critical if you are going
to register with Blood Bank.

Line # 4 : You put your name or the Sysop's name on this line, this is
also critical if you wish to register with Blood Bank.

Line # 5 : If your system is using a modem that has MNP or other error
correction and you are locking the port at a certain speed you
need to place that number (Bps) on this line. If you do not
Lock your serial port then place a 0(zero) on this line.

Line # 6 : This line is for your BBS main Working directory. With TriBBS
this is usually called the NWork directory.

Line # 7 : This line is for your door directory. The path to where you
installed this Blood Bank.

After you have setup the configuration file you need to create a batch file
to run the door from your BBS. The following is an example of a batch file
for running Blood Bank from TriBBS :


@Echo Off
BldBank Sample.CFG

You simply tell the computer to change directories into the Blood Bank
directory and then run the program with the configuration file as the first
parameter. The last line is the batch file that is used to load the bulletin
board system back up. If you have any problems with re-loading the board
refer to your BBS' manual. Once the program has executed the batch file will
load TriBBS and continue as normal.

You are all setup to run Blood Bank now and shouldn't have any problems.
The unregistered copy is limited to 300 minutes deposit time and no user
editor, if you would like the added convenience of an user editor just
register your copy Blood Bank. However, if you do encounter a problem with
Blood Bank please let us know by contacting us at the below address or BBS
numbers :

The Computer Doctor, Inc.
The Doctor's Operating Room BBS
Route 2 Box 138
Ruckesville, Virginia 22968-9315

BBS Node # 1 804-985-7516 (N,8,1, 24hr)
Node # 2 804-973-5639 (N,8,1, evenings)

On-Line Operation :


While a Blood Bank is running, the sysop can press certain special
keys to perform a variety of functions. The following is a list of the
functions that Blood Bank's special keys perform:

Key(s) Function

HOME Toggles between the user status window and a help
display that lists Blood Bank's special keys.

F6 Takes 5 minutes away from the caller.
NOTE: This will NOT be returned to BBS.

F7 Gives 5 minutes to the caller.
NOTE: This will NOT be returned to the BBS.

F9 Quit the door and return the caller to the BBS.

F10 Enter chat mode. Pressing the ESC key exits the
chat mode.

Alt+D Drop to DOS.

Acknowledgements :

We would like to thank Mark Goodwin and Randy Hunt for providing such
a wonderfull unit to use with our program. This door file was compiled
using RMDoor 4.0 written by the above gentlemen. We praise them for this
TPU because without it this program would not have been possible another
six months. Thank you gentlemen and we do appreciate all of your efforts.

Registration :

Please print out the below form and fill out all lines.

Blood Bank Release 1.0
Copyright (c) 1993
All Rights Reserved

SysOp's Name : _____________________________________________

BBS Name : _________________________________________________
(the above lines need to be as they appear in the)
(configuration file for Blood Bank )

Street Address : ___________________________________________

Street Address # 2 : _______________________________________

City : _________________________ State : _________________

ZipCode : _________-______

BBS's Phone Number(s) : _______________________________________________

Maximum Baud Rate : __________________________

Sysop's Phone Number : ________________________________________________

The Registration fee is $ 15.00 U.S. Currency

Please make all checks payable to : The Computer Doctor, Inc.

The above form needs to be sent with a check or money order to :

The Computer Doctor, Inc.
The Doctor's Operating Room BBS
Attn : Andy Villers
Route 2 Box 138
Ruckesville, Virginia 22968-9315

You may also upload the form to our BBS at the following number :

BBS Node # 1 804-985-7516 (N,8,1, 24hr)

If you are uploading the form, instead of adding a comment just put the
/ command in so it will go directly to the sysop. You can upload from
any directory, it all goes to the same place.

Thank you for considering our software for your BBS needs.

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