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Convert RBBS directory files to PCBoard Format.
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Convert RBBS directory files to PCBoard Format.
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Contents of the FMS2PCB.DOC file

RBBS FDM to PCBoard DIR File formats

This little utility will take an RBBS File Management System File and convert
it to a DIRxxx file (where xxx is the directory number stored in your FMS

If you already have DIRxxx files for PCBoard already created, FMS2PCB will
append any information to it.

The basic format of the program is FMS2PCB.EXE FMSFile.

FMS2PCB.EXE will create any of the DIRxxx files in the current directory.

That's about it. If you have any questions you can reach me on my BBS at:

(801)489-3558 [HST 1440] Sysop, Cam DeBuck
(801)489-7558 [300-2400 Baud] Sysop, Cam DeBuck

I can also be reached on these Networks in the Sysops Conference:

U'NI-net, Intelec and ILink

I can also be reached in my CamSoft Conference on the Intelec Network.


A Big Thank You goes to Randy Sun for his efforts in making the program
reliable and very efficient.

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