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Ultimate Universe BBS door game. Like Tradewars.

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Ultimate Universe ver 1.61

Bored with Trade Wars?
Try Ultimate Universe, the
most complex & challenging
Space Conquest Door, ever.

UU's features include over
450 Ship Devices, many
Specialty Ports, Space
Madness & up to 45 players
in a single campaign.
Playing fields can be up
to 10 dimensions of 4000
Sectors each.
Battle enemies, form teams
and keep peace with the
establishment, all while
plotting to become a Lord
of Creation and recreate
the Universe in your image.
An Extremely Challenging
Strategy Game.
The Importation feature
allows UU Ships from other
BBSs to enter the game on
your board.

The Configuration Utility
allows you to change over
100 variables so that each
game can be unique.

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Ultimate Universe BBS door game. Like Tradewars.
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CHAT.ANS 2243 419 deflated
COMP.MSG 1887 624 deflated
CONFIG.DOC 18518 5704 deflated
CONFIG.EXE 87840 38094 deflated
COORD.MSG 3082 427 deflated
DAILY.EXE 95830 46680 deflated
DDOC.EXE 12853 12305 deflated
DEVICE.UU 25872 10396 deflated
DOMAIN.MSG 591 295 deflated
ENHANCE.MSG 780 320 deflated
ENHANCE1.MSG 686 271 deflated
ENHANCE2.MSG 383 169 deflated
ENHANCE3.MSG 383 175 deflated
ENHANCE4.MSG 787 326 deflated
ENHANCE5.MSG 585 274 deflated
ENHANCE6.MSG 585 257 deflated
ENHANCE7.MSG 383 166 deflated
EXPORT.BAT 384 274 deflated
EXPORT.MSG 1465 362 deflated
FILE.DIR 664 198 deflated
FILES.LST 3830 1337 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 1088 516 deflated
ID.UU 85541 23743 deflated
IMPORT.BAT 311 223 deflated
INST.MSG 1790 465 deflated
KNOWN.TXT 7242 2451 deflated
MDAILY.EXE 2672 2459 deflated
NOREG.MSG 1149 418 deflated
OPEN.MSG 6217 1046 deflated
OPENSIMP.MSG 1441 265 deflated
PCB.SET 1341 674 deflated
PORTNAME.UU 58001 25075 deflated
PRACTICE.MSG 951 254 deflated
READ!!!.EXE 2405 1042 deflated
REGIST.FRM 2834 961 deflated
RMDIM.EXE 1971 1793 deflated
SL.SET 1356 590 deflated
STARTDAY.MSG 310 87 deflated
SYSOP.DOC 7766 2811 deflated
TAG.SET 1318 614 deflated
ULTIMATE.EXE 285712 112955 deflated
USER.UU 98 87 deflated
UU.DOC 474 292 deflated
UUDEVKIT.TXT 39908 11696 deflated
UUHELP.EXE 12518 11984 deflated
UUHELP.HTD 73940 23728 deflated
UUHELP.HTI 3519 1780 deflated
UUSTART.TXT 19713 7332 deflated
WILDCAT.SET 1542 450 deflated
WORDS.UU 84802 27028 deflated
WORDS.UUI 12774 6477 deflated

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Contents of the AUUVER.TXT file

Ultimate Universe: Where It's Going and Where It's Been

I would like to take a second to say thank you to a real unsung hero of
Ultimate Universe, whom I have for so long taken for granted. I would like
to acknowledge that Andrue Carr has been a driving force behind the
development of this game, and without his tireless testing, pushing and
creative input, Ultimate Universe would not be half as good as it is today.

Version 1.61 June 29th, 1993
'Take All' option of Drones and Mines didn't add the amount to the Ship.
Credit: Danny Callaghan
Explosive Ship Beacon incorrectly figured explosive damage.
Credit: Danny Callaghan
Multi-targetting Enhancer mispriced.
Credit: Andrue Carr
C;M function showed Base Prices of devices instead of Current Cost.
Credit: Andrue Carr
Very Old newspapers could be called up from the archives if the Archive
Keep Date was changed in mid game.
Credit: Andrue Carr
Tollstations locked out of Sectors 1 thru 11. Fine applied if tried.
Team Ranking is no longer displayed in Ranking if no teams exist.
Team Names did not exist for Mines and Drones on the Session that the
Team was Created.
Enemies of the Federation are no longer able to use U.P.S.
Enemies of the Federation no longer get Daily Cabal Kill Funds.
Emergency Warps (#39 & 40) now function properly under Cabal Attacks.
Credit: Kevin Prince
Space Madness Deferral Period was checking age of the universe instead of
age of the Ship.
Credit: Christopher Darque
Port 10 Trade Report now also available in a computer readable form.
Also Allows display by a range of Sectors.
Credit: Barb Toomey.
Repair Center repaired sensors claiming they were computer damage and
didn't detect or repair Computer Damage.
Credit: Douglas Eldridge
No more free Mine Replicators after Sector Battles.
Credit: Andrue Carr
Attack Drones sold to the Flea Market would be deducted from Fuel Units
Instead of Attack Drones.
Credit: Peter Kessler, Jossgrund, Germany
Flea Market now correctly makes forward ship items available, as well as
Specialty Devices, during event.
HyperPlanet (#481) didn't properly fully clear the Planet in Sector Flag.
Credit: Kevin Prince.
Adelphian Planet Merger (#213) was unable to detect the first planet.
Credit: Kevin Prince.
Cabal Production Strategy changed from Sector Mines to Planet Creation.
Credit: Kevin Prince.
Cabal Mines Killed tally no longer can wrap to 0 when attacking a large
Cabal Planet.
Credit: Andrue Carr
New Ports are no longer devode of Cargo.
Configuration variable added to control the number of
new ports created during the event.
Configuration variable added to allow Practice Mode.
Practice Mode added as Sysop Option to allow creation of a Practice
Universe in which a destroyed ship can be immediately restored.
Credit: Mark Cothran.
Subcommands '-' and '+' added to Color Toggle Command.
Port 5 Offending Device Reporting Function repaired.
Credit: Troy Jones.
Rename Ship Function moved from Computer to Port 10.
Device Bay Reward is no longer handled as a device but as function
'V' of the Federation Legal Department.
Cabal Sector Mine Replicators are automatically deployed again.
This was accidentally disabled in version 1.60.
Request Federation Scout now clears Space Madness in Port (if any) and
Sector of the Sector the Scout goes to.
Scan with Pause (SP) no longer pauses after Dampered Sectors.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Planetary Setting to Allow Teams to Land not functions Properly.
Credit: Danny Callaghan and Troy Jones.
Ship Importation now removes devices that are Old Universe Related
like Hyper Devices, Gosubs & Gotos.
Credit: Michael Frankovich
Local display of some ANSI codes when player playing remotely, fixed.
Credit: Troy Jones.
Pan Dimesional Viewer (#109) would not allow viewing of Dimension J.
Credit: Michael Frankovich
Spy files didn't always close using up occasionally crashing program.
Credit: Andrue Carr
Fuel Free Fusion Drive didn't work with Autopilot.
Credit: Jimmy McIlvoy
Undocumented Last Minute Feature: Bonus for those that read AUUVER.TXT
Move to Sector Shorthand Command.
'M;sector' can be written as '-sector'
Credit: Chrys Hird
---------------------- Internal Information Only ------------------------
Altered CONFIG so that the Sysop no longer must re-edit the Configuration
Settings each time Ultimate Universe is upgraded. Also CONFIG.UU no
longer has to be manually copies over the other dimension files during
Credit: Gramps Kiersarge
Locked\Unlocked Baud Rate option added to CONFIG.
XON/XOFF and RTS/CTS control options added to CONFIG.
Support for adding ANSI pictures to UU. (Look for UUANSI.ARJ)

The Past:
Version 1.60 May 18th, 1993
----------------------------- New Devices -------------------------------
Planetary Class Identifier (#115) created.
Black Hole Deflector Sensor (#353) created.
Dimensional Wedge Charges (#287) created.
Black Hole Deflector Field (#63) created.
The Pn Ezp (#448) created.
Credit: Chrys Hird
The Traveller (#20) created.
The Grand Traveller (#21) created.
Warrior Planet Engine (#498) created.
Warrior Class Planet Generator (#499) created.
Breeder Class Planet Converter (#500) created.
Snitch Beacon Repatriator (#207) created.
Snitch Beacon Snuffer (#145) created.
Snitch Beacon (#463) created.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Snitch Beacon Limited ($464) created.
Dimensional Catapult Catapult (#274) created.
Dimensional Catapult Sensor (#360) created.
Dimensional Anchor (#273) created.
Registered versions only.
Dimensional Catapult (#261) created.
Registered versions only.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Team Dimensional Catapult (#262) created.
Registered versions only.
Team Toll Station Redux (#325) created.
Team Toll Station w/Maser (#326) created.
Team Toll Station w/Maxi Beam (#327) created.
Team Toll Station w/Missiles (#328) created.
Credit: Kevin Prince.
Team Toll Station w/Warp (#329) created.
HyperSwap Trigger Satellite (#77) created.
HyperSwap Trigger Scrambler (#78) created.
HyperSwap Trigger Missile (#79) created.
HyperSwap Trigger Detector (#114) created.
HyperSwap Trigger Signal (#133) created.
HyperSwap Trigger Signal Deluxe (#134) created.
Hyper Thief (#316) created.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Hyper Secure (#317) created.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Hyper Thief Sensor (#318) created.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Hyper Thief Sensor Deluxe (#319) created.
Hyper Thief Missile (#121) created.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Hyper Thief Access (#467) created.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Sector Mine Deflector [250] (#49) created.
Scavenger Cube (#468) created.
Device Bay Self Destruct (#72) created.
Gate Warp Viewer (#113) created.
Phantom Warp Recharger (#28) created.
Ship Scanning Pack (#173) created.
Warp Carrier Drive (#14) created.
Inventory Scan Reflector (#74) created.
Attack Drones Scan Imager (#73) created.
Unknown Sector Colonizer (#1) removed for rewrite (will return in 2.00)
-------------------------- Error Corrections ----------------------------
Juxtapose function allowed shifting to and retrieval from Unowned
Device Bays.
Credit: Michael Frankovich, Indianapolis IN
Occasional ESC key would not be cleared causing next macro to fail to
execute. This has been corrected.
Bug that stopped Major Cabal Planet conquering from giving up Device Bay
has been corrected.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Bug that caused Tollstations to occasional fire without asking for
payment (usally on startup) has been corrected.
Credit: Mike Sparks, Aylesford, Nova Scotia.
Team Menu would not properly lock out requests to Join invalid Teams.
Credit: Mike Sparks.
Spy Information & Suppression charges were able to wrap into negative
values. This has been corrected.
Credit: Mike Sparks.
The Debris Salvager allowed acquision of more than the legal limit of
Cargo Holds. This has been corrected.
Credit: Mike Sparks.
Fixed bug in Dimensional Newspaper device (#357) that caused it too display
totals as well as the newspaper.
Modified Cloaking & Anti-Cloaking routines to handle very large values.
Will properly function even with the most possible amplifications.
Bug that caused all dimensions to create RANK.UU (instead of RANK.U?) fixed.
Display of Federation Warships now properly respects individual dimensions.
Accidentally disabled Debug Log option in last version. It is now restored.
Credit: Andrue Carr
Requesting a Planet Relocation from the Galactic Teamsters could alter
the planet to be copied.
Credit: Stacy Trippe.
---------------------------- New Functions ------------------------------
Subfunctions 'TDSWPM' added to Main Function 'U', allowing a 'U' listing
by Department.
Credit: Christopher Darque.
Main Function 'U': Subfunctions '#' and '$' can now be used together.
Computer Function 'B': Cloaking/Anti-Cloaking Energy Output Report, added.
Computer Function 'U': Order Thru Universal Parcel Service, added.
Cube Menu Function 'A': Access Cube Within Cube. added.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Cube Menu Function 'R': Restore Access to Original Cube, added.
Cube Menu Function 'E': Eject Device from Cube, added.
Credit: Chrys Hird.
Computer Function 'G': expanded to show to age of ship and days inactive.
Request Free Domain Function [R] added to Federation Legal Port [10].
--------------------- Remapping of Device Numbers -----------------------
Device #137 remapped to #26.
Device #205 remapped to #27.
Device #325 remapped to #314.
Device #329 remapped to #64.
Device #348 remapped to #22.
Device #349 remapped to #23.
Device #350 remapped to #24.
Device #351 remapped to #277.
Device #352 remapped to #278.
Device #353 remapped to #279.
Device #361 remapped to #267.
Device #362 remapped to #268.
Device #436 remapped to #200.
Device #447 remapped to #422.
Device #448 remapped to #423.
Device #461 remapped to #205.
Device #463 remapped to #213.
Device #464 remapped to #214.
--------------------- Other Miscellaneous Changes -----------------------
Enhanced Sysop Screen -
Adding Drop Carrier and Close Door Options, and Activity Monitor.
Planetary Settings Status is made clearer and easier to understand.
Wandering Black Holes now totally destroy everything in a Sector.
Maximum Number of Active Ships Raised to 45.
Credit: Chrys Hird, Apple Valley, MN.
Ship Enhancement: Space Madness Protector, created.
Ship Enhancement: Multiple Targeting Enhancer, created.
Ship Enhancement: Repair Center, created.
Ship Enhancement: Forward Sensor Array, created.
Ship Enhancement: Anti-Cloaking Multiplexor, created.
Ship Enhancement: Ship Dephasing Unit, created.
Ship Enhancement: Self Powering Fusion Drive, created.
Port 6 & 8 devices now have limited inventories.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
When Port 6 or 8 Devices become in short supply the cost goes up.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Message Beacon and Read Message Editor, cleaned up.
Space Madness Ship Infector now properly is used up after use.
The Cabal get much smarter and tougher.
Warrior Class Planet Devices Sales Arena added to Port Sol (Sector 1).
Lottery Prizes spruced up a bit.
Credit: Chrys Hird.
Daily now adds new Ports to the Universe.
Credit: Michael Frankovich, Indianapolis IN
The Spy Port (#4) no longer keeps track of the Federation.
This speeds up DAILY and the Port 4 functions.
Universal Decay now respects Warp Shielding and will slowly dissolve
Warp Shielding instead of Decaying the Warp if Warp Shielding exists.
Credit: Christopher Darque.
The Procurator is now immune to Space Madness unless directly infected
by a Port Infector.
Explosive Ship Decoys now explode only when another Ship attempts contact
in some manner, not just by entering the Sector.
Planetary Decoy Beacons now display as Independant.
---------------------- Internal Information Only ------------------------
Rewrote "Loading Universe" module to be almost instantaneous, speeding up
entering the game and changing Dimensions.
Greatly speeded up Ranking Calculations.
Daily now updates RANK.U? bulletins.
Message Beacons are now kept in seperate files, speeding up display.
Removed Programmablity from Cost of Forward Ship Items, and Debt related
values. Ship's Debt is now figured as the value necessary to bring the
Ship's Ranking to 0. This should cut down on a great deal of Sysop and
Importation abuse.
Seperated BBS specific info into seperate file: BBS.UU
Rewrote CONFIG editor.
CHAIN.TXT (WWIV) supported added.
Credit: Jack Ambrose, Moscow ID
Fixed bug that caused game to hang (noisily) under some conditions when
the Player's time expired.

Version 1.50 Christmas, 1992
Warp Protect Setting for Sector Mines disrupted sector settings resulting
in Mangled Sectors and no destruction of Warp Protect Mines. This has
been corrected.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Fixed recent bug that made HyperCubes and HyperSwap sizes equal to the
number of Ships Bays for some cubes.
Inventory Option added to Planetary Device Transfer Function.
Eavesdropper did not respect Homing Signal Jammer if run directly.
Indirect Mode of Eavesdropper has been removed. Eavesdropper must now be
used to receive Other Ships Messages. This resolved a mess of bugs
regarding the Eavesdropper.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
After 190 Characters are typed in on a single line an automatic Carriage
Return is generated. This stops the Input Line Array from blowing out.
Importation now properly resets Team membership.
Hold Aware was showing negative Cargo values on Large Cargo amounts.
Getting Multiple Missions from C.E.C.C. Headquarters would cause the
game to display "Too Many Files Open" and bomb out the game.
Credit: Chris Burt.
Homing Devices in HyperCubes now properly reset when the Ship it is
locked on is destroyed.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
HyperCube Device Sorting feature added.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Explosive Holographic Decoy Beacon (#385) created.
Sector Mine Launcher (#410) created.
Sector Mine Launcher Detector (#354) created.
Sector Mine Launcher Detector added to Special Devices Detection Pack.
Sector Mine Launcher Missile (#126) created.
Sector Mine Launcher Missile Deluxe (#127) created.
Fixed error that restricted access to Dimension J.
Credit: Steve McKnelly
Ship Enhancement Routines defined. (Implementation in Version 2.00).
Trading Port Report added to Port 10.
Sector Beacon Probe (#116) created.
Sector Beacon Missile (#71) created.
Advanced Sector Reflector (#319) created.
Sensor Damper Tripwire (#318) created.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Sensor Damper Tripwire Detector (#369) created.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Sensor Damper Tripwire Detector added to Wire Detection Pack.
Sector Mine Replicator deployment would also launch a Device Missile
if other Ships were in the same Sector.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Device #240 (Alarm Clock) remapped to #237
Pot Luck Surprize (#490) Limited to Port 8 devices only.
Tech Magic's Pot Luck Surprize (#240) created.
Bug that gave an error message when you took more than 2 minutes to
answer the '[N]ew Ship, [I]mport' question has been repaired.
Credit: Patrick Bresnahan, Edgartown MA.
Modified Daily Maintenance to allow Anti-Entropy to Overwrite Phantom Warp
Links if necessary. This will stop the gradual reduction of warp links
that occurs in small universes regardless of the settings of Entropy
and Anti-Entropy.
Credit: Jim Sangiancomo, Hyannis, MA.
Main Command 'Z': Use Teleport Satellite, removed.
Main Command 'J': Launch Planet Probe changed to 'N'.
Computer Command 'J': Juxtapose Devices, moved to Main Commands.
Teleport Satellite Activator (#9) created.
Changed Secondary Options on Main Command 'I'. Inventory now defaults
to Displaying Without Pause.
Computer Function 'Y': Expert Mode Toggle added.
Currently this only limits the redisplay of the current sector display,
Other redundant displays will be linked into this toggle in version 2.00.
Bug that occasionally caused Fine when Creating a Planet when it should
not have has been corrected.
Fixed bug that shifted Sysop screen into 40 column mode on some monitors.
Initial Number of Credits is now added to the Federation Debt Amount.

Version 1.41 November 21, 1992
Fixed bug that caused there to be five Procurators.
Credit: Andrue Carr & Stacy Trippe.
Fixed bug that made it impossible to become a Lord of Creation if
Maximum Allowable Sectors was set less than 200.
Credit: Kevin Prince, Pine Bluff AR.
Changed Method of Storing time so that an event does not limit the entire
days playing time but only that session.
Credit: Steve McKnelly, Chattanooga TN.
Major Cabal Planet defined as planet producing 130000+ Drones per day
during Daily Maintenance NOT at time of landing. Thus Thumpers can
be used to soften a Cabal Planet up, without loosing the Device Bay.
Credit: Andrue Carr, Long View, MA.
Fixed bug in Dimensional Jumping that fouled up Ranking.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Error in Dimensional Crossing newspaper item corrected.
Display Disabler (#235) created.
Remote Planet Viewer (#12) created.
Remote Ships System Diagnostic (#368) created.
Surveillance Defeater (#69) created.
Surveillance Feedback Transmitter (#315) created.
Shopping Evaluation Interface (#236) created.
Credit: Kevin Prince, Pine Bluff AR.
The Pn Prnce (#390) created.
Credit: Kevin Prince, Pine Bluff AR.
The Pn Scrubber (#452) created.
Multiple Targetting Message Beacon Maser (#386) created.
---------------------- Operation Control Changes ------------------------
Addition of Configuration Variable to allow Comm Support to be deactivated.
Registration Key Code System created so Registered Users can use updated
programs without my intervention.
---------------------- Internal Information Only ------------------------
Internal Comm Support removed, hopefully, temporarily.
Fossil Driver Support Added.
File Formats expanded for future additions.
Converter to change old format to new format (CONVERT) written.

Version 1.40 Various
Several differing copies of version 1.40 were released in November.
They were primarily to beta test sites or anyone expressing a problem.
The various subversions contained some to most of the items listed in
Version 1.41.

Version 1.31 October 31th, 1992
Limited Release to New Registered Users.
Bug that would erase ship record if no ship was selected for Computer
Function 'X'. Credit: Steve McKnelly, Chattanooga TN.

Version 1.30 October 15th, 1992
Anonymous Radio ID signal (#465) created.
False Radio ID signal(#466) created.
Computer Function '+' removed.
Computer Function 'P' (Place Call to Sysop) added.
Bug on how the game deals with negative time values, corrected.
Credit: Stacy Trippe, Inverness, Mississippi
Sensor Scan with no options now works properly with Attack Drone Identifier.
Chat Mode Added.
Redisplay of Radio Messages on opening screen corrected.
Display Bugs dealing with expansion of cargo holds corrected.
Ship Importation now allowed in Shareware Version.
Planetary Cloaking Enhancer 3x (#146) created.
Dimensional Wedge Factory (#429) created.
Press Pass Factory (#199) created.
The Over-Thrustor (#258) created.
Galvometric Seeking Missile (#123) created.
Planetary Galvometric Scrambler (#391) created.
Stealth Pack (#420) created.
Improved Cloaking Enhancer 2x (#292) created.
Improved Anti-Cloaking Enhancer 2x (#370) created.
R.M.D. 100 (#303) created.
Mine Deflector 150 (#48) created.
One Bay Device Bay Protector (#67) created.
Two Bays Device Bay Protector (#68) craeted.
Rogue Drone Absorber (#53) created.
Dead Mans Switch (#308) created.
Heavy Radiation Shielding (#294) created.
---------------------- Operation Control Changes ------------------------
ANSI.SYS is now required for proper operation.
MODEMSIM config variable now correctly only functions in Local mode.
IMPSECTOR config variable added governing where Imported Ships appear.
BAR config variable removed, Status Bar now obsolete.
L4350 config variable removed.
/P Command Line Switch added for Modem Serial Port Number.
/B Command Line Switch added for Baud Rate of Connection.
Remote Viewing Configuration Variable added to determine what Sysop sees.
---------------------- Internal Information Only ------------------------
Internal Comm Support Added, Doorway no longer required for non-SLBBS.

Version 1.27 September 1st, 1992
Incorrect Planetary Display of Ship's Cargo, corrected.
Array blow out that resulted in strange login problems if Maximum Players
was set higher than 25 has been corrected.
Hyper Mini Hyper Swaps (#469 & 470) now correctly swap 5 bays not 15.
Credit: Steve McCoy, compuserve.
Team Hyper Swaps now correctly display Team Name.
Device #243 now correctly registers as in Port 9, not Port 5.
Credit: Stacy Trippe, Inverness, MS
---------------------- Internal Information Only ------------------------
Source converted from Turbo C 2.0 to Borland C 3.0.

Version 1.26 August 17th, 1992
Bug introduced in version 1.25 that locked out Dead Ship Area corrected.
Infected Ships now infect Sectors, Ports & Planets that they come in
contact with.
Main Command 'SC' now properly requires an Attack Drone Identifier.
Galvanic 'Bread Crumbs' (Device #5) created.
Credit: John F. Power, Centerville, MA.
Galvanic 'Crumb' Flush (Device #205) created.
----------------------- Registered Users Only ---------------------------
Pan Dimensional Control Signal (#243).
Credit: Stacy Trippe, Inverness, MS.
Device #243 available free at C.E.C.C. port.
---------------------- Internal Information Only ------------------------
Slight Support for Multi Line BBSs added.
When in use by another player, Ultimate Universe displays a message
stating who is playing.
Credit: Joe Balshone, Columbus, OH
PCLint run on source and many casting errors corrected leading to more
stable operation.

Version 1.25 August 2nd, 1992
Released to Registers Users Only.
Expanded Maximum Holds to 65,000.
Refixed bug that allowed remote access to ports even though Fed fines exist.
Warp Devices made to respect Sensor Dampers and Sector Reflectors.
Dimensional Newspaper Scanner (#357) created.
Dimensional Rankings Scanner (#358) created.
Dimensional U.P.S. (#359) created.
Dimensional Scanner Pack (#414) created.
Device #356 Remapped to #335.
'Federation Strip' Viewer (#112) created.
The Paan Redeph (#449) created.
Credit: Andrue C. Carr, Lambert's Cove, MA
Warp Shielding Missiles (#141 thru 144) created.
Remote Computer Access (#230) removed from game.
Ship Extractor (#238) created.
The Anchor (#56) created.
Trail Sweeper (#311) created.
Personal Trail Sweeper (#312) created.
Planetary Tractor Beam Feedback (#296);
Space Madness Sector Infector (#330) created.
Space Madness Port Infector (#382) created.
Space Madness Planetary Infector (#383) created.
Planetary Space Madness Defense (#392) created.
Infected Ship Detector (#342) created.
Infected Planet Detector (#341) created.
Infected Sector Detector (#347) created.
Space Madness Detector Pack (#419) created.
Space Madness Cure Option added to Port 4.
Planetary Space Madness Cure (#147) created.
Cabal "Cluster" Strategy Added.
Cabal Infect Ports with Space Madness.
Small errors in the Over Space Drive corrected.
Infected Port Detector(#363) created.
Bug in the setting of Master Device Replicator, corrected.
Homing Signal Dimensional Booster (#460) created.
Made Message Silencer respect Quantom Credits Message.
Made remote port devices (Spylink, C.E.C.C. Calling) unable to
perform services that would logically require docking.
Made MBeacon.UU a text editable file.
Added another framing option to Message Beacons.
----------------------- Registered Users Only ---------------------------
Multiple Dimensions Created.
Credit: Andrue C. Carr, Lambert's Cove, MA
Pan Dimensional Drive (#13) created.
Dimensional Wedge (#289) created.
Pan Dimensional Viewer (#109) created.
Deluxe Dimensional Pack (#418) created.
Dimensional Identifier (#84) created.
-------------------- Operational Information Only ------------------------
Ultimate Universe now accepts start up parameters from both DOOR.SYS
file formats. (Still accepts DORINFOx.DEF as well.)

Version 1.24 July 8th, 1992
Wide Spread Release.
Bug that gave error message if closing pauses left unentered, fixed.
Device #263 is now a one-shot device as was originally intended.
Random Bug caused by improper string passing has been corrected.
Spy Functions rewritten for increased speed.
Cabal Reporting Delay removed completely.
Port 4 functions slower for early days, but no speed lose as
the universe ages.
Secondary Scan Codes: SC, SE & S#, added.
Macro Variable (#205) removed from game.
Malfunction of Warp Shield Shuttle (#241) corrected.
Attacking Holographic Ship Decoy now destroys it.
Adelphia Planet Splitter (#464) no longer duplicates Planetary Device.
Error in Time Entry module that caused minutes greater than 600 to turn
negative, corrected.
Credit: Steve McCoy, Compuserve.
Team Menu Password would not display. This has been corrected.
Credit: Stacy Trippe, Inverness, MS.
Debris Salvager allowed Cargo Holds and Warp Devices to exceed maximum
allowed limits, in some cases wrapping to negative amounts.
Credit: Todd Schacherl.
C.E.C.C. calling would allow access even if Federation Fines existed.
Credit: Debbie Thrush, Gallalee, KS.
Dead Team Mates would display in Locate Team Members function.
---------------------- Internal Information Only -------------------------
Ultimate Universe no longer redirects the Control-Break interrupt.
This would cause the BBS to hang if the BBS tried to retake control
before Ultimate Universe had relinquished it. Atleast on Searchlight.

Version 1.23 June 21th, 1992
Wide Spread Release.
Turns have become Fuel Units. (Seemed like a cool idea at the time.)
Credit: Wilson Selzer.
Angry Federation Mines would not attack Federation Drone attackers
if no new enemy drones were laid.
Angry Federation Fighters would not attack Federation Mine attackers
if no new enemy mines were laid.
Time display now changes to seconds for the final 100 seconds.
Destination and Number of Drones questions reversed in Attack Coordinator.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Bug that caused Daily Maintenance to remove Holographic Planet Decoy Beacons
has been repaired.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Adelphian Planet Merger loses less cargo in transition.
Two Devices Remapped #473->471, #474->472.
Hyper Mini Swap (#469) created.
Team Hyper Mini Swap (#470) created.
Team HyperSwap (#473) created,
Team HyperSwap w/Cube Interface (#474) created.
Computer Function 'J': Juxtaposation Devices, added.
Computer Function 'X': Xmit Sensor Display to Sub Space Radio, added.
Sensor Damage transferred from turn penalty to time penalty.
Computer Function 'W' changed from 'Waste Turns' to 'Wait'.
Device #303 Remapped to #309.
Sensor Damper Deluxe (#310) created.
R.M.D. 75 (#302) created.
'Out of Position' Adjuster (#252) created.
Inertia Damper (#247), Inertia Damper Deployment Probe (#380) &
Remote I.D.D. Probe (#381) created.
Planet Alert Jr. (#344) created.
Planet Alert (#343) created.
Holographic Planet Decoy Beacon (#298) was bugged. Required change of
file structure.
Two Devices Remapped: #208->206, #286->290.
Remote Xmit Display Rerouter (#208) created.
GoSubs & GoTos reduced in power, initial sector now set by being in that
Ship to Port Type Warpers (#282 thru 286) created.
Computer Function 'H' made more user friendly and the information contained
in it has been updated.
The Auto Trader (#212) created.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Planetary Cargo Shuttle (#2) created.
Credit: Andrue Carr.
Trader Pack (#172) created.
Cloaking Diffusers (401+402) now correctly work on Teleport Satellites also.
Warp Link Connector (#263) created.
The Isolator (#253), Isolator ][ (#254) and The Isolator, Neat & Tidy (#255)
CONFIG.EXE modified to allow up to five initial devices.
Fixed bug that's been with us since the beginning that caused certain
devices to malfunction if granted as the Initial Device.
Respects Out of Time in all sections of the program, doesn't wait for
return to Main Command. In BBS mode will automatically exit program.

Version 1.22 June 13th, 1992
Never Released.
Major Bug introduced in version 1.20, fixed.
Caused random damage to Radio, Flea Market, Newspaper and Bank files.
Revamped Device #1 slightly.
Bug that stopped Cabal from successfully Claiming Independant Planets fixed.
Port 5 Ship Teleportation, Teleported ship and left it still docked. This
has been corrected.
Split Galactic Newspaper into The Universe Today, and The Warzine.
The Warzine covers The Federation-Cabal war exclusively.
Phantom Warp Scanner (#108) created.
Phantom Warp Viewer & Scanner (#174) created.
Flash Protector Grid (#80) created.
Macro Variable %1 input routine modified to force Upper Case when it should.
Master Input Routine modified to respect 'ESC' dump buffer command
even when buffer is full.
Explorer Autopilot (#260) renamed Far Shot Autopilot.
Explorer Autopilot (#259) created.
Added control over frequency of return Warp Links (always was 100% before.)
Can now be set to any percentage 0 to 100% with Config.EXE.
Federation, Cabal, AntiEstabling Sector Mine strategy installed.
Subvertion Amounts shown by total instead of detail in Galactic Newspaper.
Sector Reflectors and Dampers now foul Attack Drone Coordinator and
Auto Pilots.
Bug that caused invisible tollstations after death of owner, fixed.
Fixed Bug that caused Evesdropper to malfunction.
Remapped Device #472 -> #459.
Conquering Major Cabal Planets grants extra Device Bay.

Version 1.21 May 31, 1992
Wide Spread Release.
The Starter Pack (#161) created.
Device #58 remapped to Device #57.
Defensive Device Bay Protector (#58) created.
Device Bay #0 can no longer be destroyed (it can still be damaged).
The Cabal, Anti-Establings and Federation Drones are given a brain.
New Cabal Planet Strategy established.
Fixed bug that caused Sector Reflector to Malfunction.
Fixed huge bug that reset Player's Mine Programing to 'Attack All but
Owner' at the start of UUD.
Wandering Drone Locator (#351) created.
Wander Viciously & Subvert Drones settings exhaustively debugged.
Flashwires lockouted of Sectors 1 thru 8.
Configuration Variable BBS expanded to allow Setting #2: DorInfo.DEF.
Command Line Information may now be obtained from DorInfo#.DEF files.
A third party conversion program CVTDOOR is being bundled with this
program game to convert almost many Door Files to DorInfo#.DEF.
Team Cubes Occasionally Contain Materials. This has been corrected.

Version 1.20 May 26, 1992
Released Only to Registered Users.
Removed Universal Device Descriptor (#209), obsolete.
Augment Forces option added for Sector Mines & Attack Drones.
Can no longer set Drones & Mines to Team setting if you are not a
member of a team.
Fixed old bug that halved the number of days a ship may be inactive.
Made Viral Planet Infection Permanent
Tractor Beam now turns off if it has become disconnected from the ship.
Over Space Travel now allows Tractor Beam to tow ship.
Device Bay Missile Platforms locked out of Sectors 1 thru 10.
Credit: Dan Gilligan, Chicago, IL?
Made Auto-Pilot respect all the new objects floating out there.
Added Calls to EXPORT.BAT & IMPORT.BAT. Export & Import now functional.
Fixed Ranking so that planets and such can't get lost.
Specialty Device & Bay Protector (#58) created.
Remote Device Access (#209) created.
Port 9, Sanctuary removed.
Port 9, C.E.C.C. Headquarters added.
Report Cabal Location moved from Port 4 to Port 9.
C.E.C.C. Calling Device (#281) created and added to Fed Pack.
Fixed bug, that made Computer Scan function allow certain scans that
should have read "No Information Available".
Macro Variable '%4' added. %4 returns the value given in the last %1
Macro Variable.
Macro Variable '%5' added. This increments the value given in the last
%1 Macro Variable and then returns it.
Added Ablity to put Cargo into the Flea Market.
Flea Market Has Possiblity of Devices For Sale appearing each day.
Holographic Black Hole Beacon (#299) created.
Fixed bug in Ranking that caused some ships to not always appear.
Added configuration variable that allow Sysop to play at
Modem Speed if they are so inclined to fairness.
Returned Automatic Shuttling of Warp Shielding to Planetary Operation.
Ship's Computer may now become damaged in large battles or by Device
Bay Missiles.
Computer Repair Drone (#76) created.
The Configuration Editor (CONFIG.EXE) created.
Replaces Config.AUU and CONCOMP.EXE.
The Device Documentor (DDOC.EXE) created.
Creates a Complete Device Listing from Device.UU and ID.UU
Advanced Spy Ward (#66) created.
Advanced Spy Ward Factory (#198) created.
Team Planet Locator (#354) removed. Team Planet's no longer exist.
Devices #416 & 417 adjusted accordingly.
Aware Remote Computer Access (#230) created.
Conquer a Cabal Planet get a Device Bay.
Sort Device Bays now sorts damaged bays to the bottom and removes
destroyed bays entirely.
Cabal Spy Info (Port #4) will always have been reported.
Reported Cabal Fighters are added to Missions from C.C.E.C.
---------------------- Internal Information Only -------------------------
Changed all output to route thru a single routine in preparation for
hook up to Fossil Driver.

Version 1.19 May 8, 1992
Wide Spread Release.
Fixed bug that made it impossible to sell devices 1 & 2.
Removed Locks on Registered Only devices. Now only Import & Export
seperate Registered and Shareware Versions.
Changed Procurator to pay out only one quarter of the value of the
item being purchased. Removed 4 day opening restriction as well.
Altered Planet Merger (#463) to lose cargo in the Merger.
This was not supposed to be a way to MOVE planets.
Delacoos Drive Disruptor (#374) created.
Delacoos Drive Disruptor Detector (#365) created.
Planetary Warp Detector (#334) created.
Planetary Evacuation Device (#242) created.
Sector Reflect Detecter (#106) created.
'Report Offending Objects' options added to Galactic Teamsters (Port 5).
Warp Link Display Suppresser (#395) created.
Made Blackholes lock out display of sector information.
Config.AUU variables , , ,

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