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On-line stocks BBS Door game for WWIV BBS's.
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On-line stocks BBS Door game for WWIV BBS’s.
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Contents of the SOLU.DOC file



Special Thanks to RALF Programming BBS for their assistance
in making this program possible.


The companies in this game are totally fictitious. The price
of CDs, Bonds, and Gold and percent of increase are also
totally fictitious. Any resemblance to things in the real
world is totally coincidental.


Instructions Outline

1. New User Information
2. Basic Game Play
3. The Company Board
4. Buying and Selling of Stocks, Bonds, CDs, and Gold
5. Ownership of a Company
6. Rumors
7. Taking Risks
8. Gambling Money
9. Company Histories
10. Notes and Tips on Playing
11. Closing


New User Information

When you first log in as a new user, you are logged off
and are told to read the instructions. You can still play
the game on this day, by logging on again. From then on, you
get 10 turns a day.


Basic Game Play

At the beginning of the game, you are given $10,000 to
start as a new player. You earn $1000 a turn. During your
turn you can do 1 of 8 things. The options are:

1) Purchase Stocks, Bonds, Cds, and Gold
2) Sell Stocks, Bonds, Cds, and Gold
3) Purchase a Rumor
4) Take A Risk
5) View the Company Board (does not expend a turn)
6) Wait One Turn
7) Gamble Money
8) Quit Game

You are given 10 turns per log on, but you may only log on
the game once a day.


The Company Board

Whenever you buy or sell stocks, the company board
appears on the screen. It states these company statistics:

1) Company Name - Name of company.
2) Current Owner - Person with the most stock.
3) Shares - Number of shares sold in company.
4) Price - Current sale value.
5) Holdings - Number of personally owned shares.

Note - Ownership of company is probably the most reliable
way to earn money, through dividends. Only the owner
can collect these cash bonuses. See section #4


Buying and Selling Stocks, Bonds, CDs, Gold

During any turn, you can purchase or sell any 1
company's stock. You can only make one transaction per turn.
If you select to purchase Stock, Bonds, CDs, and Gold the
company board will appear on the screen. At the bottom a
message will appear "Buy Which". It also states that the '*'
relists the company board. You select the number of the
item you wish to purchase (1-20), and then select what
amount you wish to buy. The maximum purchase will appear
next to the prompt. The main idea of the game is to purchase
stocks at a low price and then sell them at a high price.
When you buy things other than stock, you do not have to
worry about price changes, the % of increase in value is
steady. For every $1000 CD you purchase, you can sell it for
$1060. For every $5000 Bond you purchase, you can sell it
for $5400. For every $10000 block of Gold you purchase, you
can sell it for $11000. The interest is automatic and you
can buy and sell in consecutive turns. For example, suppose
you bought a block of Gold on turn 5. You could sell it on
turn 6 for the same amount of profit as if you sold it on
turn 9. Buying of these securities is about the only sure
bet in the game.



Ownership of a Company

Ownership of a company can prove to be very, very
worthwhile. The current owner of a company gets paid a
dividend at the end of each turn based on the amount of
Shares Sold and Current Price. Dividend=Shares*Price/10.
Suppose you are the owner of Martino Semi-Conductor, there
are currently 500 shares out (sold) and the price is
$120/per share. You would get paid a dividend of $6,000 at
the end of your turn. Keep in mind, you only earn $1,000 a
turn. Therefore ownership of a company can be very



Purchasing is an important option in the game, but if
used too often, can prove to be costly and dangerous. The
only information gained by a rumor is to buy or sell certain
stocks. The amount of money you give to an "informant"
determines if the rumor is true or false. These tips can
prove to be vitally important if heeded.


Taking Risks

This section of the game is probably the most
interesting and entertaining of them all. If you take a
risk, you have about a 50/50 shot of having something good
happen. Half of the risks are good, half are bad. Here are
some examples : Good - You Get Special Dividend of $X.
Bad - Bad Fiscal Year, Lose Half Your Money. There are ten
total risks that you can take. Some are very, very good and
some are disastrously bad. Be careful with this option.


Gambling Money

This is another fun way to use your turn. You can
gamble in 5 different ways. These ways are :

1) Flip a Coin [Pays 2:1]
2) Pick 3 Numbers 1-12 [Pays 4:1]
3) Roll a 7 on 2 Dice, [Pays 6:1]
4) Pick a Number 0 to 9 [Pays 10:1]
5) Roll a 2 or 12 on 2 Dice. [Pays 18:1]

You can gamble from 1 dollar to everything you have. Do not
get carried away with this option.


Notes and Tips on Game Playing

1) The key to the game is moderation. Do not do too much of
the same option.

2) If you find yourself in a jam, press 'Q" to return to the
previous prompt.

3) Do not take too many risks, or gamble too often.

4) Cash on hand is not the only thing that determines your
ranking the game. Stocks, CDs, Bonds, and Gold are
figured into you Current Net Worth.

5) Buy stocks low and sell high.

6) Ownership is very profitable.

7) READ the company histories. They tell vital information.


Company Histories

1) Ardak Shipping Company - Stable, solid company that will
not show much changing in stock price.

2) 1st Bank of Leshner - Another bank suffering from FSLIC
losses. Expect drastic drops in price.

3) Ludt Motor Corporation - Fairly good company that faces
one major problem, Japanese competition.

4) Johnson Drilling - A real speculation company. Expect
big gains and big loses.

5) A. K. Meyers Lumber - With lumber amounts on the decline
prices will be high.

6) La Rose Computers - Very stable Blue Chip company with
small gains almost every day.

7) Rosenthal Pharmaceutical - Most reliable company in
game. A very stable Blue Chip.

8) Martino Semi-Conductor - With the creation of the super
conductor some doubt is shadowed over the company, but
it still has a Blue Chip status.

9) Magee Oil and Gas - Oil and gas prices are fluctuating,
expect the same in the companies price.

10) Nelson Ballistics - With rising yearning for peace, this
governmental contractor faces some problems.

11) Efrum Little and Sons - Sells mainly plastics. Faces
troubles with the EPA.

12) John Nukly Corporation - Top secret governmental
software writing corporation. Not much else is known.

13) O'Hara Real Estate - With the population boom, the
number of people buying homes has increased. Therefore
expect increases in this company.

14) Eastman Brokerage Firm - More people are buying stocks,
therefore more brokers are needed. Thus yielding more
business for the firm. Fairly good price increases

15) Hall Photoelectronics - Cameras and VCR's are in demand,
so is the stock of this company. Another Blue Chip.

16) L. I. Inkly Farm Equipment - Farming is definitely on
the decline. The demand for equipment is also
decreasing. Expect minor loses.

17) Lincoln Textiles - This company has heavy competition
from other companies. Its products are also less than
desirable. Expect large loses.


I hope you enjoy Stocks-On-Line-Unlimited. Do not be
intimidated by the number and variety of options, you'll get
the hang of it. If you have any questions I can be contacted
at the RALF Programming BBS, in Southeastern PA. My alias
name is AHPAH.

RALF Programming BBS - (215) 453 - 0761


Thank You For Playing,

Paul J. Martino (AHPAH)


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