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This program will do is take any BBS door file and convert it over to another BBS type.
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This program will do is take any BBS door file and convert it over to another BBS type.
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Contents of the SUPERDOR.DOC file

Super Door v1.1
Door File Conversion Utility
(C) Copyright 1991 - James R. Davis

Here is a program I have been looking for for a very long time. Everytime I
have asked someone if this type of program exists, they tell me yeah... they
are all over the place, but I have yet to find one anywhere! So, I decided to
end the search and write my own... now this one does exactly what I want it to

What this program will do is take any BBS door file and convert it over to
another BBS type. For instance, it will convert GAP's DOOR.SYS over to say
WWIV's CHAIN.TXT or vice versa, and the nice thing about it is that if you
don't have a supported BBS type then you can just include the data on the
command line to make the file you want!

The current door files that this program will convert to and from are:

PCBOARD.SYS - PCBoard v14.x or above
CALLINFO.BBS - Wildcat v2.0 or above
DORINFO#.DEF - QBBS and RBBS v17.x or above
CHAIN.TXT - WWIV v2.14 or above

When converting from one door file to another, the door file converting from
must reside in the current directory. The converted door file will also be
placed in the current directory, for ease of use. The syntax for this program
is simple. There are 7 switches that you can use on the command line. Use
the following format:

SUPERDOR switch[optional data] TO switch

The switches are as follows:

QBBS# = Same as -RBBS#
MAN: = For Manual Entry (optional data as follows separated by commas:

Optional data defined:

FirstName = The user's first name
LastName = The user's last name
Baud = The baud rate at which the user is logged
Graphics = "Y" for ANSI allowed or "N" for No ANSI
TimeLeft = The amount of time the user had left on the system
ComPort = The COM port the user is using (1-8 supported)
Parity = If at 8-N-1 then "8" or 7-E-1 then "7"

The switches must be placed on the command line separated by the word "TO".
The MAN: switch must be placed in the first position only and followed by the
optional data. The # in RBBS# and QBBS# must be replaced by the node
running on, if you only use one node then use RBBS1 or QBBS1.

For instance... let's say that we want to create a DOOR.SYS file directly from
the command line. Our user's name is John Doe and he is logged into COM2 at
1200 baud using 8-N-1 with graphics (or ANSI allowed) on and only 23 minutes
left on your board. You would use the following command:

SUPERDOR MAN:John,Doe,1200,Y,23,2,8 TO GAP

Now, let's say we operate a WWIV BBS system and want to run a PCBoard type of
door, but don't have the PCBOARD.SYS file to use the door. So what do we do?
Use this command:


In this instance, make sure that CHAIN.TXT can be found in the current
directory before issuing this command. PCBOARD.SYS will be found in the
current directory once completed.

I know I don't have all BBS types in this program, but if your BBS type is not
supported and you send me all the technical info on the door file your BBS
creates then I will not only update this program and send you a free copy but
I will also include a free registration to any one of my programs as well!

Well, that just about covers the program. It's simple to use and I hope you
find it alot of help. One more thing thou, support shareware. If not mine
then someone else's. Us authors who dedicate our precious time to create
these useful programs don't ask for much, and it helps encourage us to
continue to produce such fine programs for you to use on a "try before you
buy" system. If you like this program, I ask for a mere $5.00 to register it
with me. That may be more than two packs of cigarettes these days, but then
again, you would only get 40 cigarettes to the millions of times your would
use this program! Quite a fare price, wouldn't you say?

Send a check or money made out in US currency to James R. Davis to:

James R. Davis
207 President Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

I hope you enjoy and find this program of use to not only you sysops but to
you programmers as well.

-=> James "The Garf!" Davis! <=-

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