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Exchange netmail between OPUS and GT Power.
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Exchange netmail between OPUS and GT Power.
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GATEWAY.TXT 957 379 deflated
INMAP.EXE 10302 6300 deflated
OPUSGATE.DOC 16295 5870 deflated
OUTMAP.EXE 9934 6084 deflated
POSTMAIL.EXE 32012 20866 deflated
PREMAIL.EXE 19498 11773 deflated
READ.ME 1514 853 deflated
REBAGGER.EXE 29170 19115 deflated
RUNBT.BAT 938 415 deflated
SAMPLE.BAT 1306 647 deflated
STAMP.EXE 8306 5101 deflated
WAIT.EXE 8394 5194 deflated
WALLOP.EXE 11616 7293 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This is a VERY preliminary version of the fidonet <> GT gateway. At least,
it is in terms of documents!

The gate itself has been running successfully for some months and has
handled well over 10,000 messages at this time. (It handled 450 last night

If there are any problems setting it up I would be happy to answer your
questions, certainly until a proper document gets put together some time in
the near future.

I have been holding off releasing this package because of one known bug:
Outbound netmail from GT to Fidonet sometimes gets lost. It ONLY happens
when the mail is destined to leave the local FIDONET zone. Mail within the
zone has no problems. The bug is being worked on, and should be fixed
within the forseeable future. However the test data required needs the
co-operation of a number of people to collect, and that has not yet been
properly organised.

As I said, I would be happy to give you any help you need to set it up.

The file gateway.txt tells a little of how mail is actually addressed by
users. The node 36/9 is the address of the gate here in Sydney and should
be replaced with your own gate address.

Please note that all of this package is not released into the public
domain, but should be registered. THERE IN NO REGISTRATION FEE! A postcard
advising your use of the package (as with any of my packages) is more than
adequate. My address is:

Rev. Stephen de Plater
1 Kangaroo St.
MANLY, NSW, 2095

Phone +61 2 977-3075

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