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UBLIST creates an list of all files on a UBBS BBS system.
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UBLIST creates an list of all files on a UBBS BBS system.
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Contents of the UBLIST.DOC file

UBLIST ver 1.0 Beta 06-30-91

UBLIST is quite easy to setup and run. The first thing you need to do
is use a text editor to create a config file that contains a list of
your directory ID's and descriptions. Start the ID name in column 1 and
the description (45 charactor max) in column 8 as per the included sample.
You must name the file UBLIST.CFG. To run Ublist just enter UBLIST followed
by the name of the file you wish to create such as UBLIST ALLFILES.BBS.
You may also enter the UBLIST commands in a batch file for inclusion as
a nightly event.

Multinode systems may run UBLIST while other nodes are running but it
will run a bit slower if anyone else is accessing the filebase at
the same time. UBlist is limited to 250 ID's of 1000 files each. This
is a Beta version and no registration is required. The official release
will require a fee of $5.00...big bucks!

UBlist has been extensively testes for half an hour on my BBS. It only
reads your Filebase.Dat file so it's hard to do any damage with it. All
my ID's are 4 characters long. If Ublist does not work right on some or
all of your directories then try changing your ID's to 4 characters.

Other Software available

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UBTop - Creates top ten callers bulletin from User file
UBStat - Creates calling statistics bulletin from log file
UBStrip- Strips Caller file of specified months
Ken Serikstad
Knight Moves BBS
716-865-2106 HST

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