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This is Marvel Action Universe BBS Door for the WWIV BBS.
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This is Marvel Action Universe BBS Door for the WWIV BBS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARMOR.MAU 242 186 deflated
BULLET.MAU 135 119 deflated
CHARACTE.MAU 4 4 stored
DATE.MAU 10 10 stored
DOCS.MAU 2262 996 deflated
EXPERIEN.MAU 247 83 deflated
GUARDS.MAU 269 187 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 126 107 deflated
JUNKM1.MAU 106 62 deflated
JUNKM2.MAU 103 59 deflated
JUNKM3.MAU 100 56 deflated
JUNKM4.MAU 99 51 deflated
JUNKM5.MAU 237 94 deflated
MARVEL.COM 55892 31300 deflated
MARVEL.DOC 896 439 deflated
MARVEL.PAS 50920 10682 deflated
MENU.MAU 903 375 deflated
PRICES.MAU 149 51 deflated
RECORD.MAU 3 3 stored
WEAPONS.MAU 370 270 deflated

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Contents of the MARVEL.DOC file

To install this game run the INSTALL.BAT prg included in your MAIN BBS
(ie, c:\BBS) and then set it up in your CHAINS section. v1.01 is just the
"MAKE-UP" job of BRAZIL v3.00A, so expect to be seeing a v1.02 which will
include some ANSI, and what ever else I feel like adding!

Night Dragon
Jim Keith
What's New -- 12/24/1988 5:48 AM

I updated the villians stats so it wouldn't be as hard to defeat them.
I am still working on v1.02, and if any of you are good at ANSI, then make
some screens of the super-heroes, and/or super villians, and get them to me!
Also... I have fixed the bug in the Team Hiring Section...

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