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IceEdit Full Screen Message editor for BBS's.

Full Description of File

IceEdit v0.50
Deluxe Fullscreen Message Editor
For Use With RemoteAccess 2.0x

Features include: Random Tagline
addition, character color config,
Left Column Justification, Line
-Centering, Textfile exporting,
Message Censoring, Macro Config,
Configurable Function Key Macros,
Color Control Strings, and more!
Should work with other QuickBBS
compatible BBS packages.

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IceEdit Full Screen Message editor for BBS’s.
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EDITCFG.EXE 53856 22810 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 570 299 deflated
ICEEDIT.DOC 27585 8873 deflated
ICEEDIT.EXE 78288 32604 deflated
REGISTER.CAN 4164 1083 deflated
REGISTER.WLD 4283 1105 deflated
TAGLINES.CFG 2785 1559 deflated

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Contents of the ICEEDIT.DOC file

** *********
**** *******
****** ****
****** ****
****** ******* ********* ******** ********* ** **********
****** **** *** **** ******** **** *** **** ****
****** **** **** ******** **** *** **** ****
****** **** ******** **** **** *** **** ****
****** **** **** **** **** *** **** ****
**** **** *** **** ******* **** *** **** ****
** ******* ********* ********* ********* ** **

IceEdit v0.50 - CopyRight Jeremy Landvoigt, 1994 - IceEdit v0.50

Some Unique Features Of IceEdit v0.50

No extremely annoying unregistered taglines are ever appended to the end
of messages like: "... This copy of ????? has been unregistered for 31

IceEdit has a built in Macro replacement feature that will replace
keywords with other words. Eg "RA" -> "RemoteAccess"

IceEdit has a built message censoring feature to weed out inappropriate
text. {+}

Character Color Configuration for individual letters such as Uppercase,
lowercase, High Bit, numbers, and punctuation.

Random tagline appending feature. {+}

Easy to use control keys.

Color Code insert strings

SysOp defined function key macros


CopyRight Notices & Program Disclaimer

The utility IceEdit, along with all its support files and documents,
are Copyright (C) 1994 Jeremy Landvoigt. Distributing a version
AFTER it has been registered is prohibited; distribution & execution of
the original, unaltered version is permitted, indeed encouraged, as long
as all support-files and documentation that accompany the program are

The author can be quickly reached for information through the RA_UTIL
international FidoNET Conference. If you wish to trust
comments/complaints/suggestions to the Post Office, you can send them to:

Jeremy Landvoigt
100 Burling Place
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y - 5W4

The following programs mentioned in this documentation are Copyright of
their respective authors. They are listed in no particular order:

IceEdit - CopyRight Jeremy Landvoigt
RemoteAccess - CopyRight Wantree Development & Andrew Milner
FKFossil - CopyRight Tim Strike and Forbidden Knights Systems


I (Jeremy Landvoigt) make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied,
including without limitation any warranties of merchantability
and/or fitness for a particular purpose. I shall not be held liable
for any damages, whether direct, indirect, special or consequential
arising from the failure of this program to operate in the manner desired
by the user. I shall not be held liable for any damage to data or
property which may be caused directly or indirectly by the use of this

In no event will I be held liable for any damages, including (but
not limited to) any lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental
or consequential damages arising out of the use -- or the inability
to use -- this program, or for any claim by any other party. The only
thing that IceEdit is guaranteed to do is to take up space on your
hard drive.


There are a few people who helped with the development of IceEdit that
although they weren't involved in the creation or writing of the program,
their suggestions, Bug reports, and lengthy eta testing have been an
enormous asset. I would like to thank in no particular order :
Marc Kulak, Tommy Harvey, Jim Edwards, Eric Staufer and Steve Lanning for
all of their help. Couldn't have done it without them!

Also, portions of the Fossil Routines used in IceEdit v0.50 are Copyright
1993 By Tim Strike and Forbidden Knights Systems.


The Development of IceEdit v0.50 took many long hours, and a lot of time
and effort not to mention money. This program is not FreeWare. If this
program satisfies your expectations of a fullscreen editor,if not MORE,
then you are expected to register it after an evaluation period of 30 days
or sooner. By doing this you can be sure of continued development of the
software. Thanks for your support.

This Program may be freely distributed but DO NOT under any circumstances
change any of the executables or alter any files that come in the original
distribution archive.

I urge you to register as soon as you can! The more registrations that
I have will show the interest of people in the program, and I will release
a newer version with many more features. If you register, the Message
Censoring & tagline features will become available. All "Unregistered"
messages and almost inaudible beeps within the program will also be removed.
Please note that the status of features (whether they are available or not
to unregistered users) may be changed without further warning in later
versions of the software; but this does not mean that they will be

If you wish to register, please fill out the registration form :

Register.Can - Registration Form For Canadian Users
Register.Wld - For All Other Registrations

Please at this time send ALL registrations to the address listed in the
correct registration form. Thank you for your support.

Any Registration forms that have invalid or missing information may be
considered void and not be processed, depending on the extent of the

Archive Contents

The IceEdit archive should contain the following files :

ICEEDIT.EXE - The Main Program
EDITCFG.EXE - Use to configure the program
TAGLINES.CFG - Sample Tagline file
CENSOR.CFG - Sample Censor keyword file
ICEEDIT.DOC - Program Documentation
REGISTER.WLD - Generic Registration Form
REGISTER.CAN - Canadian Registration Form
FILE_ID.DIZ - General Program Description

If one or any combination of these files are missing, or files have been
ADDED, then you are using a possibly modified or altered copy of IceEdit.
It would be advised that you delete this copy, and get a clean copy of
IceEdit from one of the BBS's listed at the end of the documentation.
Newest Version of IceEdit can be F'REQed from Ice Technologies BBS under
the magic name 'ICEEDIT' (Without the quotes)

Files IceEdit will create are :

ICEEDIT.CFG - The configuration file.
MACRO.CFG - The file containing replacement macros.
MSGTMP. - Textfile containing message text which is read in
by RemoteAccess.

Files IceEdit can/will read are :

CONFIG.RA - Read when IceEdit is first installed. It will
attempt to determine if you are running RA by use
of Environment variable, and if it can find the
CONFIG.RA, it will read in some information from
MESSAGES.RA - IceEdit will attempt to read this file if it can
locate it by using the RA environment variable. It
uses this file to determine whether or not a
message area is an echomail/netmail base. If it is,
the Color Code feature will be temporarily
DORINFO1.DEF - Drop file containing user information.
MSGINF. - File created by RemoteAccess containing message
information such as Source User, Target User,
message subject, & Message area.
MSGTMP. - File created by RemoteAccess containing Quoted text.

Program Information

IceEdit is a fullscreen ANSi message editor that was originally designed
for use with RemoteAccess. Although it has only been tested with
RemoteAccess v2.0x, it should be compatible with any other BBS that uses
the QuickBBS style dropfiles that contain the message writing information.
These files are MSGTMP & MSGINF. You should check your BBS documentation to
see if your software supports this system. IceEdit also calls on the
Dorinfo1.Def file to read in necessary information about the user profile.
IceEdit has a special feature specifically for RemoteAccess, which is
Echobase checking. Do not enable this feature if you are not using

Why was IceEdit created? .. Well, after I wrote my first major BBS utility,
known as IceChat I was really surprised by the response to my chat program
and the number of registrations that came in for it. When I first created
IceChat, I never expected it to have the impact that it obviously had.
This encouraged me to start writing other BBS (specifically RemoteAccess)
utilities. A number suggestions came in for utilities such as a
UserEditor, a TimeBank, etc, but the most challenging one was to write a
Fullscreen message editor, which I thought would be a really great idea.
Not only for the challenge, but because right now I feel that there are
very few message editors currently available, and of the ones that do
exist, one or two of them tend to dominate the market, and they STILL
didn't offer all the features that I would like to have in a fullscreen
editor. Nevermind ridiculous registration fees. So, thus became the
beginnings of IceEdit.

Program Configuration - Using EditCfg

Setting up IceEdit is quite easy. This section of the documentation will
attempt to take you step by step on how to use the configuration utility
EditCfg.Exe to set up IceEdit. Most of the options are self explanatory.


Save & Exit
Save Without Exit
Exit Without Save
Macro Editor
Registration Info
Program Info

Save & Exit - This will save your current configuration to the
IceEdit.Cfg file and will exit the program.

Save Without Exit - This will save your current configuration to the
IceEdit.Cfg file and will allow you to continue modifying your setup.

Exit Without Save - This will abort the save procedure (just in case you
somehow really messed up!) and will exit the program.

Macro Editor - This will allow you to define replacement macros that
will be used within IceEdit. For example, if you defined a macro such as
"RA" -> "RemoteAccess", when the user types "RA" while editing their
message, IceEdit will replace it with "RemoteAccess". User Keywords are
not case sensitive, so if the user was to type "RA" or "Ra" Or "rA" or
"ra", each of these would still be replaced with "RemoteAccess". This
function can be useful for correcting commonly misspelled words,
replacing shortforms, or "weeding out" inappropriate text (refer to
message censoring function aswell). The macrofile used in IceEdit is
completely compatible with IceChat's macrofile, so you can interchange
the macro files between both pieces of software.

Registration Info - This will simply display your current registration
status, whether registered or unregistered.

Program Info - This will give you a little bit of information on the
current version of IceEdit that you happen to be using.


Censoring File
Taglines File
Macro File
External Chat

Censoring File - This is a text file that you can create. If the
filename that you provide in this area exists, IceEdit will attempt to
read in the file and scan the user's message for any matches of words
within this file. If it finds any matches, it will strike out that
particular word from the message. For example, if a censor word was
"IDIOT", and the user had a sentence such as:

"You are such an idiot!"

After the scan was complete the word "IDIOT" would be stroked out and
the result would be: "You are such an *****!".
A sample CENSOR.CFG file is included. The format is very simple; use
one word per line. IceEdit is not case sensitive to the particular
censoring word that is being compared. Message censoring only takes
place AFTER the user opts to save their message.

Taglines File - This file contains taglines that can be appended to
the ending of the users message if they opt to save their text.
This is a textfile that you can create, although a sample is included
called TagLines.Cfg. Each line has one tagline on it. At this time
there is not any considerable limitation on the number of taglines that
the file may contain; however, the more that there are, the longer it
will take IceEdit to read in the file and select a tagline.

Macrofile - This is the name of the macrofile that IceEdit will make
use of. It defaults to Macro.Cfg. Refer to FILE>MACRO_EDITOR for more
information on macros.

External Chat - This is the full path and filename of your external chat
utility. This can be executed from within IceEdit using the ALT-C key.


View Macros YES
Create Macros NO
Tagline Prompt YES
Censor Tagline NO
Imbedded Colors NO
Check EchoBase NO

View Macros YES/NO - Are users permitted to view the list of available
macros from within IceEdit by using the CTRL-V key?

Create Macros YES/NO - Are users permitted to add to the list of
available macros from within IceEdit by using the CTRL-V key?
NOTE: View Macros MUST be enabled for this feature to work.

Tagline Prompt YES/NO - Should the user who is writing the message be
prompted as to whether or not a tagline should be appended to the end
of their message? If NO, the tagline will be AUTOMATICALLY appended
unless the SysOP has not defined the filename of the tagline file.

Censor Tagline YES/NO - If the user uses inappropriate text in their
message and IceEdit is forced to censor the text, should a tagline
be appended to the message to inform future message readers of that
fact? Eg. "*** This message has been censored by IceEdit v0.50"

Imbedded Colors YES/NO - Should imbedded color codes be permitted? If
YES, when the message is saved, all color strings will be replaced by
ANSi escape sequences, thus putting colors into the message. Refer
below in "Editing Your Message In IceEdit" for more information on
Color Strings.

Check EchoBase YES/NO - Should IceEdit attempt to determine whether
or not the message area being written to is an Echomail base. If it is,
Imbedded color codes will be disabled, as ANSi is not generally accepted
in network message areas. This feature is for *RemoteAccess* ONLY.


UpperCase ASCII
LowerCase ASCII
High Bit ASCII
Quoted Text
Default Settings

This section on color configuration is self explanatory. Simply select
the type of character which you wish to color configure. Another box
will appear that will show you the list of available colors. Type in
the number of the color you want to use.

DEFAULT SETTINGS will restore all the colors to their original
installation settings.

Fn Macros

F1 Macro
F2 Macro
F3 Macro
F4 Macro
F5 Macro
F6 Macro
F7 Macro
F8 Macro
F9 Macro
F10 Macro

This section is fairly simple. You can define different Function keys
(F1,F2..etc) to insert text into the message body while you are editing
your message. This is useful for greetings, goodbyes, and signatures
that are commonly used. For example, I might configure my Fn Keys like
this :

F1 - Take Care,
F2 - Later..
F3 - Jeremy
F4 - SysOP, Ice Technologies
F5 - .. Author Of IceChat.

etc.. etc..

If I hit one of my Fn Keys while in IceEdit, the appropriate text would
be inserted at the current cursor position.

Setting Up IceEdit.Exe With RemoteAccess

Please read the section of this document entitled 'Program Information -
Using EditCfg' BEFORE attempting to install IceEdit into RA. Failure to
setup IceEdit correctly before installing it into your bbs program will
probably result in IceEdit failing to run or not running as expected.

In order to run IceEdit.Exe with a user ONLINE, you must have a fossil
driver active. A fossil driver such as BNU should work fine with IceEdit.
If you don't have a fossil driver installed, a simple error message will
be displayed, and the program will stop. A fossil is NOT required when
running locally.

**Note** : Do _NOT_ write protect _ANY_ Of the IceEdit files, if you do,
IceEdit will ignore them, and therefore not run properly.

We will now run through EVERYTHING you need to do in order to get IceEdit
to run in your RemoteAccess setup.

1. Extract all the files in the distribution archive to a directory of your
choice. C:\RA\ is recommended and is assumed to be the directory you are
using from now on.

2. To help IceEdit find it's configuration files (if it is not being run
from the current directory), you need to define an environment variable
for it in this manner in your AutoExec.Bat :



The environment variable is used by IceEdit to find its system files
and configuration. Failure to setup the environment variable can result
in IceEdit failing to run correctly - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Please see your DOS manual for more information on environment variables.

You will need to reboot your machine after entering the environment
variable for it to take effect.

3. Run EditCfg.Exe and configure all of IceEdit's options as explained
earlier in this document. You MUST configure IceEdit for it to work
correctly! Refer to the section of this document for setting up IceEdit.

4. IceEdit needs to be setup in RACONFIG.EXE so that when the user attempts
to write a message it calls up IceEdit and NOT the internal RemoteAccess
line-by-line editor. Change to your RemoteAccess directory and run
line to run IceEdit.Exe in this space. Eg.

C:\RA\IceEdit.Exe *M

*M - Activate the MemorySwap feature. RemoteAccess attempts to
swap itself and all the memory it occupies to XMS and EMS
memory (if available) or to disk, leaving only 3KB resident.
This is ideal when running memory-hungry programs but takes
a few seconds longer in order to perform the swap. If the
swap cannot be accomplished, RemoteAccess will attempt to
load the program in a normal shell.

5. When you run IceEdit, be sure that the IceEdit.Cfg file has been created.
If it has not, then you MUST run EditCfg.Exe. If you don't, and attempt
to run IceEdit.Exe directly, IceEdit will display an error message that
IceEdit.Cfg doesn't exist.

Editing your message in IceEdit

Function Keys

To make message editing go easier, there are a number of different keys that
may be used by both the SysOP and the user. A list follows:

UP ARROW - Moves the cursor up one line
DOWN ARROW - Moves the cursor down one line
LEFT ARROW - Moves the cursor to the left one space
RIGHT ARROW - Moves the cursor to the right one space
INSERT - Toggle the text insert/typeover mode
DELETE - Delete the character currently under the cursor

CTRL-A - Function prompt (Save,Quit,Continue,Help)
CTRL-C - Center the current line of text on the screen
CTRL-L - Left justify the current line of text on the screen
CTRL-Q - Quote window (Available only with message replies)
CTRL-R - Redraw the editing screen
CTRL-T - Delete text from the cursor to the end of the line
CTRL-U - Delete text from the cursor to the end of the current word
CTRL-V - List / edit available macros
CTRL-W - Wipe entire message buffer (Use with care!)
CTRL-X - Abort message text & exit program
CTRL-Y - Erase current line of text
CTRL-Z - Save message text & exit program

There are also SysOP only keys that may be used:

F1..10 - Activate previously defined SysOp text macros
ALT-F2 - Import a textfile into the message
ALT-F3 - Export message contents to a file
ALT-C - Invoke external chat utility
ALT-H - Terminate Connection
ALT-J - Shell to DOS

Imbedded Colors

With IceEdit, it is possible to use color codes into your Message text.
This is very easily done. Wherever you would like to have a color change in
your message, type one of the following codes:

|01 - Blue
|02 - Green
|03 - Cyan
|04 - Red
|05 - Magenta
|06 - Brown
|07 - LightGray
|08 - DarkGray
|09 - LightBlue
|10 - LightGreen
|11 - LightCyan
|12 - LightRed
|13 - LightMagenta
|14 - Yellow
|15 - White

So, If you had a line such as:

"|15This is a |09test."

The first three words "This is a" would be in White, and the rest, "Test."
would be in LightBlue once the message has been saved.

Please be aware of two important points. Firstly, IceEdit will NOT CHANGE
the color WHILE YOU ARE EDITING the message. Color strings will be
converted when the message is saved. Second, these codes are replaced with
ANSi escape sequences (the same codes that are used in your ANSi screens).

Many networks do not authorize ANSi escape codes in their echos. If you
are going to make use of this feature, it is recommended that users are
informed on the point that they should not use embedded color strings in
echomail areas. If you are using RemoteAccess, it is possible to make
IceEdit determine whether or not the message area is a local base. If it is
NOT, IceEdit can automatically temporarily disable Imbedded colors in the
message that the user is writing.

And that's all there is to it.. Hope you guys enjoy this thing, and it is
my hope that IceEdit becomes the default editor used with your system =-)

Program Support - BBS Locations

IceEdit can be File Requested from any of the following BBS's under the
magic name of ICEEDIT. 1200-14400 Baud Rates Supported.


S - Support Site B - Beta Site R - Registration Site
D - Distrib. Site L - Up To 2400 Bps H - Up To 14.4k Bps

BBSName Location Phone FidoNET Flags

Ice Technologies ON, CAN (905) 895-0852 1:250/912 S B R D H
Blue iCE Beta Labs TX, USA (817) 596-5574 1:130/1016 S B D H
Bottom Line BBS ON, CAN (905) 830-4207 1:250/920 S B D H
Adventurer's Inn SC, USA (803) 552-6292 1:372/6577 S B D H
Concession Stand FL, USA (407) 569-6568 1:374/6568 S B D H

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