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A QWK tagline manager. It can take all the taglines from one QWK packet.
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A QWK tagline manager. It can take all the taglines from one QWK packet.
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Contents of the DUP.DOC file

DUP-licate entry/line removal-
rewrite of DUP adding switches "A", "E" and "S".
The main addition was the switch "A". This was done to process
duplicate taglines whose main difference was a ".", "!", "..."
or the like, at the end of the line.

Command line and switches are:
DUP [file.out] [-AEU /CnLn /S]
A-lphanumeric only FALSE
E-cho dups to CON: FALSE
F-orce upper case TRUE
S-witch display FALSE
C-olumn start 1
L-ength (from col) 255
n = number
DUP test.txt /Ac10L6 -s
by L.Barker

The above is what is shown if no parameters are given

Switch Default
A-lphanumeric only F Only compare Alpha characters and numbers
allowing for differences in phrases. If
half the line, or more, are graphics then
those characters will be included in the
compare. Example:
if T then "" equals "The End."

E-cho dups to CON: F If an output file is included and Echo = T
then removed dups will be sent to the CON:
Example: DUP txt.out /e > text.dup

F-orce upper case T If T force the line to compare to capitals.
Example: If T then "ABC" equals "abc"
"DUP file -F" does not force "xyz" to "XYZ"

S-witch display F Or "?" or "H". If True exits the "DUP"
program showing the active switch settings.

C-olumn start 1 Start compare in the column. See "L"

L-ength (from col) 255 Compare up to the following number of bytes
Example: If C=2 and L=2
then "ABCDE" equals "ZBCXY"
Note: File being tested should be sorted on
the same field or results are invalid.

Valid command lines: "DUP -aEc2"
"DUP text nul /U -e /C2 > dup.txt"
"DUP file -ae/c2L4"

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