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ANS-2-ASC vRG-1.0 , Converts ANSI files to Renegade's .ASC format by translating ANSI codes to Renegade's piped color codes (|xx). Easy to use.

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ANS-2-ASC vRG-1.0 , Converts ANSI
files to Renegade's .ASC format by
translating ANSI codes to Renegade's
piped color codes (|xx). Easy to use.
Saves disk space! 08-02-93

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ANS-2-ASC vRG-1.0 , Converts ANSI files to Renegade’s .ASC format by translating ANSI codes to Renegade’s piped color codes (|xx). Easy to use.
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Contents of the RG-A2A.DOC file

for Renegade Bulletin Board System

Version RG-1.0 - August '93
Copyright (c) 1993, C.Legarreta
All Rights Reserved


ANSI-2-ASC is a command line utility for Renegade Bulltin Board
Systems. It is deisgned to convert standard ANSI files to Renegade's
pipe coloring system (|xx).
There are two advantages to using .ASC files. One beign that .ASC
files are generally smaller than .ANS (ANSI) or .AVT (Avatar) files.
The other advantage is that by using .ASC files you don't need their
.ANS or .AVT equivalents, since Renegade directly translates .ASC
files to either ANSI, Avatar, VT-102 or TTY (depending on the user's
emulation while on your bbs), thus saving disk space.
There are disadvantages however, because the pipe system does not
support "animations" or blinking attributes. When using ANS-2-ASC
with an ANSI animation, only the last page of the animation will be
converted. If ANS-2-ASC encounters a character with a blinking
attribute, it will give it the same foreground & background color
but the blinking attribute will be lost. It is recomemded that you
don't convert ANSI animations to .ASC format. These animations can
be kept in their original (.ANS) format along with other .ASC files
in your MISC sub-directory and Renegade will use them as normal.

Freeware concept:

ANS-2-ASC is provided at no cost, with the only "price" being
that you help by continuing its distribution and report any bugs.
ANS-2-ASC is *NOT* public domain, it is copyrighted by the author.
You may distribute this program freely, so long as all files in the
distribution archive remain intact, without any changes or
modifications. The distribution archive can be converted to any
format you choose, so long as the above requirements are met.
ANS-2-ASC shall not be modified or altered in any way or form.


"I hereby exclude me or my BBS from any blame caused by running
this program. This software is provided AS IS. It works perfectly
on my computer and hasn't caused any problems, but in the event it
happens to cause loss of data or damage to your system, I am not
liable. I've beta tested in on my own system for some time, as well
as on a few other systems to verify it's execution."

Distribution Files:

This package consists of the following files:

- RG-A2A.EXE : The executable program
- RG-A2A.DOC : This file

Execution method:

- DOS 2.0 or later
- A color monitor (on std. 80x25 mode)
- ANSI.SYS or any other ANSI driver loaded. *IMPORTANT*

Command Line:
RG-A2A [outfile.asc]


infile : File name of the ANSI screen to convert.
outfile : File name of the output file to create.

Technical Support:

- RG-UOD, TG-UOD : User of the Day for Renegade and Telegard BBS
- RG-AMP, TG-AMP : AutoMSG+ for Renegade and Telegard BBS
- RG-A2A : ANSI-2-ASC for Renegade BBS

If you have any problems, suggestions or comments as to the usage
of these program, feel free to contact me at:

InterNet : [email protected]

or write to:

Carlos Legarreta
14 Beacon St. Apt. #14
Lawrence, Ma 01843

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