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Quick Options Setting program for BinkleyTerm, for use with FidoNet.
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Quick Options Setting program for BinkleyTerm, for use with FidoNet.
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Contents of the QBOP.DOC file

# #
# #
# # #######-Binkley
# # # #
# \ # # #
######### #######< ######-Options
\ # # # #
# # # #
######### # # #####-Processor
# # # #
# # # #
######## #######

By Fran Stetson
Ver 1.00


Qbop was written originally to help make it easier to make
quick changes to Binkley. I could never remember what the
correct syntax was for any of the commands. I was also hoping to
put together, in one package, two of my most used utilities.
Please and Chuck It, and some of the usefulness provide by OOPS,
my most used utility for Opus.
Qbop should assist the new Binkley user in setting up the
mailer. Old hands may find it easier to use there favorite
text processor but for ocassional changes, where exact syntax
may not be know, Qbop will be of great assistance..

i. Copyright..

Copyright (C) 1990 by Fran Stetson
All right reserved.. Distribution and use permitted only as
authorized under licensing agreement.

Portions of the help screen text are excerpted from the
BinkleyTerm Documentation, Copyright (C) 1989, 1990
Bit Bucket Software Co., A Delaware Corporation, All
Rights Reserved. Used with permission of author.

ii. Disclaimer...

This program is supplied free of charge and as such no
warranty is expressed or implied.

The following may or may not apply...
Some assembley required. Batteries not included. Contents
may settle during shipment. Use only as directed. Do not use
while operating a motor vehicle or heavey equipment. Apply only
to affected areas. Do not stamp, bend, fold, or mutallate. Any
resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purley coincidental.
Void where prohibited. AND my favorite, If you break it, you own
both piecies.

iii. Licensing...

This program is provided for use free of charge.
Commercial use requires written permission from the author's.
Personal and private, non-commercial use and distribution is
permitted under the following guide lines. You may distribute
Qbop only in an unaltered, unmodified, and complete form. This
form must include all documentation and help files. No charge
may be made to the software and documentation. Only appropriate
charges for the actual distribution and/or medium may be

iv. Payment..
The only payment required is a netmail message from the
sysop running this software(this probably to satisfy my ego).
Please include System name,sysop name, net/node address and
any comments.


Installation is just a matter of copying the Qbop
program and help file to a subdirectory located somewhere in
your path statement. Qbop will search the path to find all other
support files. If you plan on using the event editor and the
Binkley configuration editor you should install Qbop to be
called from your Binkley batch file. If you shell out of Binkley
using one of the ALT-F-key's, the configuration and event files
will not be re-read when Binkley starts back up again.

2.Getting it running..

I wrote qbop, I hope, in such a way that a complete and in-depth
doc file is not needed. Most functions are pretty well straight
forward and F1 will usually bring up a help screen. Only two
command line switches are available at this time.

3.Command line...

.Qbop /c The default file name is
"BINKLEY.CFG" in the current subdir. This option
enables you to select any configuration file
name and path.

.Qbop /m This option enables monochrome display
mode.. default display mode is color..

.Qbop ? or Qbop /?
This will display the command line option

The command line switches can be in any order and are not case
sensitive. a slash (/) or dash(-) are interchangeable. A space
between the command switch and command text is mandatory.

4.Main Menu...

Three options are available from the main menu, Binkley
Configuration, outbound area maintenance, and event

a. Binkley Installation.. This option will allow you to modify any
and all binkley configuration file verbs and actions. The first
menu level under Bink is a break down of the binkley options.
You will be able to choose from the binkley options that deal
with the fido-net, modem, file areas, or options that deal with
binkley specific options. You can modify your Macro's, Shell's
Dial's, and Include's directly from this menu. All other
selections will give you access to another sub-menu with more

See the Binkley Options section for more information...

b. Outbound area maintenance.. This selection will bring up a full
screen display listing what files are in your outbound hold
subdirectory. All *.REQ, *.FLO, and *.OUT style files and there
associated crash, hold, and direct versions will be displayed.

Each flavor will have an associated color displayed. Red for
hold, green for crash, blue for normal, and yellow for directed
mail. ARCmail type pakage's will be displayed but they should be
accompined by a flow file. All we are worryed about here is
basicly "WHAT do we have going WHERE and how MUCH."

To select a file to change, use the arrow keys to highlite the
line. You can change each OUT or FLO file to a different flavor
by selecting the approiate "Change Item To.." key. By doing this
you can put on "HOLD" any outbound mail that is waiting to be
deliveried. By the same token, you can send any mail that was on
hold. You can't change a *.REQ type file, but instead, you
should change the flow file associated with the request.

If you wish to see what files are being requested, select
"Expand". A window will pop up displaying the contents of the
selected file. This will also work to display "Send" files and
file attaches.

c. Event maintenance...
This option will allow you to edit your Binkley event
configuration file. You will have a maximum of 18 lines
available to edit in your event file.

F1 will pop up a help screen for the event line syntax.

F2 will pop-up a help screen for editing help.

F10 will save the current event list to the binkley.evt file.

ESC will back out with out saving any changes.

5. Credits...
I wish to thank the Qbop beta team for their efforts in trying so
hard to break Qbop. With out there efforts I'm sure Qbop might
never have been released..

Brian Miller1:293/641.1
John Skinner1:293/643
Steve Fugua1:293/644

We wish to express our thanks to the following people for
there programs and efforts..

BinkleyTerm (C) - Bob Hartman and Vincent Perriello.
BinkleyTerm Doc's (C) - Alan Applegate.
Please (C) - Joe Derosa.
OOPS (C) - Tom Kashuba.
AMAX (C) - Alan Applegate.
OPUS (C) - Wynn Wagner and Doug Boone.
CIT (C) - Ryan Sells.

Any questions, comments, and bug reports can be directed to..

Fran Stetson

FidoNet 1:293/641
Data: (605)923-1185
Compuserve id# 73165,1066
GENIE mail box F.Stetson

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