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StarGate FTSC compliant Gating Program.

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-< StarGate ver 6.0 gamma >-
Public Gamma Release 03-09-94! * Expires 05-09-94 *
FTSC compliant Gating Software. Works with all tossers
which use ArcMail file attach method, and those which
use the D'Bridge Queue method. Fully functional.
Features include Full type 2+ packet support, packet
passwords, rescan semaphores (FD & DB). New features
include summary logging of echos gated, full quiet mode
and crash recovery/cleanup.

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StarGate FTSC compliant Gating Program.
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Contents of the STARGATE.DOC file

(C) 1992 - 1994 StarNet Inc. Chloe & Dan Sjolseth

Fido Style Gating Software ( Multi-Mailer / Tosser Version )
ver 6.0 Gamma

Feel free to contact Us Via 3:632/375 @ FidoNet for help and
information! We are currently PVT, so mail MUST come through
our Hub, or from the US, route it via Pink Floyd 1:18/69. He
will be happy to forward it to us promptly!

Or contact our US Registration site (Pink Floyd @ 1:18/69).

US Distribution Sites:
Pink Floyd 1:18/69 (Georgia) H14
Christopher Baker 1:374/14 (Florida) H14
Ron Bowden 1:207/210 (California) ZYX
Daniel Leininger 1:120/436 (Michigan) H14
Bryce Moore 1:291/22 (Kansas) V32b
Jim Rhodes 1:275/17 (Virginia) V32b
Jim Sullivan 1:314/3 (Arizona) H14
Bill Wynne 1:130/402 (Texas) H14
Arthur Greenberg 1:3601/14 (Florida/DBSoft) H16

OVERSEAS Distribution sites:
Simon Gronow 3:632/998 (Australia) V32b
Sigvard Lingh 2:206/117 (Europe) H16

To Register:
Send the following..

Sysop Name (as you wish them to appear)
BBS Name (in the program & Key)

Your Real Name & Mailing address
(And your FidoNet address if you want your key Netmailed)

In the US:
Send 30$(US) [Check or Money Order] made Payable to
Dan or Chloe Sjolseth to:

StarNet (tm) SoftWare US Registration
c/o Dan & Chloe Sjolseth
1711 Stockton Hill Rd. #168
Kingman, Az 86401

In Australia:
Send $50.00(AUS) to:

Simon Gronow
The Software Works
PO Box 219
Melbourne, Australia. 3193.

This program is distributed on a LIMITED shareware basis.
If not registered, this version WILL Expire 09 May 1994.
Sysops are welcome to place this archive in its unaltered
form available for download.

Please do not place extra advertisements inside the archive.

This archive contains:

STARGATE.EXE (Main Executable file)
STARGATE.DOC (Documentation file)
SAMPLE.CFG (Sample Configuration)
FILE_ID.DIZ (Files.BBS Description)

Instructions for Use:

1) Choose a UNIQUE address. One which is NOT in use in any
network in which you are involved. This number will be
used by the Gate for processing. We like to use 99:9999/9999.
This number will not show ANYWHERE other than the seen-by
line that the messages will NOT dupe back to StarGate.

2) Add this address in your D'Bridge tosser to all the echos
you will be gating. Be sure to add it to both tags for each
echo so the gate will work both ways. (*Note: it is possible
to run StarGate as a one-way gate.) In D'Bridge be sure to
place a FORCED HOLD priority on each entry. If you are using
a tosser other than D'bridge, a HOLD for the Gate address in
your node manager should suffice.
(*Note: This is important, not only to keep your system from
calling out, but so StarGate can find its mail.

3) If you run D'Bridge (Or D'Bridge compatible tosser) in
secure mode, you will want to put a password for this unique
address in your "session.txt" or node manager, so it will
accept passworded mail from StarGate. Don't forget to put
this password in StarGate's configuration.
This also applies to other tossers which run in secure
mode. Simply configure your tosser to accept mail from the
above "Unique" address and place the password there as well.

4) Fill out your configuration file, with your favorite
editor! Just follow the directions in the sample.cfg.

** NOTE **
In the Case of NON D'Bridge Tossers, there is another
Config file to fill out. Its called the ADD file. Since you
can specify the name of a config file on your command line,
this file should follow suit. If you use a config file
called Fidonet.cfg, then this file will be Fidonet.ADD. For
ease of explanations, we refer to it here as "Sample.add".

Due to the myriad of tossers available, and the changing
naming standards for those tossers.. to make this version as
compatable as possible, this file is neccessary.

Use you favorite ascii editor, and create a file called
Sample.Add. You should do this *LAST* after setting up the
Gate, and your tosser. The reason is, we need you to have
your tosser create an archive for the gate.

a) Write a message in each echo (or in one of a group
gating to and from the same addresses)
b) Let your tosses pack them to the gating address.
c) Go into your netmail editor.
d) Look at the arcmail attaches created by your tosser.
e) Write down the mail arcive names.
(If your tosser creates more than one filename (dont
worry about the extension) due to the originating mail
being in different Networks) write those down too.

Be sure ONLY to get those Archive names destined for
the Gate.

f) In the Sample.Add file, put one filename per line...
without the Extension!

It will look something like this:

No blank lines or comments can exist in this file. One
per line please.

Thats it! Just save it and be sure its in the same
directory as your configuration.

5) Stargate now supports background processing, as of this
version (5.5). Stargate will create rescan sempahores for
both D'Bridge and FrontDoor *IF* the DB or FD Environment
variables are found. Other mailer type support coming soon.

6) To run StarGate type: STARGATE C:\PATH\SAMPLE.CFG
The configuration file does not have to be in the same
directory, but if its not, you must give the entire path.
StarGate may also be called from your DOS path, but if so,
you must supply the full path to the config files.

The following are valid command lines:

1- StarGate Sample.cfg
(If called from Stargate's directory)

2- StarGate C:\Gate\Sample.Cfg
(If Called from the path or config resides elsewhere)

3- StarGate Sample.Cfg /Q
(Runs Stargate in quiet mode, disables beeps)

If running D'Bridge's tosser, you may place StarGate in a
batch file which you call after processing mail.

Or if you are running D'Bridge & a compatible tosser, you
can call it in your batch file after receiving mail.
Dont forget to catch the error level, so that the "gated"
mail can be tossed back out to your downlinks! This would
be error level 1. See below.
(This would apply for "other" tossers as well.)

When done, StarGate will have created Packets in your
inbound. D'Bridge will automatically detect these packets,
however, if you are running a compatible tosser, and wish
to trap for the existance of the packets...We tried to make
it easy... They are in the format - SG######.PKT.

If Exist \inbound\sg*.pkt goto TOSS_MAIL_AGAIN

(or just use the errorlevel)


With the Exception of the "Password" entry in the
configuration file, there may be NO blank lines. Comments
may be added by STARTING the line with a semi-colon.

Also... Please *NO* trailing backslashes on ANY
configuration lines....

Do NOT repeat tags in the configuration file. If you need
to Gate to More than One other Network, see Advanced Gating

ErrorLevel Exits:

higher Internal Errors
4 Decompression Failure
3 Error in Specific Routine (Debug)
2 No Command Line specified / Configuration Error
1 Successful Completion (Messages Gated)
0 No Messages Found to Gate

Advanced Gating -

To Gate to Multiple Networks:

Echotag1 <==> Echotag2 <==> Echotag3
Zone 10 Zone 33 Zone 140

This requires *TWO* configuration files, and *TWO* ADD files.

Config.1 would contain:
;Unique Gate Address
... deleted for space...
;EchoTag 1A
10:1/0 '(Your zone 10 address)
;EchoTag 1B
33:1/0 '(Your Zone 33 address)
Zone 10 <==> Zone 33 GateWay

Config.2 would contain:
;Unique Gate Address
88:8888/8888 '(DIFFERENT from the other config)
... deleted for space...
;EchoTag 1A
33:1/0 '(Your Zone 33 address)
;EchoTag 1B
140:1/0 '(Your Zone 140 address)
Zone 33 <==> Zone 140 GateWay

ADD files
1.ADD would contain arcive names for mail destined to
2.ADD would contain arcive names for mail destined to

Just run both versions in your dos drop after receiving mail.

D'Bridge will auto-detect and retoss the gated mail after the

In the case of double gating, the next time mail is received,
there may be more mail for the gate due to the "double" gating.

You receive mail in Zone 10. StarGate tosses it to Zone 33.
Db Tosses the gated Zone 33 mail, and creates ANOTHER
packet for the Gate. The next time you drop, that mail will
be gated to Zone 140.

There are other ways, experiment, and let me know what you
come up with! Its mostly a matter of creative batch files.
Be sure to look at the errorlevel list. It will help you in
creating them!

BETA Notes:

Ver 5.8
Added Summary of Echos Tossed in log
Fixed "Processing Archive: " in OT Mode
Fully Enabled Quiet Running
Prior Crash Cleanup Enabled
Minor Fix to Debug Status Bar
Truncated Origins are now in Log

Ver 5.7
New Expire Date 03-15-1994
Minor fixes

Ver 5.6
Fixed Cosmetic Bug.(Processing: )
It was causing a screen scrolling problem.
Put in "Origin Too Long" error Message.

Added Unregistered to GATE: kludge

Fixed Cosmetic Error (Display Area tag)

Ver 5.5
Fixed path bug for Add file. Caused Error in Read Key
routine when called from path. Path to config MUST be
specified when calling StarGate from Path.
but otherwise works properly now. New Error Msg Added.
Added Sempahore support for Front Door, if environ
variable found.
Fixed Loop routines to handle Wildmail (CR) + (LF)

======== END BETA NOTES =============

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