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SearchLight To Multiple BBS (RBBS, WildCat, etc) Door Converter.
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SearchLight To Multiple BBS (RBBS, WildCat, etc) Door Converter.
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Contents of the SLMULTI.DOC file

SLMULTI V1.1 (Aug-28-1989)
Copyright 1989 CleanWare
SearchLight To Multiple BBS Door Converter


This program can be put on any bbs or network service, no one may claim
rights to it except CleanWare (Steven S. McLean). You may not charge for
this program other than normal connection fees or a small charge for

CleanWare takes no responsibility for any damages that may result from
improper use or altering "Hacking" of this program.

The Program written in Quickbasic V4.5, Brun45.exe is needed to run this
program, Brun45.exe can be obtained from most BBS's or Networks,
included is a Stand Alone version wich has Brun45.exe attached to it.

This software is intended for use with the Searchlight BBS program, But may
work with other BBS software. I strongly Suggest Buying SearchLight BBS!
Searchlight is available from Frank Larosa at 1-516-724-0971 (3,12,24)

This is a program I wrote due to several reasons, anyhow it is a multiple
BBS door converter. It will make the info files that Wildcat,RBBS,QuickBBS
and GAP make for running doors, RBBS and QuickBBS files are identical.

This program is very simple to setup and run, all input is on the command
line, a sample would be like this.

Single user versions of SearchLight place a 1 here in place of %O
0;0;1;5;Leech Game;.;lech.bat %P %B %G %A %M %O %N

lech.bat %P %B %G %A %M 1 %N
@Echo off | (The @ is for MS-DOS 3.3 only)
SLMULTI GAP %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 |
CD .. |

Explanation of command line parameters:

The first parameter should be (GAP,RBBS,WILDCAT)
Second parameter is the COM Port (0,1,2,3,4) 0=local mode %1
Third parameter is Baud Rate (300,1200,2400,9600,19200) %2
Fourth parameter is Graphics (C,M,N) (C=Color,M=Mono,N=NONE) %3
Fifth parameter is Security level (0-255) %4
Sixth parameter is Time Left (1-255) %5
Seventh parameter is Node Number (0-99) %6
Eight parameter is First and Last Name %7 %8 and %9

(Reason for %7 %8 and %9 is incase the person has a middle initial, or
other spaces in there names.)

As you may have noticed I didn't include the first parameter on the
doors.def file, reason is sometimes Searchlight will think it is suppose to
pass parameters for some of the letters used (like GAP might pass Graphics,
security level and port) so use a batch file and put the type of info file
you want generated in the batch file, like In my example.

This Version Supports the use of a configuration file called SLMULTI.CFG
In this file you should have the first line as your BBS name,Second line
Sysop's first name, Third Line Sysop's last name, if you wish to just use
Sysop as the first and last name that is fine. The Configuration file is
only used when generating RBBS or Quick BBS doors, and must be in the
current directory that slmulti is being executed from, else is will use the
default paramters

1.0 Initial Release (Please Report any bugs) April-23-1989

1.0a Second Release, made extensive parameter checking,fixed bug for users
who don't have a last name. April-24-1989

1.0b Third Release, Made a Configuration file for the BBS name and
the Sysop's name, if this file can't be found in the current directory
it will use the default information. Spell checked this Text file, he he he.

1.1 Fourth Release, Due to Frank changing what is passed when in local
mode, he use to just pass 1200 baud, but changed it to LOCAL in version
higher than 1.71, this will now work with anyversion, also it now supports
19.2k baud for those USR HST users, optimized the code a little (ie uses
less memory), also there is no registered or unregistered versions anymore
(not one person ever registered) so I said heck with it, donate if you
wish, whatever you wish, letter,stamps,programs whatever.
Have fun. Aug-28-1989

If you need help plese write or
contact me via BBS listed below.

Steven S. McLean
6019 N. Old Orchard Dr. SUITE 401
Peoria,IL 61614

BBS 309-697-3776 (3,12,24) 24hrs
My User Name Is Atom Smasher, so Email that Name.

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