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Sysop utility for RoverBoard. Helps manage file areas.
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Sysop utility for RoverBoard. Helps manage file areas.
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Contents of the AUTOFILE.DOC file

Version 2.14
jack velte @ (301) 441-3325
POB 787
College Park, MD 20740

A ten dollar contribution would be appreciated. (C source is
available upon request.)

autofile [options]

b(#|*) - (B)uild a list using this [or these] file areas. This is for
both the top20 file "top20" and the listfile "listfile".

L"fmt" - (L)ist file format (/L? for list format help)
A - Use sysop (A)lias instead of `sysop' for found files.
s+(#|*) - (S)ort each area by filename (/s? for sort help)
T(#) - Build a `Top20' list. Number gives top n; uses area
list specified by /b switch
f(#|*) - Give deleted files (F)rom this area a new area specified
by `t'
t# - Give deleted files from areas specified with `f' (T)o
this area
n(#|*) - Do (N)ot add New files
r - (R)everse order of areas (area 63 first)
d - (D)elete file descriptions of nonexistent files (unless
moving them).
D(*|#) - (D)on't comment out missing files in bbsfile.dat, i.e.,
leavethem missing.
u - Save files names in (U)pper case
l - Dump (L)og file `autofile.log' of changes.
q - (Q)uery when adding new files.
(#|*) : `#' is a area number; `*' means all areas.
[#-#] : inclusive list, inclusively include all between two numbers.

autofile /f[0-3] /t10 /f20 /t21 /s+f* /l
Move missing files in area 0 through 3 to area 10; missing files
in area 20 to area 21, sort all areas by ascending filename,
append to the logfile.

autofile /d /r /b[20-30] /T50 /A
Delete file descriptions with missing files, reverse sort areas,
using areas 20 through 30, build a top20 list with the top 50
files, use the sysop alias for new files found.

autofile /s+d0
Sort area 0 by date, don't sort any other areas, comment out
missing files but don't delete them, find new files.

sort arguments:

f - file name
d - date
n - number of uploads
u - uploader
s - size of file
+ - ascending
- - ascending


/s+n[0-10] Sorted by downloads, with more first.
/s+d* Sorted by date, with newer ones first.

listfile format:

This is like C's printf statement. There is a default format, but
you can format the top20 and listfiles anyway you like them.

Preceed the format letter with a '%'; otherwise letters are
printed as is.

letter what is means default width
a area [2]
f filename [12]
d day [2]
m month [2]
y year [2]
n number times downloaded [5]
u uploader [15]
s size of file [6]
c comment about file [1]
\n newline

You can adjust the default width of the field by putting a
number after the %, like this: %30U or %8S. (Fields will be at
least this big.)

In a batch file, you need TWO `%'s in a row, or DOS won't see it.

command line example:

autofile /L\"%2A;%12F;%M/%D/%Y;%5N;%1U;%C\\n\"

...and you have the bbsfiles.dat format.

batch file example:

autofile /L\"%%2A %%F %%S %%D/%%M/%%Y [%%1N] %%D by %%U\\n %%C\\n\"

...and the files listing format.

When I call bbs's, I sometimes download files. I then move those
files to my rOver directories. Manually adding those files to the
bbsfiles.dat file was bothersome, so I wrote this small utility.
Autofile automatically adds files that are in directories in your
bbsfiles.dat file that are not in those directories. (The
bbsfiles.dat file is the file that rOver looks in for your file

It also removes files that it doesn't find where they should be. It
is smart enough to know to look down paths for files that are
displayed in a file area but stored in some other directory. If you
don't use the /d parameter, the directory entries are simply
commented out of the bbsfiles.dat file. If the file shows up again,
autofile uncomments the previously commented out entry.

Files that are mentioned twice in the bbsfiles.dat file are displayed
on the screen and written to the logfile.

If you specify the /d [delete] parameter the program doesn't keep the
file descriptions in the new bbsfiles.dat file, otherwise the new
version has a `*' prepended to the file description. rOver will
ignore lines commented out like this.

If you specify the /q [query] option, the program will query when
adding new files to the bbsfiles.dat.

If you have files in rOver's directories that you want autofile to
ignore, add them to the bbsfiles.dat file with area number 99.

The /r switch reverses the order of the file areas. It puts area 63
first and then counts down from there.

The old bbsfiles.dat file is renamed to bbsfiles.old.

If you use one directory for more than one file area, autofile will
recognize that. However, you must give both directories the same
name including drive letter.

The /f (from) and /t (to) switches work together. You have to
specify which directories you want to move missing file descriptions
from and which area they are to go to. If you haven't activated the
area with the rOver change file area command, the number is changed,
but the file is commented out with the * symbol. When the area is
created, the line will be reactivated, if you specify that area as a
`to' area. A batch file is recommended. An example:

autofile /f[0-5] /t10 /f20 /t21

This moves the description of missing files in area 0 through 5 to
area 10 and the descriptions of missing files in area 20 to area 21.
You can specify more than one move operation.

The files can either be entirely deleted from the disk, or you can
have moved them with a batch file to the new area. rOver will show
the file size of the missing files as 'MISSING'.

The 'autofile.lan' file is read in by autofile at program start up,
and the strings contained in it are used by the program for its
strings. You can change these strings if you like. Some of the
strings are C language specific, and autofile will *break* if you
change those. You should understand the c `printf()' statement to
change strings with the `%' character in them. The number of strings
must remain the same, or autofile will not run. A string must have
at least one space in it. Normally, you don't want to do anything
with this file, but this was designed to make it easy to convert a
program to another language.


- /A switch and /t broken by check for setup.dat version number.
(bill thomer)
- renamed the lstr string language file; removed C specific strings.
- version for rover 2.03
- option to override version check.
- lstring 'language' file
- includes state routines that allow swapping to disk for huge
- a bug in the idx routines concerning indexing comments.
- bbsmaint had a bug about file names in lower case, which is
fixed. ...that's it for beta testing.
(the wizard)
- the file name must not have more than one space before it (alas).
(matthew abbot)
- miss-parsing of already mangled lines
- warning about malformed uploader name
- file names ending with '.' are "refound"
(tempo rubato)
- sped up writing new bbsfiles.dat file
- if a file is missing from an area with the /f switch set,
and it's in an area with the /t switch set, it keeps the
information originally parsed in the /f area.
(Bill Thomer)
- checks version number of setup.dat
- a few bug fixes...
- writes bbsfiles.idx and top 20 lists in setup.dat.
- user can sort bbsfiles.dat on any field
- user can specify format of top20 list and listfile
- aligns bbsfiles.dat, both new and old files.(bug/feature!)
- inclusive lists of area numbers on command line.
- writes bbsfiles.dat file names in lower case, unless
specified. (bug/feature!)
- "don't comment out missing files" command line switch.
- checks and warns for existance of all file paths
- broken paths are prompted for
- there was no version 2.00. fooled you! 😉
- picks up the sysop alias for new files.
- works with rover version 1.9e (more file areas).
- prettier format for the top 20 list and the listfile.
- top 20 downloads list builder
recompiled for rover version 1.9a
- bug in some routine was messing up the date field.
- built a file list builder.
- argh!!! tab's must NOT follow the file name.
- changed the conio stuff to straight stdio.
save duplicate lines, instead of keeping the first one and
throwing the rest away.
an area number followed by a tab is changed to a space/tab so
rover understands the line.
an area number followed only by a single space is now
changed by eliminating the single space. rover barfed
How about having a /n# command instead of the /n? That way,
if I specify '/n5', autofile won't add new files into area 5.
A '/n*' wouldn't add files into any area.
output is aligned with the align output switch.
adding when there are no files in an area in bbsfiles.dat didn't
an area number followed only by a single space is now regarded
as a comment, not a file with (null) for a file name.
all areas are seen now; it doesn't matter if the file area has
a trailing \ or not.
correctly eliminates files that don't exist.

when adding files to an area which is not referenced in
BBSFILES.DAT, autofile says it is adding the files but
doesn't. If you put 1 line in bbsfiles.dat w/ the number
of the area (an empty comment) it works fine.
... fixed this
area 31 isn't being sorted.
... and this

got rid of printing trailing comment lines. does anyone care?
wild card move from area and sort area. sort areas can now
be specified by area or globally.

bug fixes -- printing comment lines before and after the block
of files

flag to not add new files

sort each file area

option for giving deleted files a new file area number, for
automatic creation of "offline" file areas.
`slightly' sped up, too.

sucking the whole file into memory for entire process.

doesn't insert new file names into multiple areas when adding
files that don't exist in bbsfiles.dat.

difference file of stuff added or removed

switch for sort order -- area 31 first, etc.
added code so if you use one directory for multiple rover areas,
autofile won't add files it finds in the directory that aren't
mentioned in that area.

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