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Information package explaining the RFNet(tm) Amateur Radio and SWL echomail network. PCRelay and Fido Technology is supported. PetNet, RaceNet, SportsNet, and OCNet are also available via RFNet and CrossNet.
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Information package explaining the RFNet(tm) Amateur Radio and SWL echomail network. PCRelay and Fido Technology is supported. PetNet, RaceNet, SportsNet, and OCNet are also available via RFNet and CrossNet.
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Contents of the CONFLIST.DOC file

RFNet(tm) and CrossNet(tm)
Official Conference List
Updated: 7/7/92
By: Jim Rhodes

* *
* All of the conferences listed below may be configured *
* on any HUB or NODE BBS on the RFNet(tm) and CrossNet(tm) *
* Networks. *
* *
* The RFNet (tm) Administration conference is a required *
* conference and must be carried on all RFNet(tm) nodes. *
* *
* CrossNet is a Fido Technology network that provides a *
* crosslink for BBS's using Fido mailers to connect to most *
* of the PCRelay based networks below. Contact Jim Rhodes *
* at FidoNet address 1:275/17 for information about CrossNet. *
* *

* RFNet(tm) Conferences *
* Administrators - Jim Rhodes (RFNet(tm) NETHUB & CrossNet(tm) HUB) *
* Bob Shuck *

PCR PCRelay Fido Tech.
Conf Name Echo Area Description
---- -------- ----------- ---------------------------------------------------
1 ADMIN RF_ADMIN RFNet & CrossNet Administration
[Required for all RFnet and CrossNet BBS's
HOST: Jim Rhodes, KF4GL

2 HAM RF_HAM General Ham Radio Topics & Descussion
- Crosslinked with RIME
HOST: Bob Shuck, KB4ZSS

3 PACKET RF_PACKET Packet Radio and Digital Communication Topics
HOST: Travis Wise, KB8FOU

4 HF RF_HF HF Radio Band Topics
HOST: Patrick Gormley, KK3F

- Crosslinked with FidoNet
HOST: Ryan Tucker

6 SAT RF_SAT Satellite/Space Topics
HOST: Keith Stein

7 SWL RF_SWL Short Wave Listening
HOST: None Assigned

8 TRADE RF_TRADE Trading Post - Ham Radio Related Buy/Sell/Trade
- Crosslinked With FidoNet
HOST: Chester McCarter, WA4BFE

9 EMCOMM RF_EMCOMM Emergency Communications Topics
HOST: Sean McClanahan, WD4RPV

10 HOMEBREW RF_HOMEBREW Home Brew / Built-From-Scratch Projects/Kits
HOST: Michael Nugent, KD4GCX

11 ESTO RF_ESTO Educational Satellite Tracking Organization
HOST: Keith Stein

12 ATV RF_ATV Amateur Television
HOST: None Assigned

13 SCANNER RF_SCAN Scanner / Monitor Listening
HOST: Ken Fowler, KD4IIW

14 SPACE RF_SPACE NASA Space Bulletins
- Crosslinked with WNet
HOST: Fred Korevec, KC8RO

15 SBE RF_SBE Society of Broadcast Engineers
- Crosslinked from MediaNet
HOST: George Randell

16 ENGINEER RF_ENGNR Broadcast Engineering
- Crosslinked from MediaNet
HOST: George Randell

17 REACT RF_REACT CB Radio Emergancy Communications
REACT, GMRS, & Related Topics
HOST: None Assigned

18 HAMFILES RF_HAMFILES RFNet/CrossNet file request and file arrival
HOST: None Assigned

50 FITEBELL FITE_BELL Nationwide discussion of telephone company
tarriffs on BBS phone lines etc...
- Crosslinked from FidoNet, RaceNet, WildNet
and many others!
HOST: Not Applicable

51 VABBS VABBS Virginia BBSs ONLY. Discussion of C&P Telephone
Company Proposed Tariff in VA and other topics
- Crosslinked with FidoNet
HOST: Not Applicable

52 AQUARIUS PROJ_AQUARIUS Discussion of UFOs and the unexplained.
HOST: Don Roberts

54 FIRE/EMS RF_FIREEMS Fire and EMS Topics
Hosts: Ken Jacobs & Mike Nugent


6/10/92 SCOUTING RF_SCOUTING Boy Scouts of America Discussion

* RaceNet(tm) Conferences (Crosslink) *
* Administrator - Gary Phelps *

PCR PCRelay Fido Tech.
Conf Name Echo Area Description
---- -------- ----------- ----------------------------------------------------
102 IMSA RN_IMSA International Motorsports Assoc.
104 SPORTCAR RN_SPORTCAR Sports Car Club Of America
105 GO-KARTS RN_GO-KARTS Go-Kart Racing
106 OFFROAD RN_OFFROAD Off-Road and Mud Rally Racing
107 RACSYSOP RN_RACSYSOP (Network SysOps Only)
109 CYCLES RN_CYCLES Motorcycle Racing & Topics
110 OLDCARS RN_OLDCARS Car Collecting and Restoration
111 RACING RN_RACING Generic Racing Topics
112 ------- ----------
113 BOATS RN_BOATS Boat Racing and Boating Topics
114 COMMON RN_COMMON RaceNet Network Common Link Conference
115 SPRINTS RN_SPRINTS Sprint Car Racing
116 TRUCKS RN_TRUCKS Truck Racing
117 AVIATION RN_AVIATION Aviation Topics
118 SAILING RN_SAILING Sailing Topics
119 SPORTS RN_SPORTS All sports not relating to motorsports
120 OUTDOORS RN_OUTDOORS Hunting, Fishing, Camping, etc
121 POLICE RN_POLICE For Those in Law Enforcement
122 SHORTTRK RN_SHORTTRK Short Track Racing
123 OUTLAW RN_OUTLAW (World of Outlaws Racing)
124 FORSALE RN_AUTOSALE Generic For Sale / Buy / Trade
125 FORMULA RN_FORMULA Formula 1 Racing
126 RALLY RN_RALLY Rally Type Racing
127 SOLO RN_SOLO Solo Autocross
128 AUTOFIX RN_AUTOFIX Auto Repairs - All Vehicles
129 RACETECH RN_RACETECH The Technical End of Racing and Cars
130 -------- -----------
131 ECOLOGY RN_ECOLOGY Ecology Discussions
132 ENVIRMNT RN_ENVIRMNT Environment Issues
134 HOBBIES RN_HOBBIES Hobbies Discussion
135 GENEALOG RN_GENEALOG Genealogy Study of our Ancestors
136 POLITICS RN_POLITICS RaceNet's Politics Discussion Conference
137 ROBOCOMM RN_ROBOCOMM Robocomm Support
138 GENCHAT RN_GENCHAT General Chatter
140 SLMR-OLX RN_SLMR SLMR-OLX Reader Support
141 XRS RN_XRS XRS Software Support
142 BBSSoft RN_BBSSOFT BBS Software Discussions
143 Beer RN_BEER Homebrew Beer Discussions
144 FIREEMS RN_FIREEMS Fire Fighting - EMS Discussion
145 Teens RN_TEENS Teens Discussion
146 UN-King RN_UNKING United Kingdom - England Discussion
147 Movies RN_MOVIES Movie Discussions
148 FLTSIM RN_FLTSIM Flight Simulator Discussion
149 StarTrek RN_STARTREK Star Trek Discussion
150 CleanJok RN_CLEANJOK Clean Jokes
151 Windows RN_WINDOWS Windows Support
152 DataBase RN_DATABASE DataBase Discussion
154 Garden RN_GARDEN Gardening
155 MSDOS50 RN_MSDOS50 MS-Dos 5.0 Support
156 Bicycle RN_BICYCLE Bicycling
157 DeskTop RN_DESKTOP Desk Top Publishing
158 MSI RN_MSI MSI Menu System Support
159 DesqView RN_DESQVIEW DesqView Support
160 MenWomen RN_MENWOMEN Open Discussion of Mens and Womens Issues
161 PC-Audio RN_PCAUDIO PC-Audio
162 Scanners RN_SCANNERS Radio Scanners
163 Recycle RN_RECYCLE Recycling Discussion
164 Theatre RN_THEATRE Theatre
165 Writers RN_WRITERS Writers
166 PCTools RN_PCTOOLS PCTools Support
167 Compress RN_COMPRESS Compression Utility Support
168 Amiga RN_AMIGA Amiga PC
169 Norton RN_NORTON Norton Utilities
170 UFO RN_UFO Discussion of UFOs
171 Graphics RN_GRAPHICS Graphics
172 CompHelp RN_COMPHELP Computer Help
173 Recipes RN_RECIPES Recipes
175 Educate RN_EDUCATE Education
176 Medical RN_MEDICAL Medical Discussion
177 Investor RN_INVESTOR Investing
178 Music RN_MUSIC Music
179 SCI-FI RN_SCIFI Science Fiction
180 Qmodem RN_QMODEM Qmodem Support
181 CAN-Race RN_CANRACE Canada Racing
182 EuroRace RN_EURORACE Racing in Europe

* Orthodox Christian Network - OCNet *
* OCNet(tm) Conferences (Crosslink) *
* Administrator - Frank Crispell *

Conf Name Description
---- -------- --------------------------------------------------------
200 ocCommon OCNet Common link / introductions - 10 line limit
201 ocAdmin OCNet Administration
202 ocParish OCNet Questions, answers, ideas about parish life
203 ocInquir OCNet Questions and answers about orthodoxy
204 ocResour OCNet Resources
205 ocRelig OCNet Discussion of non-political church related topics
206 ocBible OCNet Bible discussion / study
207 ocWantAd OCNet Want Ads - buy/sell/trade
208 ocActiv OCNet Announcement of church sponsered activities
209 ocOrtho OCNet Technical questions about Orthodoxy
210 ocGlobal OCNet Global common link / introductions
211 ocPrayNt OCNet Prayer requests
212 ocYouth OCNet Youth discussion / activities
213 ocTracts OCNet Scanned tracts, news items, and origional works
214 ocBooks OCNet Book reviews
215 ocEducat OCNet Discussion of church sponsered educational prgms
216 ocUplink OCNet General discussion - 90 line limit
217 ocDebat OCNet Open discussion of domestic, national, and
international issues

* SportsNet(tm) Conferences *
* Administrator - Robert Bakley *

PCR PCRelay Fido Tech.
Conf Name Echo Area Description Host
---- -------- ----------- ------------------------ -----------------
300 SPRTADMN SN_SPRTADMN SportsNet Administration Robert Bakley
301 FOOTBALL SN_FOOTBALL American Style Football Don Roberts
302 RUGBY SN_RUGBY English Style Football Irve Donaldson
303 SOCCER SN_SOCCER Hocket w/o sticks/ice
304 HOCKEY SN_HOCKEY Ice Hockey Sean McClanahan
305 TENNIS SN_TENNIS Indoor/outdoor Tennis
306 BBALL SN_BBALL Basket Ball
307 BASEBALL SN_BASEBALL Good Ole' America's
309 RUNNING SN_RUNNING Running both Prof/Amatr
310 OLYMPICS SN_OLYMPICS Talk about the Olypic's
311 BOWLING SN_BOWLING A Real Family game
312 FRISBEE SN_FRISBEE Professional/Amatuer Ray Veltri
313 SHOOTING SN_SHOOTING Both Pistol and Rifle Hudson Hendren
314 SWIMMING SN_SWIMMING Professional/Amatuer
315 GOLF SN_GOLF Golf of all types
317 ICESKATN SN_ICESKATN Ice Skating of all types
318 BOATING SN_BOATING Boating, Sailing, ect.
319 FISHING SN_FISHING Story's and tips
320 BILLARDS SN_BILLARDS From Basement to Vegas Jeff Turner
321 SKATERS SN_SKATERS Roller and Boards
322 WRESTLE SN_WRESTLE WWF Wrestling Bob Rudd
323 FENCING SN_FENCING Fencing Carol Carmichael
324 TRADECRD SN_TRADECRD Trading Cards/ALL Kinds Cory Haines


If you wish to be a CH of a SportsNet Echo Contact Robert Bakley at
PCRelay Node ID ->NOFRILLS in the SportsNet Administration echo.

* PetNet(tm) Conferences *
* Administrator - Eddie Caffray *

PCR PCRelay Fido Tech.
Conf Name Echo Area Description Host
---- -------- ----------- ------------------------ -----------------
401 PETADMIN PETADMIN * PetNet Admin Eddie Caffray
402 HERPS HERPS Herpetology
(Reptile & Amphibian)
403 DOGS DOGS Pertaining to dogs
404 CATS CATS Pertaining to cats
405 SALTFISH SALTFISH Salt water fish
406 FRSHFISH FRSHFISH Fresh water fish
407 BIRDS BIRDS Pertaining to birds
408 RODENT RODENT The Rodent Family
409 FARM FARM Farm Animals
410 EXOTIC EXOTIC Out of the ordinary
411 PETCOMM PETCOMM * General Chit-Chat
412 PETPER PETPER Pet Personalities
(Relating to Pets ONLY)

Conferences marked with a (*) are Pet-Net required Conferences


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