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Version 2.0 of Directory Master - A RBBS Sysop Utility to create a text file from your FMS Master Directory.
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Version 2.0 of Directory Master – A RBBS Sysop Utility to create a text file from your FMS Master Directory.
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Contents of the DIRMS.DOC file



Version 2.0

Written by

Jeffrey Adler

7210B Eden Brook Drive #202
Columbia, MD 21046
Voice: (301) 290-8068

The Mountain Top RBBS
Data: (301)381-0964
Nights & Weekends Only
300/1200 Baud

September 19, 1989


DIRECTORY MASTER is an RBBS-PC sysop utility that creates a
text file, sorted by category code, of your FMS master directory
for users to download. It sorts the files so that they are date ordered,
(latest file first) and it also totals files by area and also a grand total
of all files. I wrote the program when I first started
my RBBS, in August 1989, because every other program that was
supposed to create the text file would not work properly for me.
Anyway, I sat down and wrote one myself and here it is .....


Version 1.0 - Released August 1989
Initial Version

Version 1.1 - Released Early September 1989
- Mainly cosmetic changes

Version 2.0 - Released Late September 1989
- Program Totally Rewritten
- Now has color, windows
- More error checking on file name entries
- Reads Master.Dir file in reverse order so text file created
has latest files first - Just as FMS works
- Supports extended file descriptions
- Supports descriptions for Sysop Only
- Totals files by area and Grand total


The following files should be in the archive:

DCONFIG.EXE - configuration program
DIRMS.EXE - main program
DIRMS.DOC - this documentation file
DIR.CAT - example DIR.CAT file

If you don't have all the files you can get them from my
BBS, The Mountain Top, at (301) 381-0964.


You MUST run the configuration program before you can
execute the main program. To run the configuration program just
enter DCONFIG. The configuration program will create two files:

DIRMS.PRM - parameter file
DIRMS.DIR - a directory file created from your DIR.CAT

The configuration program is self explanatory, just enter
the information asked for in the standard DOS formats for paths,
filenames, etc. Make sure that you enter the correct description
length - this should be the same number as you entered in the
config program for RBBS-PC.


This program will not work with DIR.CAT files that have more
than one category assigned to a category name. To get around
this problem just make a copy of your DIR.CAT file and then
remove the extra category codes from each line. Every file will
show up on the list, but it will appear in only one category. I
have included my DIR.CAT file as an example.


To run the main program just enter DIRMS. Make sure that the
DIRMS.PRM and the DIRMS.DIR are in the same directory. The
program requires no input so that it can be run from a .BAT file
when dropping to DOS. For example, I use it in the same .BAT
file that I use for updating my statistics each day. This will
give your users a up-to-date listing each day, week, or however
often you want to give it to them.
The program has a message box that shows the activity of the
program. This allows you to see what category you are on and
also the files that it is reading. When the program is finished
it will give you a formatted text file that has a main heading
with your bulletin board name, date and time, and headings for
each category that contain the category name (or number) and
category description.
The program also creates a file called DIRMS.LOG. This file
will have one line for each time the main program is run telling
you whether or not it has encountered an error or successfully
completed creating the list. This is a valuable tool especially
if you are running the program unattended.


DIRECTORY MASTER is a shareware product. Refer to the last
page of this documentation for instructions on registering
DIRECTORY MASTER. DIRECTORY MASTER may be distributed to others
and/or uploaded to BBS systems as long as no changes are made to
the programs. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, for
systems assume all liability for anything which may result as a
consequence of running DIRECTORY MASTER. RBBS-PC is copyrighted
by D. Thomas Mack.


Problems encountered in running DIRECTORY MASTER should be
reported to the author. Please report these problems either in
writing or by uploading the problem to my BBS. The address and
phone number are on the first page of this documentation.


I hope that you benefit from this program. Please let me
know of any suggestions or problems. Also, I had so much fun
writing this program that I plan to write other utilities for
RBBS-PC. Let me know of any suggestions that you have. And yes,
I plan to make improvements to DIRECTORY MASTER.


A contribution of $10 is suggested for DIRECTORY MASTER.
Registered users receive voice support, BBS support, and are
notified by mail of new releases of DIRECTORY MASTER.
Please send in the registration form below even if you are
unable to make a contribution. Registered, non-contributing
users receive BBS support.

Registration Form

Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City: __________________________ State: ______ Zip: __________

Voice Phone: ___________________________________________________

BBS Name: ______________________________________________________

BBS Number: ____________________________________________________

Where did you obtain your copy of DIRECTORY MASTER:


If this source is a BBS, what is the data phone #:


Please send to:

Jeffrey Adler
7210B Eden Brook Drive #202
Columbia, MD 21046

P.S. I am currently working on a Newuser registration system for RBBS.
I will include a Questionairre and a program to manage the results.
If you have any suggestions or things you would like to see, drop
me a line ......

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