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ProDoor for RBBS (RBBS interface inside).
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ProDoor for RBBS (RBBS interface inside).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARCA.COM 4349 3026 deflated
ARCA.DOC 1694 740 deflated
ARCE.COM 7136 4703 deflated
ARCE.DOC 1517 629 deflated
NEWHIST.DOC 2285 1161 deflated
PCBPROT.DAT 466 212 deflated
PROARC 151 126 deflated
PROARC.BAT 138 115 deflated
PROBYE 63 63 stored
PROCHAT 38 38 stored
PROCLOS 48 48 stored
PROD25.CNF 1558 519 deflated
PRODOOR 139 96 deflated
PRODOOR.DOC 35018 9880 deflated
PRODOOR.EXE 111360 48043 deflated
PROEXT 111 103 deflated
PROHELP 3617 1583 deflated
PROMENU 1156 514 deflated
PROMENUG 2150 645 deflated
PRONS.COM 434 396 deflated
PROSTRT 379 260 deflated
PROTEST 116 101 deflated
PROTEST.BAT 123 109 deflated
QA.DOC 3694 1607 deflated
RBBPRO10.ZIP 38507 35517 deflated
READ.ME 1983 908 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

27-dec-87 beta 30

To enable the re-archive function: install the message file 'PROARC',
and the batch file 'PROARC.BAT' in your prodoor directory.

To enable the archive test function: install the message file 'PROTEST'
and the batch file 'PROTEST.BAT' in your prodoor directory.

If you are using the CD-ROM library function, you will need to move
'PROCLIB.BAT' from the system directory into the prodoor directory.

Make sure you have a copy of these programs in your 'PATH':

26-dec-87 beta 29

There is a new message file, 'PROEXT', which is printed for the extract-
archive function. Make sure to install this file. 'LIBHELP' is displayed
when the library-request function is used.

19-dec-87 beta 27

Prodoor is now compiled with turbo pascal 4.0. The program is now
stored as 'PRODOOR.EXE'. Make sure you delete PROD2512.COM and
PROD2512.000 from your \PCB\PROD directory. Also note that the
door scripts must call 'PRODOOR' rather than 'PROD2512'.


Door script file format has been simplified. example:
echo off
set dszlog=c:\pcb\$door.log
set dszport=1
cd \pcb\prod
prodoor prod25.cnf c:\pcb %1
cd \pcb
$door board


Note for users upgrading from beta 22 or before: the configuration file
format has changed with beta 23 - you must edit your PROD25.CNF file
before the new beta will work. Here are the changes:

1. All ansi codes have been deleted (the color handlers have been rewritten
and are far better than before)

2. All message filenames have been deleted (the original names have been
hard coded for the current directory when the door is opened)

I'm sorry for any trouble this might cause. I made this change to simplify
the somewhat complex configuration process for this door.

See NEWHIST.DOC for details on the changes in this version.

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