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File Name File Size Date Created Description
!BEER!.ZIP26240Oct 18 1992This program makes it easy to input all the information needed to keep track of your beer experiments.
#1HITS.ZIP33647May 2 1988Dbase file with Top 40 hits '55-mid '80's.
54LOWFAT.ZIP22399Jan 22 1995Lowfat recipes for Meal Master.
800#0694.ZIP76864Jun 3 1994Xbase DBF file with 4137 toll free numbers for PC HW/SW producers.
93CONG.ZIP161762Apr 12 1993DATABASE of all Members of the Senate and House with complete listings of phone, fax and addresses.
A4HELP.ZIP12533Dec 12 1989Help info for Alpha 4 data base. Requires Alpha 4 to use, but you can get the idea of the thing by browsing throu the files in ASCII.
ABV30.ZIP244943Oct 29 1993Above & Beyond 3.0 - Excellent Windows 3+ PIM Discover Above & Beyond's revolutionary Dynamic Scheduling. Watch your productivity soar as it streamlines your work flow.
AC1.ZIP86504Jun 7 1988Record album catalog system.
AC411B.ZIP125949May 20 1991AC Hunter is a handy telephone reference. It lists area codes, cities & towns, states & provinces including two-letter mailing abbreviations.
AC90.ZIP159598Apr 5 1992ADDRESS CONTROLLER is a full featured and powerful address list program. It will organize, and completely control, small to mid-sized address and phone lists, and yet still remain very simple to operate.
ACAT139.ZIP132128Jul 16 1991AutoCat v1.39 diskette catalog program with fast search.
ACCBUG.ZIP6515Feb 16 1993List of bugs in Microsoft Access.
ACCKB101.ZIP914578Aug 20 1993Microsoft Access Knowledge Base in windows help format.
ACCOUNT.ZIP201145Oct 2 1988Business package containing all necessary modules to run a business.
ACCTMN13.ZIP162800Jan 8 1994Account Manager 1.3 -- Time usage tracking program for Windows 3.1.
ACLIST10.ZIP1870Aug 6 1992Area Code List for United States and Canada. This is a simple data file that contains the area codes and their corresponding states or Canada. (Based on 1992 Area Code List).
ACMAST.ZIP279576Jul 20 1994Area Code Master freeware area code finder for Winodws. Requires VBRUN300.DLL.
ACODE.ZIP112170Dec 27 1990Area Code Atlas. Simple area code finder written in Clipper 5.0.
ACSELF.ZIP92804Dec 23 1992Self study course for Microsoft Access for Windows database.
ADAY1.ZIP93667Apr 9 1993A-Day v1.00 - electronic calendar, relays quotes of the day.
ADDRBBS3.ZIP141098Jul 3 1990The Personal Address Book Program allows you to create records for all of your business and personal contacts.
ADDTEL.ZIP25355Sep 26 1989ADTEL is an address telephone log book which allows the user a convienent way of keeping his/her personal data.
ADR50.ZIP38050May 6 1992ADR50.ZIP - address and telephone number filer, and label maker. Suitable for personal databases or for small clubs etc. Ideal for finding telephone numbers quickly.
ADRSBK3.ZIP54968May 25 1990The Address Book is a rolodex type program that is simple to use, yet powerful in operation.
ALARM302.ZIP14873Dec 6 1990Alarm version 3.02. Very nice TSR clock, chime, and alarm utility.
ALARMBAS.ZIP26734Apr 22 1992A pretty good alarm program with QB source code, need not use military time.
ALBUMTRX.ZIP214312Jul 1 1990Professionals as well as the casual audiophile will benefit from Album Trax's efficiency in organizing CD's, records and tapes.
AM-21E.ZIP183075Dec 27 1993Home Inventory program -- keeps database of all your posessions for insurance purposes.
AMBIZ31.ZIP140484Sep 2 1993AMWAY Product Distributors. AMB-PAK 3.1 for IBM. Registration includes latest product price files. Order processing, 12-Column Ledger, Customer Invoice, Monthly Bonus Record, Speed-Letter, Mailing Labels, PV Maximizer, etc
AMSTR107.ZIP210226Dec 9 1992Amaster Version 1.07 - A name & address database that can create secondary merge files for use in WordPerfect - built in autodialer - several display options and MANY printing options including mailing labels, shipping lab
AN300.ZIP183808Jul 5 1993Ample Notice: appointments, alarm, PIM.
AP.ZIP229079Apr 1 1992Database of 1992 auto prices .
AP93.ZIP214197Dec 18 1992Auto Prices for 1993-Foreign/Domestic.
APIM31S.ZIP616101Jan 9 1994The Achivement Planner, nice PIM for Windows. Shareware.
APLANR21.ZIP142865Nov 27 1993A Project/Event planner . Scheduling/resource management tools for project planning. Shareware. For Win31.
APPT130.ZIP31208Jan 1 1994APPT Appointment Minder--Run it from AUTOEXEC and it effortlessly presents today's appointments. Page through and print the display. Automatically updates your datafile. Includes internal editor. A great office tool.
AREA.ZIP10525Mar 1 1993Area Code finder. Small quick DOS util to find any telephone Area Code in U.S. or Canada. Search by number or State. Uploaded by Author.
AREA3TC.ZIP24779Feb 15 1991Small program that will tell you the city, state of an area code. Turbo C modified source code included.
ARSM103.ZIP185594Jun 26 1994Auto Repair Shop Management Software.
ARTICLE.ZIP25290May 17 1988Simple database to keep track of magazine articles.
ASA-V12.ZIP164516Jun 5 1993Answering Service Assistant.
ATH14.ZIP292971Feb 15 1993Around the House. Nice PIM for DOS. Even tracks your income and expenses.
AUDIOLIB.ZIP51615Jun 29 1987Audio Library will maintain your record, cassette, compact disk, etc. collection by Title or artists to a maximum of 1,500 individual entries.
AUTO.ZIP62078Sep 23 1989Computerized Automobile Maintenance Log.
AUTO10.ZIP50534Nov 19 1991A quick way to keep track of automotive maintenance.
AUTO12.ZIP85356Nov 29 1991Car maintainance program. Keep track of repairs,expenses, mileage, and 7 other catagories. Calculate fuel economy and more. Reaminder of when repairs are needed.
AUTOFILE.ZIP11242Apr 1 1989AUTOFILE is an easy to use program that allows the user to store all types of data in a logical and easily retrievable form.
AUTOGIDE.ZIP15033Sep 6 1989A guide to buying automobile insurance. Written by the state of Mass., however most of it applies to those living in any state.
AUTOMT20.ZIP93086Jul 26 1991Home Automation using a PC and X10 modules. Control and monitor your house. Very extensive demo program.
B540IN.ZIP29220Aug 29 1991Import ASCII and BIX (BIBL import/Export) format files into a BIBL database. For BIBL version 5.40 or later.
BABYSIT.ZIP56542Jul 11 1991BabySitter 1.1 is a program to leave running on your computer for the babysitter.
BACKSOON.ZIP43480Apr 19 1992Back Soon! 1.0 A message-taking utility, meant to take the place of paper notes and also to serve as a screensaver. Not a memory-hog TSR. It displays a customizable scrolling message, and accepts/stores messages from visi
BANDIT11.ZIP22877Jan 22 1993BandIt Version 1.1 is a band calculator displaying mileage and relative band between cities in the US. Many database options, from 790 cities to over 100,000.
BARTENDR.ZIP81119Jul 12 1988Make your own drinks, receipe's for most mixed drinks.
BARTND.ZIP446343May 2 1994Bartender for Windows. A drink database to mix up that special drink. Comes complete with a number of recipes, and more available from the author. Good and easy to use.
BASBE4.ZIP142117Oct 17 1991Baseball Statpak 4.0 will keep track of baseball statistics for up to 250 players on 12 teams. Records individual stats and team summaries. Great for all leagues.
BASKETL.ZIP114506Mar 22 1995BASKETBALL STATS POWER 1.12 : Analyze and print complete individual, team, and opponent basketball statistics. Save data for up to 45 teams, 45 games per team, and 17 players per team. Spreadsheet style entry and aut
BBCARD.ZIP46356Nov 18 1989Baseball Card Collector's Database program. Tracks all your cards.
BBCARDS.ZIP86178Mar 12 1989Baseball Card Inventory program.
BBMAIL30.ZIP209415Jan 17 1989Mailing list management system, able to handle 1 billion records.
BBMAIL32.ZIP212417Jul 8 1989Full-featured professional mailing list database program. Execellent.
BBOOK.ZIP27110Jan 17 1988Rolodex-like database.
BBS#S.ZIP7071Aug 8 1991Lists all known BBS support numbers for PC hardware and software producers.
BBSALE27.ZIP287748Aug 22 1988B&B SaleLead is a database management system that will manage your letters and marketing information. It provides data files for centralizing and automating this information.
BBSTAT13.ZIP129915Apr 17 1992Version 1.3 of Baseball Stats Manager. New stats values added based on user requests. Check it out if you're managing a team.
BBUG.ZIP22140Jan 1 1990Btrieve TSR - shows key & record buffer, key # and errors from within application. Excellent.
BCHWTCH.ZIP110299Sep 15 1991Utility to watch and log Btrieve calls.
BCK11A.ZIP102604Jan 16 1990BCK is a specialized database for baseball card collectors and investors.
BCLINK10.ZIP238122Dec 6 1994Business Clock Link 1.0 : Networkable PC Time Clock for Managers with real-time job reporting, Clock-in animation, Blue Collar E-mail, on-line discipline and Ticker Tape reports. Uses dBASE file format. "This Clock Me
BETACART.ZIP105885Dec 24 1992A program that assists in the operation of the BVC-10 BetaCart System. Basically a frontend for some other programs that are included.
BG110.ZIP64930Jul 20 1991Bibliography Generator v1.10.
BIB312A.ZIP113541May 8 1989The Biblio-File system is a citation management system designed to be used in keeping track of literature references. (1 of 2).
BIB312B.ZIP99978May 8 1989The Biblio-File system is a citation management system designed to be used in keeping track of literature references. (2 of 2).
BIBL862.ZIP292868Jul 29 1994BIBL (rhymes with nibble) is a full-featured package for managing your personal and/or office library. Features: multi-databases; Win 3.1 clip support; bibliographies; 15+ reportss; full-mouse support; & more; shareware.
BIBLAN42.ZIP289310Mar 17 1993BIBL/NET (NETBIOS version). Full featured, multi-user system for managing an office library. Features: multiple databases; 6 levels of security; 15+ reports; full-text/keyword searching; 1-50 users & more. SHAREWARE.
BIBNET40.ZIP287515Feb 17 1993BIBL/NET. Novell. Personal/Office Library Management System. Features: multiple databases; 6 levels of security; 13+ reports; mouse support; win 3.1 clip support; biblio generation; & more. Ver 4.01. 1-50 user. Shareware.
BILL1.ZIP43059Aug 7 1990Beta copy of time billing program, this program is used to generate invoices for people that charge for unit time.
BILL21.ZIP84703Jan 9 1990PCBilling is an easy-to-use invoicing system designed for the small business person who relies on billing clients to collect revenue.
BIXPLN21.ZIP98599Nov 26 1992Templates to create you own business plan. In WP51, MSWord formats. Absolute must for anyone considering going into business or just starting out.
BIZBMP.ZIP60574Jan 13 1993Business related .BMP clipart for Rockford 3.0+.
BKSN.ZIP51575Jan 9 1993Back Soon! v1.1 [ASP] Message-taking/Screen saving utility. Displays scrolling message (out to lunch, back in 5, etc.) on your monitor. Visitors can leave a message for you which you can later retrieve, print, or save to
BL.ZIP137992Feb 10 1992Book librarian - for keeping personal and business library catalogs.
BLAKBOOK.ZIP78570Aug 27 1987Black Book : organizes and prints a foldable address book.
BOM10.ZIP43700Jun 10 1990Box Office Manager 1.0 Manages events for which you are selling tickets.
BOM42.ZIP85746Jan 22 1993Box Office Manager: Excellent record keeping utilitiy for any organization trying to track/manage its ticket sales.
BONDCALC.ZIP58164Apr 1 1987Calculates the value of E/EE Savings Bonds.
BONDPRO.ZIP53446Dec 28 1986BON PRO will help you make money in bonds by obtaining the highest available yields while minimizing risk.
BOOKBA.ZIP55689Jan 5 1992BookBase. Complete book cataloging system.
BOOKBASE.ZIP55689Jan 5 1992Book database. Will handle over 10,000 books.
BOOKINV.ZIP53498Jul 9 1987Program to make an inventory of all of your books. Great for people with large personal libraries. Require PC-File+.
BOOKS.ZIP132056Jan 1 1991BOOK MINDER is three level software designed for use by both people who have a few books in their home and by the professional as a research tool.
BOOKS527.ZIP257221Mar 21 1992Organize Your Books & Magazines v5.27. A specialized database designed specifically for cataloging books & magazines. Completely menu operated with 3-D pull down menus.
BOSSBOOK.ZIP7734Aug 13 1990Converts CASIO B.O.S.S. *.tel files to MyPhonebook data base files to allow use of the phone book printing utility.
BOSTON.ZIP90829Dec 3 1985Mixed drink recipies. Also store your own recipies. Very Good.
BOWL101E.ZIP149888Feb 28 1990A Bowling League Secretary System. Easy to setup and use.
BOWLDATA.ZIP104313Sep 26 1989BOWLING DATAPLUS is a program which gives a bowling league secretary the ability to store, retrieve and calculate the bowling information needed to sucessfully run a bowling league.
BOXLABEL.ZIP11350Nov 21 1985Shipping label program for small business.
BPLN40.ZIP187340Nov 4 1994B/PLAN DEVELOPER v4.0 : The ultimate on-line workbook for preparing a business plan. See PC Plus (July 1994) and "The Best Guide to Business Shareware" for reviews. Registered users get BONUS ADD-INS and KEYWORD OUTLI
BPM27A.ZIP279830Oct 30 1994BUSINESS PLAN MASTER v2.7 Develop your business plan quickly and professionally.
BRF10.ZIP59949Mar 24 1992The BEER RECIPE FORMULATOR assists homebrewers in the development of new homebrew recipies. Includes batch size, malts and hops.
BSORT102.ZIP30169Oct 4 1993A fast general purpose sort utility for massive data files.
BTFL12.ZIP105626Dec 31 1991Btrieve file utility. Browse records, repair damaged files, clone files and many more features.
BTRV.ZIP59372Jan 12 1992Excellent Btrieve Utilities, nice interface, many commands.
BTRV410.ZIP9795Dec 16 1989Clarion 2.0/2.1 LEM interface to Btrieve 4.10 or newer.
BUSCARDS.ZIP62873Sep 5 1988Creates business cards.
BUSLTR.ZIP47557Mar 8 1985Various business letters. Some good, some very mediocre. Helpful in general.
BUSPLAN.ZIP183974Jun 24 1992Busplan is a program by the National Business Association that creates a detailed business plan. From the SBA BBS in Washington.
CAB20.ZIP132762Nov 24 1991Baltimore area Club and Bar Directory.
CAJUN.ZIP23098Aug 6 1989Cajun recipies for use with MealMaster.
CAL-MATE.ZIP148173May 4 1991Very nice calendar program for appointments and events like Calendar Creator.
CAL12.ZIP29583May 25 1992Cal 1.2 -- Great calendar generator for ANY year.
CAL1242.ZIP147584Aug 29 1989Simple, yet useful, freeware appointment calendar utility.
CAL28.ZIP39967Aug 8 1993A very nice calendar display program for dos like the UNIX utility, output to screen or your choice with other extras.
CAL30TM.ZIP117665Mar 1 1989Financial calculator, menu driven. Supports many functions.
CALEND41.ZIP14273Jan 19 1991Calendar that displays holidays, and important historical dates.
CALLS201.ZIP49446Oct 14 1989A very nice program that will calculate index and stock option premium values, using the popular Black-Scholes model.
CALMATE4.ZIP148188May 11 1991Calendar Mate version 4.0 is a full featured program designed to create personalized calendars.
CALNOT13.ZIP199703Jul 6 1992CALNOTES V1.3 is an easy to use calendar database. Store free-form notes every day using built-in editor. Companion TSR pops up reminders. Phone list with modem dialer, holidays, birthdays on-screen, more.
CALQUX.ZIP31803Aug 6 1989Excellent little calculator type program.
CAN.ZIP167783Oct 27 1989CAN File is a broad based client and notes organizer. Store unlimited client profiles and notes that can be retrieved instantly on screen, or in a wide variety of reports.
CANS15.ZIP284491Dec 15 1993A DOS PIM: Tickler, rolodex, to-do list. Extensive search capabilties.
CAR.ZIP76694Feb 5 1993Automobile Expense Database Program.
CAR131.ZIP237406Aug 9 1992CAR v13.1 - Chris's Automobile Recorder Operation and maintenance logger & reminder for vehicles and machines. Quick & easy to use, 100% comprehensive, has context sensitive pop up help and a manual. Reminders & reports h
CARDFIL1.ZIP22781Sep 25 1987PC Mag's CARDFILE program + Install program & .ASM file.
CARDFILE.ZIP34319Sep 9 1987Address Book & Phone Dialer w/source.
CARDINDX.ZIP157514Nov 12 1993Computerized card index and filing cabinet. LAN compatible.
CARDMG10.ZIP186162Sep 1 1991Sports card collection manager version 1.0.
CARDS533.ZIP296807Sep 14 1992Organize Your Sports Cards v5.33. A specialized database designed specifically for cataloging all types of sports cards including baseball cards, football cards, etc.
CARDX132.ZIP71554May 1 1987Cardex v1.32; rolodex card file program.
CARDX82.ZIP80048Mar 22 1990Simple, but useful Rolodex file with built-in phone dialer.
CARFILE.ZIP37606Feb 22 1987Manage all your auto maintenance, shareware with doc.
CARS200.ZIP50592Dec 21 1988This program provides a facility for storing automobile maintenance information, as well as reminding the user of scheduled maintenance which may be due.
CARS25.ZIP74150Jul 1 1991The Complete Automobile Reporting System. Track your auto expenses in any of up to 26 user defined categories, and watch your milage and costs.
CARS35.ZIP84160Dec 12 1993Version 3.5 of vehicle maintenance program.
CASHTRAC.ZIP463110Feb 17 1990CashTrac V7.0. Excellent home financial program that includes just about every imaginable option you might need.
CATMAR21.ZIP94819Apr 26 1992Cat Mar 2.01 - 5 card draw poker for VGA and single player.
CATMED.ZIP148988Jan 12 1992CAT-MED is a database of common feline symptoms and ailments. It allows you to quickly determine what a particular symptom might mean, and also to see what symptoms may be associated with a given ailment.
CATMEO.ZIP183996Nov 11 1992This is my most recent revision (9/24/93) of the Cat's Meow homebrew recipe data file. Contains hundreds of recipes. Using the utility SUDC10.EXE, this entire file can be imported into the SUDS brewing database (SUDW21.EXE
CATMEO2.ZIP119035Mar 30 1992Text file of Homebrew (beer) recipes, from Home Brew Digest.
CATSDBF.ZIP33348Jun 19 1992CATS - A Multi-Disk Cataloging Utility.
CBILL13.ZIP159360May 28 1994Client Biller Ver. 1.3 Create and print invoices, track clients, etc.
CC17.ZIP19729Sep 24 1993Country code finder Ver 1.07.
CD2BIBL.ZIP60836Jul 16 1992Import CD-ROM downloads from ERIC, ABI/Inform, MEDLINE and PsychInfo into BIBL (version 7.0 or later). Improved ERIC processing in this release (4.10).
CDBASE10.ZIP65723Apr 9 1992A DBASEIII program to organize CD collection.
CDIARY10.ZIP167583May 30 1991This is a very nice diary/journal file with each diary being password protected and all entries encrypted to ensure complete privacy.
CDLIB.ZIP19023Jan 3 1988Very good database for cataloging CD's.
CDLIB200.ZIP17643Jan 23 1988Very good CD library program. Keeps track of your CD's.
CDMSTR67.ZIP162666Jul 21 1991CDMaster v6.70 Compact Disk collection database.
CDPRO.ZIP235293Jan 16 1993CD-M PRO v1.1 - Shareware Librarian/File Manager for CD-ROM Collections. Now supports multi-CD players. Keep track of/easily access CD-ROM file libraries with this program; Find, view (GIF, ZIP, ARJ, text files), copy, una
CDR2.ZIP267351Apr 26 1993COMPUTER DARKROOM II v2.00. Reduce the cost of photographic printing. Make one test print only. COMPUTER DARKROOM will calculate the new exposure time for changes in f-stop, magnification, paper type, contrast grade or fil
CHECK2.ZIP89778Nov 19 1987Checkbook / Acct Payable V 2.1.
CHECK22.ZIP90978Aug 30 1988Checkaroo bill paying programs. Easy to use and setup.
CHEF.ZIP163235Oct 27 1986Excellent recipe by keywords.
CHEF20.ZIP179703Jul 31 1992Compu-Chef - Easy to use recipe manager with many powerful tools.
CHEKFREE.ZIP151341Oct 20 1988Electronic Fund and Banking Program.
CHEKMTGL.ZIP159629Mar 3 1989A fantastic personal/small business complete accounting package.
CHILEMM.ZIP2067Jul 13 1991Chile Meal Master recipes.
CHINAB1.ZIP28278May 31 1994Chinese recipes for Meal Master.
CHINESEB.ZIP31625May 20 1994Selection of recipes from Chinese restaurants.
CHIRO.ZIP78012Apr 20 1989Chiropractor's Office Management. Provides a patient data base and claim form processing system.
CHKBOOK1.ZIP161016Feb 11 1989Great Financial Program.
CHKFPTPO.ZIP12709Oct 16 1990A DOS utility that reads a FoxPro database with memo fields and reports everything you want to know about the corresponding memo field file. The information includes blocksize, next available block, number of dbf records,
CHRISTMA.ZIP8158Oct 22 1990Christmas recipes in MealMaster format.
CIA92A.ZIP367078Nov 17 1992CIA World Book - facts and figures on all the countries of the world, as compiled by the CIA and other US Intelligence services, as well as the Dept of State. Part 1 of 3.
CIA92B.ZIP367821Nov 17 1992CIA World Book - facts and figures on all the countries of the world, as compiled by the CIA and other US Intelligence services, as well as the Dept of State. Part 2 of 3.
CIA92C.ZIP361184Nov 17 1992CIA World Book - facts and figures on all the countries of the world, as compiled by the CIA and other US Intelligence services, as well as the Dept of State. Part 3 of 3.
CLNR4C.ZIP63844Oct 30 1994CaseLinr Version 4.0C - prints case liner for audio cassettes. Very accurate. Windows required.
CM301.ZIP12562Jan 24 1991This is a great program to print audio cassette labels.
CMSTR740.ZIP174339Jul 21 1991CassetteMaster v7.40 cassette database/labeler.
CMTS110.ZIP240797Dec 27 1989Church Money Tracking System - Accounting and reporting system.
CNETT.ZIP183547Mar 23 1989C-Nett Project Management software. Very complete, and easy to use.
CNTINGNT.ZIP1862Nov 21 1990A text file of contingencies and miscellaneous contract inclusions for use in home purchase negotiations.
CNTRL.ZIP12118Apr 18 1993MS Access. Turn off system menu on access forms. Pretty good.
COIN300.ZIP83127Feb 21 1989COINFILE 3.00 is a program and set of data and want files designed and written for keeping an accurate inventory of coin collections.
COINBS.ZIP44299May 21 1990CoinBase is a database program designed to facilitate and inventory your coin collection.
COINFILE.ZIP100395Jun 20 1989Coin Collectors: Keep track of your coins with this program.
COLLECT2.ZIP316617Mar 24 1993CollectorMate 2.1 is an extremely powerful database designed just for collectors. Collections are limited only by hard drive space. Shareware ($25) from MMIS Inc.
COMICS.ZIP132357Nov 5 1990A comic Book database program for colletcors and dealers.
COMMWKS.ZIP10373Aug 19 1989A Lotus worksheet that shows the commision rate that various broker companies use, and the formula that they use to compute the commision.
COMPMFR.ZIP12997Apr 27 1991A collection of computer firm's telephone numbers.
CONCORD.ZIP290631Sep 25 1991Concordance Full Text Database Management System, Information Retrieval System Demonstration Program. Both self running and interactive.
CONFIDE.ZIP63259Mar 19 1986A great program that encrypts sensitive computer files for security.
CONSLT.ZIP68833Nov 25 1991Create/keep your medical history and draft a living will. Requires Windows 3.X.
CONTACT.ZIP83039Jan 2 1988People contact schedulere/logger.
CONVAF10.ZIP10254Jul 6 1992Converts the ALLFILES.LST to ALLFILES.DBF. Improvement over other conversion program in that it does not cut off any fields.
COOL.ZIP7372Jun 19 1989Meal Master cool summertime recipes.
COVER.ZIP2315Nov 1 1984Prints disk directory on paper size of disk so that it can be affixed.
CPA.ZIP155753Jun 1 1987Small business accounting package.
CPLUS25.ZIP299730Aug 16 1993Contact Plus v2.5 client tracking system.
CPQ103.ZIP9239Aug 13 1989Convert Prodigy stock Quotes from text to a form inputable to a spreadsheet.
CPS20A.ZIP97879Jun 9 1989Construction project schedule manager.
CPTUT219.ZIP88149Jul 27 1991Contact Plus Tutorial v2.19 client tracking system.
CPTUT23.ZIP90499Jan 10 1992Online tutorial for version 2.3 of Contact Plus contact manager program.
CREST231.ZIP327713Jan 27 1994Car Restoration Diary v2.31.
CRIMCASE.ZIP76215Apr 1 1990Police database to track arrests.
CROLODEX.ZIP125585Nov 1 1988Rolodex is a computer rolodex file storer. Stores names, addresses, Phone #s and more. Includes Clarion source code.
CS-IC.ZIP140293Feb 12 1987Small business inventory control.
CTLBL31.ZIP143831Jul 28 1991Version 3.10 of an excellent audio cassette label maker. Has it's own database.
CTREE31.ZIP264189Jul 19 1991Cumberland Tree v3.1 easy "family tree" generator.
CU.ZIP61555Dec 3 1988Charts Unlimited does just about any Chart or graph (Shareware).
CUSTOMR.ZIP14438May 15 1988Simple database that will keep track of a company's customers.
CWISE11.ZIP244920Sep 1 1992Calendar Wise 1.1. This multi-subject planning & tracking tool simulates a desktop blotter or write/on wipe off wall calendar. Shareware ($25) from Blue Cannon Software.
CYA.ZIP35189Nov 20 1989Change Your Address. A utility that helps you do just that.
DALBM12.ZIP26667Dec 20 1988A comprehensive database for record, tape, and CD collectors.
DALTON12.ZIP52595Jun 21 1988A useful system for managing your mutual funds. Helps determine when the best time to switch from one type of fund to another is.
DAS.ZIP152216Oct 11 1989Decision Analysis System V2.05. Evaluate alternatives, cost/benefit analysis, sales forecasting, etc.
DATAKEEP.ZIP95847Jun 21 1991DataKeep free form database and writer's tools.
DATAM.ZIP275750May 5 1993Graphical personal/small business information manager.
DATAMAGE.ZIP216003Nov 19 1937A new shareware database manager. Uses standard type datafiles that can be accessed with any language. Very powerful, yet simple to use.
DAY54.ZIP379696Dec 5 1993THE DAILY CALENDAR program is a daily diary and calendar, a name and address database and a to-do list manager. It was written to permit tracking projects, phone calls, letters, clients and accounts.
DAYCARE.ZIP413258May 3 1994Record keeping program for Day Care providers.
DB1.ZIP94133Sep 10 1991"Daily Bread" is a Bible calendar program. It displays today's day and date, a Bible verse for the day, and a Bible reading.
DB505.ZIP35388Jul 14 1987Mail list/telephone rolodex.
DBATOOLS.ZIP91124Dec 8 1987A collection of various tools for an Oracle DBA.
DBSKAT22.ZIP215172Oct 13 1989DBS Kat Version 2.23 is a floppy disk cataloging system that is very complete and can handle a large number of diskettes.
DB_VCR32.ZIP124417Jul 15 1991A video cassette database system which allows you to maintain a database of all your VCR tapes, VHS or BETA, with titles, comments, where each entry starts on each tape, actor(s)/actress(es), and more.
DC-MAP.ZIP417114Apr 27 1993Detailed map of the Washington D.C. Shows road names and street numbers. Also has some very clever find routines.
DC.ZIP115295Dec 11 1991Disk cataloging and inventory. Automatic inventory of root and first level subdirectories. Prints listings for inserting in floppy jacket.
DCMAP.ZIP417175Apr 8 1993ScreenMap GUIDE is a user-friendly program designed to find Washington DC streets and display them quickly on your computer screen.
DDFILE70.ZIP451728Nov 25 1994DdFile 7.0a is a powerful and flexible database manager for both the professional and the beginner alike. Do bulk mailings, mail merge, dupe checking, import/export, sort, filter, and more. Works with any dBase III file. F
DECISION.ZIP110909Jul 5 1991This is an executive decision management program.
DELEVON.ZIP21388Feb 15 1993Telephone book & auto dialer for Windows.
DENT1.ZIP302968Mar 10 1993Complete office system for dentists. Demo version supports 100 patients.
DESIGN22.ZIP436417Jan 6 1994Design-A-Room 2.2 -- Draw a room, add furniture and fixtures to exact dimensions, then move the pieces around to your heart's content without leaving your chair. Windows 3.x.
DESSERT.ZIP71237Jun 30 1992Over 150 absolutely delicious recipes for Meal Master Recipe Program.
DFINDER.ZIP3597Nov 13 1987Compact, menu-driven calendar utility.
DG11.ZIP137240Sep 27 1991A Generator v1.1 (Dated 09/27/91) Program that can be used to generate data for different types of applications.
DIARY10.ZIP33689Sep 14 1989Enter quick notes to yourself in this simple diary manager.
DIETCALC.ZIP34105May 31 1987Diet Assistant V1.0,ideal body weight,RDA calcs and more.
DIETDE2.ZIP63003Mar 20 1994DIET-DEAL color-coded cards count your daily calories for you.
DIF14.ZIP30138Apr 10 1990Database Import Facility is a utility to take unstructured ASCII information and simply and easily get it into a comma-delimited format for easy import into word processors or database managements systems.
DISCTRAK.ZIP210235Aug 16 1992DiscTrak System v1.70 - Home Entertainment Cataloging Database program. This program can organize all of your CDs, Cassettes, Albums, LaserDiscs, and VCR Tapes easily.
DISK-ORG.ZIP30880Jan 30 1987Excellent disk organization system.
DISKL300.ZIP177735Dec 18 1993DISKLIST v3.0 - produces diskette lists & labels with the directory contents for 5.25", 3.5", and hard disks in 39 formats.
DISKLIB.ZIP21697Jan 8 1988Creates a library database file of all the files on your floppy disks and allows access to library for searching.
DIVELOG.ZIP90183May 8 1991DiveLog v1.10 - Scuba diving logbook program. This program will store all information about a dive and allow the user to retrieve it. It will also calculate dive profiles, print log book pages and more.
DIVERS.ZIP78340May 8 1989DIVERSI is an investment diversification program for use as an aid in maximizing the total return and minimizing the risk of a portfolio of mutual funds. The program is based on the Markowitz model.
DIVLOG.ZIP39301Apr 13 1988SCUBA DIVER'S Komputerized log book and dive planner.
DLITE10.ZIP105703Aug 8 1988A dbase clone that is pop-up'able. TSR.
DMS22.ZIP81575May 22 1990Data Management System, Version 2.2 - A user-friendly database record handling package.
DO106.ZIP70237Dec 11 1987Appointment/TO DO list manager. Very good.
DOCB5B.ZIP91991Apr 15 1991The Family Edge (Shareware Version B.5B) Documentation.
DOSTOOLS.ZIP16798Dec 20 1989Clarion 2.0/2.1 Language Extension Module containing file and directory functions.
DPG.ZIP128517May 15 1992Database Program Generator - Interesting - express a database application in a 4GL. Generator produces C. Appears to be a students senior project. Full C souce included.
DROLODEX.ZIP82955May 13 1990A colorful Rolodex program. Enter, edit, and print as raw text, mailing labels, or tractor-fed Rolodex cards. Easy to use TSR.
DSKDBF8D.ZIP36848Jan 1 1992Disk Catalogging program that allows 2 3 or 7 colum output. 350 per page in 7 columns.
DSKTRK74.ZIP94543Jan 22 1992Quick, easy way to keep track of disks. Auto builds database of disk & file names, disk free space, comments. Query via full/partial name/comment. 5 types of hard/soft copy reports. Restores files FD -> HD.
DT1.ZIP31947Dec 23 1988Pretty good TODO manager.
DUTY.ZIP29032Mar 9 1991"The Duty Scheduler" is a program to help ease the task of scheduling people to a set of tasks. The Duty Scheduler allows the user to maintain a database consisting of duties and persons.
DWSYN3.ZIP74755Oct 5 1993Data Window syntax example for PowerBuilder 3.0.
DXAUDIO.ZIP58443Apr 20 1989AUDIO III version 1.1 is primarily a program designed to print audio cassette inserts using a dot matrix or laser printer.
EASINV.ZIP154607Jun 22 1990This business inventory program is for those needing an easy to use, stand alone inventory program. Many businesses should find the program to be ideal for their purchases and sales database as well.
EB1D.ZIP174415Dec 17 1990Early Bird reminder program. Has many features, works well.
ECCK.ZIP277481Dec 8 1991Electronic Catalog Construction Kit. Make color catalogs.
EDB30.ZIP19441Feb 5 1988EDB is an easy to use menu driven Data Base Management System.
EDSINDEX.ZIP85219Feb 20 1990Indexing utilility. Useful for book collections, inventories, etc. Very fast, and easy to use.
ED_V100.ZIP53293Dec 8 1990EASYDEX 1.00. Simple, easy-to-use rolodex program.
EF.ZIP144804Jun 2 1989Checking And Bank Account Management Program.
EF107.ZIP151007Jul 15 1989Easy Finanace ver 1.07 personal finances checkbook etc.
ELECGAS.ZIP47904Apr 14 1987The Analyzer is a powerful and easy to use program that will record and maintain data files for your utility usage. Provides reports also.
ELECTR.ZIP116181Apr 13 1991ELECTRC8 is designed to perform most common electrical contracting and engineering calculations. It is useful to anyone in the electrical industry.
ELITE.ZIP185611Jun 23 1992The Elite-IMS is a GUI based information management system which incorporates the benefits of client-server technology along with the elegance and ease of Windows based applications. A full featured, 16-line BBS that spor
EMPSCH10.ZIP61168Nov 20 1989Scheduler is a program designed to allow entry of employee's work schedules, with easy modification and printing of the schedules.
ENV403.ZIP120199May 13 1993ENVELOPES PLUS is an easy to use, convenient database used primarily for printing individual or continuous envelopes, postcards, labels, and Rolodex file cards.
EPI501B1.ZIP178753Aug 2 1991Epi-Info 5.01b. Epidemiology programs. Part 1 of 4.
EPI501B2.ZIP354482Aug 2 1991Epi-Info 5.01b. Epidemiology programs. Part 2 of 4.
EPI501B3.ZIP250590Aug 2 1991Epi-Info 5.01b. Epidemiology programs. Part 3 of 4.
EPI501B4.ZIP335653Aug 2 1991Epi-Info 5.01b. Epidemiology programs. Part 4 of 4.
EPI501BD.ZIP304071Aug 2 1991Epi-Info 5.01b. Database & stats for epidemiology from CDC. Documentation.
EXADB204.ZIP290521Aug 25 1992Executive Address Book 2.0, Fits day-timer and dayrunner.
EXCHK4-3.ZIP247075Mar 12 1990Latest version of ExpressCheck V4.03. Easy to use personal checking account manager.
EXDB11.ZIP318832Mar 25 1989Good program that creates a database out of BBS file lists.
EXDBDOCS.ZIP16496Mar 25 1989Docs for EXDB11.ZIP. Must have to use this program.
EXGRAPH.ZIP138400Nov 1 1986FANTASTIC intuitive business graphics, including 3-d bar, exploding pies.
EXPGRAPH.ZIP138748Jun 1 1989ExpressGraph is an easy-to-use business graphics program.
EZ-PLAN.ZIP116743Apr 9 1992Easy Working Planner freeware from Spinnaker. Formerly part of the 8-in-1 package.
EZBUD11.ZIP46432Sep 17 1987Easy Home Budget managment system.
EZCARD16.ZIP120870Dec 13 1991Name, Address, Phone database from Bobkit software.
EZCAT101.ZIP115516Jan 4 1989One of your better file catalogers...lots of options...
EZDEZ-1B.ZIP17747Jun 11 1993An easy to use address book TSR program for pulling addresses into your applications.
EZFG500A.ZIP209055Apr 13 1994EZ-Forms Gold vG500 Great Forms Processor - includes full drawing, file compression, and more.
EZPRJ42.ZIP164661Jul 29 1991Easy Project is a tool to assist anyone who manages. Easy Project encourages the manager to define a project into a series of phases and tasks. Easy Project facilitates the planning, scheduling and tracking of all types
FAC167.ZIP94289Aug 13 1992Find Area Code (FAC) is a utility which can quickly locate U.S. and international telephone area codes. FAC performs its search using any part of an area code, city, state, or country.
FANATIC.ZIP160657Oct 1 1992The Football Fanatic is a history database of pro football. You can look up information about your favorite teams, players, games, etc.
FARMACCT.ZIP130538Dec 14 1988An extensive farm management and record keeping database. Very good.
FAST21.ZIP127201Jan 2 1995FAST: Full Automotive Service Tracking 2.1 FAST is an easy-to-use program designed to help anyone having one or more vehicles keep track of maintenance by displaying a message when service is needed. Arrange past repair or
FATFRE8A.ZIP32606Jan 2 1995More fat free recipes for Meal Master.
FATFREE5.ZIP25742Oct 10 1994Fatfree recipes for Meal Master.
FATFREE6.ZIP38197Nov 12 1994Fatfree recipes for Meal Master.
FATFREE7.ZIP40609Dec 4 1994More fatfree recipes for Meal Master.
FATFREE8.ZIP36173Jan 2 1995Fatfree recipes for Meal Master.
FAXMGR12.ZIP73231Nov 26 1992FAX MANAGER prints FAX cover sheets, and maintains a database of the names and FAX numbers of the people that you send FAXES to on a regular basis.
FAXSHEET.ZIP91531Apr 10 1993Design your own fax cover sheet with professional results.
FBALL.ZIP54640Nov 9 1990Football Cardfile - tracks your NFL football cards.
FBNCAT.ZIP95591Feb 16 1989FBNCAT is a disk/diskette catalog manager. Easy to use.
FDISP201.ZIP98399Apr 17 1992Fire Dispatch V2.01 for Fire Dept/EMS. Quickly dispatch fire or EMS services.
FE510-1.ZIP244070May 19 1992File Express Version 5.1 - Part 1 of a flat file database manager.
FE510-2.ZIP358340May 19 1992File Expression Version 5.1 - Part 2 of a flat file database manager.
FE510-3.ZIP276089May 19 1992File Express Version 5.1 - Part 3 of a flat file database manager - Allows import/export to Dbase or Lotus 1-2-3. Also contains a report writer and other goodies. Shareware.
FIDELITY.ZIP36148Aug 3 1988IN-FIDELITY is a program that uses your computer to automate the process of obtaining information from "FAST", the Fidelity Automated Services Telephone.
FILEBAS.ZIP162385Sep 4 1989FILEBASE is a simple database that works with comma delimited field records.
FILL12.ZIP155603May 28 1990FormFill is a powerful, yet easy-to-use package for filling forms.
FINEVAL.ZIP81707Feb 12 1988Financial Balance sheet fundementals tutor.
FIN_CALC.ZIP17933Dec 20 1989A Financial Calculator designed to help answer such questions such as "How much of a mortgage can I afford" and "Which is the best bond to buy".
FLEXNOTE.ZIP38700Dec 25 1987Quick and dirty information keeper. Full Basic source. Handy.
FM110.ZIP51141Jan 1 1992FAX MANAGER prints FAX cover sheets, and maintains a database of the names and FAX numbers of the people that you send FAXES to on a regular basis.
FMGOLD.ZIP193993Jul 15 1993Search for many different types of FM stations in several cities. Nice use if you travel to different places in the US and need to hear some good old rock.
FNA102.ZIP579566Jan 21 1994FIRST NAME ALMANAC - v1.02 for DOS. Makes a commercial quality printout of:"The Meaning of More Than 14,000+ First Names."
FONE61.ZIP325601Apr 6 1992A program to determine how much you have to pay per minute for that long distance telephone call, whether National or International.
FONE8001.ZIP257928Feb 23 1993FONE800 V2.1 - An interesting database of toll-free 800 numbers across the country ranging from crisis hotlines to government information to retail sales. Disk 1 of 2.
FONE8002.ZIP153832Feb 23 1993FONE800 V2.1 - An interesting database of toll-free 800 numbers. Disk 2 of 2.
FONECHK.ZIP46534Apr 8 1995Complete details on how businesses can now accept checks by phone just like credit cards for order, payments, collections, donations etc. Increase profits.
FONLST11.ZIP13482Jun 12 1931Small, easy to use phone number database program.
FOODBSKT.ZIP3592Mar 28 1991Starter database of local (DC) grocery unit prices for comparison.
FORM40.ZIP99785May 28 1990FormGen (v4.0) form generator. It works like a word processor, but has many features specially geared to designing forms.
FORMFILL.ZIP149057Apr 5 1991Formfill is used to fill in forms that have been created by Formgen - the form generator program.
FORMMST.ZIP133828Jun 17 1989Form Master, is a versatile and powerful forms software package. It allows you to create, modify, fill in, and print forms.
FORMS.ZIP360171Jun 6 1994DR. FORM v3.1 . Make Professional Quality forms easily. Full Mouse Support. Move, Copy, Draw Lines, etc. Automatic Grid Maker. Create Master Forms and Fill them in. Print on pre-printed forms.
FPD227.ZIP55220Dec 5 1988"Your Partner" financial calculator. Easy to use, yet includes almost all important financial computational tasks.
FPLAN.ZIP109507Nov 30 1989FPLAN is a flight planner intended for use in general aviation.
FREEBASE.ZIP119503Dec 19 1986Public Domain DBMS by Tom Rettig from DataBase Advisor.
FREQDBF1.ZIP51851Aug 28 19924300+ Scanner Frequency Database in .DBF Format. Fire, Police, Etc.
GANNTRAD.ZIP7457Nov 11 1989Glossary of terms for GANN's stock market investment techniques.
GASLOG.ZIP42519Jun 20 1991Track your gas usage and calculate your MPG. Creates graph of usage.
GDE757_1.ZIP308151Jan 6 1993Home and Business Legal Guide and Forms Generator v. 7.57 (1 of 3).
GDE757_2.ZIP361616Jan 8 1993Home and Business Legal Guide and Forms Generator v. 7.57 (2 of 3).
GDE757_3.ZIP331237Jan 6 1993Home and Business Legal Guide and Forms Generator v. 7.57 (3 of 3).
GERMAN.ZIP33443Dec 2 1990German recipes for Meal Master.
GLV12.ZIP46924Jan 23 1987Basic General Ledger accounts. Rec/Pay.
GMUSER91.ZIP120569Nov 8 1991Journal holdings of George Mason University library with search software. Search program allows screen/disk/both output and supports boolean (and, or, not) searching. Datafile current as of November 1, 1991.
GOLDP30.ZIP103120Nov 28 1991FastPhone GOLD is a complete phonebook/address database with full sort and search capabilities. Includes auto-dialer.
GOODCRED.ZIP3386Sep 17 1986Understand what good credit can do and how to get good credit.
GOURMT.ZIP36636Jan 27 1992Gourmet recipes for Meal Master 7.03.
GRADE.ZIP65833Aug 14 1994Teacher's gradebook. Weighting, averaging, and multiple classes.
GRADEBK.ZIP90277Feb 23 1987Gradebook for teachers, designed by a teacher.
GREEK.ZIP22686May 13 1994Greek recipes for Microcook program.
GROCER32.ZIP46528Sep 15 1991The Grocer, version 3.2SW (September, 1991). A grocerey shopping database which permits you to organize your shopping list and calculate its cost online before going to the store.
GROCERY3.ZIP57477Nov 9 1987Shopping made easier with this simple list-maker.
GSTOCK.ZIP105697May 13 1989Stock Technical Analysis program.
GUIDE75.ZIP303106Dec 21 1991Home and Business legal guide version 7.5.
HAMB1.ZIP4637May 31 1990Hamburger recipes for Meal Master.
HAMB2.ZIP7868Jun 10 1990Hamburger recipes for Meal Master.
HAMB3.ZIP6810Jul 8 1990Hamburger recipes for Meal Master.
HAMBURG.ZIP14047May 7 1989Many good and simple hamburger recipes. Humorous story concerning the origin of these recipes is included.
HBSUPPLY.ZIP6797Mar 12 1991A list of homebrew supply shops and mail order outlets.
HELPDESK.ZIP458978Mar 18 1992A single- and multi-user Help Desk program. Tracks calls, problems. Allows you to create a database of problems and solutions for online searching.
HEM.ZIP137660Jan 6 1992Business Daily Expense Record.
HHG105.ZIP89993Apr 13 1990Household Good Inventory. Keeps track of what you own.
HMMII.ZIP177999Dec 18 1988Home Money Manager II - pretty good checkbook and budget program.
HOLD10.ZIP88872Oct 2 1992HOLD-ANYTHING! v1.0. An extremely easy to use program which keeps track of just about anything. No database setup is required - just start entering data! Records are quickly located by typing the first few letters of an it
HOME.ZIP147402Apr 12 1990Home inventory and asset manager. Computes insurance needs.
HOME143.ZIP355279Jul 5 1993AROUND THE HOUSE v1.43 -A home and personal information manager. Names, addresses, and phone numbers. Vehicle maintenance and repair.
HOME26.ZIP133731Dec 13 1993HOME PLAN v2.6 - Draw,Save,Edit,Print house plans. Undo of last action. Show studs & joists. Auto Dimensioning. Insert pre-drawn furniture & appliances. Calculate square ft.
HOMEBREW.ZIP2339Feb 22 1991Two recipes for homemade beer.
HOPPYNWS.ZIP10395Feb 4 1992Hoppy Cappers Newsletter, December 1991 for home brewers.
HP17.ZIP28775Jan 20 1987Simulates an RPN Calculator.
HPB20.ZIP58525Sep 20 1992Home Phone Book v2.0 - Electronic phone book type program for home use. Holds 1000 entries per db. Multiple dbs possible.
HR30S.ZIP136997Mar 14 1992A full featured menu driven easy to use program that maintains a detailed list of everything you own. Each item is automatically categorized by location, category, owner and item. The user can easily customize the pop-up
HSCHV2.ZIP122016Aug 2 1988The homogenized Software Church Package. Church Database System.
HT101.ZIP102995Jan 10 1994HTime - is a task-tracking applcation for single or multi-user systems. Features include up to 40 tasks per week, four level task description support (i.e. Company, Department, Project, and Private),printing/exporting of w
HTRACK.ZIP163623Feb 7 1992Household Tracker - Maintain records for auto repairs, magazine subscriptions, phone list, credit cards, VCR taps and other items. Please read through the FGSREAD.1ST for proper CONFIG.SYS settings.
IC184.ZIP115385Feb 13 1992Intellicom v1.83 - Allows you to send files offline in archive form and import descriptions into lists and catalogs.
ICBOOK.ZIP34269Aug 20 1988A database of common IC chips. ASCII pictures and complete layout. The database can be user updated.
ICF188.ZIP61752Jul 27 1988Indexed card file system.
ICP55.ZIP188525Jul 20 1991Inventory Control Program version 5.5.
IDEALI.ZIP148779Sep 20 1990Idea List is an Information Manager which can help keep track of ideas.
IDPMEM40.ZIP331365Sep 4 1993A fully integrated organizational system for tracking memberships, dues, projects and member preferences. MEMBER allows for the creation of an unlimited number of membership databases for various catagories.
IFI.ZIP51834Mar 20 1989"I Found It" is an easy to use database program written specifically for the home and small business.
II-V103.ZIP22054Jul 4 1987Instant Info Ver 3.0 - TSR info tracker.
IL-COOK.ZIP216884Sep 5 1993ILINK NETWORK, Cuisine conference cook book.
INCORP.ZIP13525May 12 1990All the forms necessary to Incorporate a small business in the state of Maryland.
INFPL201.ZIP208942Oct 1 1990Information Please is a text storage and retrieval program allowing you to store and retrieve full-text information - such as memos, catalogues, briefs, letters, invoices, etc.
INSTACAL.ZIP15619Apr 20 1987Create calendars for any month or year up to year 2000.
INSURE12.ZIP79018Jul 6 1987Tracks health insurance claims.
INVENT.ZIP14427Dec 19 1985Nice inventory program.
INVESTOM.ZIP196648Mar 1 1988Stock Analysis the way the big boys do it...EXC.
INVHOME.ZIP51108Aug 13 1992Inventory your home items with this simple database.
INVNTORY.ZIP58466Dec 21 1993EZ Inventory. An all-purpose stand-alone inventory program.
INVOICE.ZIP21624Mar 12 1987Prints out and llets you design your won own busieness invoices.
INVSTAL3.ZIP34491May 28 1988Amortization schedule; Compound Interest; Simple Interest figure outer.
IOS.ZIP267022Jul 28 1991Home Inventory Organizer System v1.01 helps track/log personal items.
IP200.ZIP185399Jul 10 1990Information Please is a text storage and retrieval program allowing you to store and retrieve information - such as memos, catalogues, briefs, letters, invoices, articles, product descriptions, scientific papers, etc.
IPA_RECP.ZIP955Apr 15 1991Recipe for India Pale Ale beer.
IPM17B.ZIP25521Nov 7 1986Critical Path Method Project Scheduler produces pert and gantt charts.
IRISH.ZIP22450Aug 22 1991Irish recipes in MealMaster format.
IST11-1.ZIP220538Oct 20 1992A tool for planning Motor Trips across the US using the Interstate Hwy System. Disk 1 of 2.
IST11-2.ZIP208606May 8 1992A tool for Planning Motor trips across the US using the Interstate Hwy System. Disk 2 of 2.
ITALIANM.ZIP4815Jul 13 1991Italian recipes for Meal Master.
JB100.ZIP45546Jan 24 1988JB100 is a database management system designed to handle small (up to a few hundred records) databases.
JEWISHD.ZIP235381Dec 5 1993Directory of synagogues, kosher restorants, and minyanim worldwide.
JMENU115.ZIP155284Jul 10 1991Job Cost version 1.12 project management system.
JOBHUNT.ZIP938501Oct 8 1994Job hunting program for windows. Requires vbrun300 and msajt110.
JOBNET.ZIP115387Dec 22 1993JOBNET v1.0 Put your skills to work making MONEY. JobNET is a 1-800 directory of the most active,ressive, & high-profile contract service firms. JobNET costs $29 and includes LABELS. From Tom Welch.
JOHARI.ZIP14199Jan 10 1986Inventories personal communication.
JOT-IT.ZIP4688Jul 30 1988TSRNotepad.
JUDYFILE.ZIP49890May 5 1985Judy will take care of you/mem. res. beeps when you have an appointment.
KDL11B.ZIP119317Oct 16 1994Ken's Disk Labeler for Windows V1.1B.
KPHONE10.ZIP149185Jul 29 1992Kellyphone V1.0 Daily Calendar and Personal/Business Phone Directory.
KWIKSKED.ZIP85871Feb 3 1987Excellent Project Manager.
KWKLBL34.ZIP88760Jan 1 1993KWIKLABL V3.4A - Create regular address labels, return address labels, custom border editor, postal barcodes for zipcodes, choice of fonts and more.
LABEL407.ZIP36473Nov 17 1989Simple, but useful, address label/envelope printer (standard fonts).
LABELPRO.ZIP47902Nov 15 1988Very good & easy to use label making program.
LABPLS3.ZIP98617Jul 10 1992Labels Plus V3.0 - A well done label and address program. Up to 5000 name/address records.
LANDL202.ZIP108784May 4 1988LANDLORD is a fast and friendly Rental Management system that requires no formal knowledge of accounting to maintain complete financial records for up to 9604 rental units.
LATCHKEY.ZIP167624Apr 15 1989Comprehesive Personal Information Organizer.
LATLON.ZIP37396Nov 18 1992List of 1000+ cities in the world and their latitude and longitude.
LAYEDT.ZIP114795May 19 1994Act for Windows 2.0 Layout editor. Create you own layouts for Act instead of using the ones that shipped with 2.0.
LAYOUT1.ZIP179111Feb 3 1993Demo of Layout, a graphical OOP tool. PIM program (Idealist).
LAYOUT2.ZIP125241Mar 25 1992Another Layout demo, a video poker game.
LAYOUT3.ZIP198745Mar 10 1993Another Layout demo, a profitability calculator for businesses.
LAYOUT4.ZIP76982Mar 25 1992Another Layout demo, a calendar/notepad app.
LAYOUT5.ZIP91633Mar 25 1992Another Layout demo, a 2-player-by-modem chess game.
LBB.ZIP104710May 15 1994LBB V6.01. Little Black Book. Fast business and personal address book and dialer. Supports International dialing and address formats. Prints pocket sized personal directory on DM or Laser. Supports COM ports 1 thru 4.
LBL35V3.ZIP26192Mar 15 1989Simple, but very nice 3.5 inch disk label maker.
LCBATIMP.ZIP2072Mar 28 1990Batch file using STACKEY to automate importing multiple comment files into LogiCat (LCxx.ZIP) Disk Catalog data base.
LEADLOG.ZIP237291Oct 18 1993Contract Employement Database. Great for Contract Programmers and Contract Engineers. Lists Hundreds of Companies with Addresses, Contacts, Phone, Fax, etc.
LEGAL8.ZIP687064May 4 1994Legal form for many uses.
LEGALFRM.ZIP105030Dec 3 1988A large collection of standard "fill-in-the-blank" legal forms.
LETHEAD3.ZIP92258Aug 6 1989Print your own letter head and envelopes. Helps you design and create a logo that can be printed in many formats.
LETRHEAD.ZIP18814May 21 1986Create your own letterhead & envel.
LETTERS.ZIP45508Mar 8 1985100 business letters.
LFWORK20.ZIP204655Aug 9 1993Looking for a job, V2.0: comprehensive plan to research companies, prepare a resume, prepare for an interview.
LIBCAT11.ZIP49311Feb 4 1989Library Catalog System, v1.1, minor revisions.
LIBSV20B.ZIP18447Feb 16 1994LibServ version 2.0, from Asphyxiated Rooster Software. Good and handy program to keep a tab on your library due dates; it automatically alerts you when you turn on your 'puter and you have books due soon. PD but donatio
LIKUBUY.ZIP9426Mar 19 1989Several recipes for various types of beer.
LINEUP.ZIP94311Jul 27 1992Special version of the popular LINEUP Sports Card Collection Management System.
LINPRO.ZIP116389Nov 24 1985A good decision spt pkg; contains LP, Decsion Tree, & Multi Attribute An.
LIVWILL.ZIP1884Dec 7 1988Document that will help you create a living will.
LM30S.ZIP267274Mar 17 1991Label Magic Version 3.0. Print labels, letterhead, icons, etc. Allows you to edit or create new icons for printing. Supports many printers.
LM51.ZIP296404Jan 29 1993LABEL MASTER v5.1 - PC Magazine Editors Choice mailing list program. Maintains unlimited number of names & addresses. Prints labels of any size. Bar codes. Dot matrix and laserjet. Form letter utility. Report writer.
LNL.ZIP85193Feb 26 1989Simple, but very powerful mailing list management system.
LOADSYS.ZIP179461Dec 13 1990Ammunition reloaders database.
LOANMSTR.ZIP86093Mar 17 1990Loan Management System with Database, Yearly Schedules, Pre-Payment Analysis, Remaining Balance, Finds missing variables, Loan Comparisions, and much, much more.
LOANPAK.ZIP31288Oct 9 1986LoanPak is a collection of six of the most-needed standard loan calculations.
LOANPLAN.ZIP22785Feb 27 1987Good program to use before requesting a loan!.
LOANS.ZIP44590Nov 10 1986Loan calculation program. Includes Basic source code.
LOCATER.ZIP198452May 16 1990The locator is a system for storing information about businesses, and then providing a means to search through them.
LOG202.ZIP56076May 15 1989Time logging and billing system for up to 25 clients.
LOGBOOK2.ZIP40748Jul 15 1988Computerized Flight Log Book. Nice.
LOG_108.ZIP213479Nov 12 1992Zeebooker's Diabetes logbook program.
LRNFORM.ZIP34391Oct 9 1989Learn-a-form: locate correct positions to enter form data.
LRS.ZIP81490Jul 21 1989Lists, Rules, and Smarts. Interesting Information Organizer.
LSTVT_11.ZIP75676Nov 16 1992TVT is a database program to keep track of video collections of any size.
LUMBER.ZIP3115Aug 26 1987Figures Lumber & Cost for Building Projects (Basic).
MA341.ZIP167349Jan 29 1990Mail All Mailing List program. Very capable, Nice Mouse integration. Quick and easy with a lot of label & envelope options.
MAGBASE.ZIP43889Oct 2 1989Database to keep track of magazine articles (up to 10,000 per database) with sophisticated search and structure functions.
MAILAL28.ZIP67311Aug 17 1987MAILALL is a versatile mail list manager program. It will maintain addresses, phone numbers and the like.
MAILIST1.ZIP48383Mar 18 1990MaiList is a menu operated utility that features alphanumerical sort and provides selective or complete list printing on envelopes or labels.
MAILMON.ZIP125312Apr 18 1989MAIL MONSTER is a straight-forward easy to use mailing label manager. It permits you to add, edit, sort, and print mailing labels.
MAILMSTR.ZIP75929Sep 17 1988Mail Master will allow you to enter names, addresses, and related information such as telephone numbers, dates, purchases, etc. Once entered, such information may be searched, sorted, reviewed, or printed.
MAILROOM.ZIP137167Aug 14 1989A very powerful mailing list program with many nice features.
MAJRLM.ZIP148047Aug 26 1992Major League Ball Card Collection Organizer.
MAKEINFO.ZIP25477May 26 1992Creates user defined reference data bases for Infopop version 2.0.
MAL1.ZIP48198Apr 2 1990MAL is a menu driven, magazine article tracking system.
MALTINFO.ZIP1151Jan 9 1992Table of information on various malts for home brewers.
MANGPLAN.ZIP77082Jan 13 2000Organizes your activities.
MASSAPEL.ZIP247150Feb 16 1989Mass Appeal 3.2 - all purpose mailing list manager. Can be used to generate lists, reports, print envelopes, etc.
MAXICA30.ZIP138052May 29 1989MaxiCalendar is an appointment calendar system designed for use by those with a busy schedule who desire an organized method to keep track of meetings, appointments, and events.
MBASE21.ZIP29309May 11 1988Music database manager - version 2.1, very good.
MBASE5.ZIP211328Aug 22 1992Modem Base Version 5.0 - Allows you to keep control of file listings, files download and files uploaded to a BBS. Nice DBM functionality.
MC100.ZIP150772Aug 27 1989Loan Master mortgage reduction system. Allows a home buyer to analyze various strategies used to reduce mortgage payments.
MCHOC.ZIP9650Mar 10 1990Meal Master Mint Chocolate recepies.
MDB.ZIP179114Dec 6 1992MetalBase 5.0 Relational database with C source code, report generator, schema files, report language, record viewer, C API, etc., for DOS and UNIX. Looks/works GREAT on UNIX.
MEALER.ZIP9755Aug 29 1992Allows you to create output files for Meal Master.
MED2BIBL.ZIP13945Aug 23 1991Load MEDLINE citations into BIBL database system. BIBL is also available on this board. Nice utility, even word wraps title fields during the conversion.
MEDARC.ZIP25759Dec 7 1989MEDIATOR is a simple computer program for mediating disputes between two parties or groups.
MEMBER1.ZIP100088Dec 4 1991The Membership System is an automated database designed to contain information about an organization's members. Print labels, reports, etc.
MEMO_PAD.ZIP15978Aug 7 1989A great little TSR memo-pad program. Jot down notes, search through previous notes, etc.
MEXICAN.ZIP9127Feb 7 1990Mexican food recipes for Meal Master.
MF-DB102.ZIP124764Oct 2 1993Modemer's database. Use to keep track of downloaded files and such.
MG310.ZIP149416Dec 27 1990MicroGourmet is a shareware recipe database system which includes 100 gourmet recipes. You can add all your own recipes.
MGVWR2.ZIP42322Jul 31 1989Updated & New Lotus Magellan Viewers-Beta Releases.
MICROCRD.ZIP43918Jan 23 19903 by 5 card file program with great import/export capabilities. Allows you to set up as a temporary TSR when you run an application you want to do import/export from.
MICROWAV.ZIP8725Jun 17 1989Microwave recipes for those on the go.
MILEPRC2.ZIP235360Jun 27 1990MILE-PRC is a program which will collect information for individuals who must account for time, money and miles.
MINIBASE.ZIP17400Dec 1 1986Small fast Mini DBMS. All menu driven.
MJOG200.ZIP21945Dec 20 1988MJOG is a simple program that can help jog your memory for important dates. Helps track birthdays, appointments, etc.
MKTEGA.ZIP88258Jan 31 1988Track stocks using EGA display.
MLRCC25.ZIP149630Aug 1 1993My Little Realm's Calling Cards v2.5 - is your answer when you need an electronic phone book.
MLT.ZIP31207Apr 6 1986Telephone directory.
MM-CANAD.ZIP20924Jan 1 1993Canadian recipes for MealMaster 7.x or later.
MM0303-3.ZIP39248Mar 3 1993Over 100 brand new recipes for Meal Master, many are crackers and dips.
MM1000.ZIP267688Aug 14 19911000 fantastic recipes for the Meal Master recipe manager program. Includes recipes for all categories.
MM126.ZIP42397Sep 29 1989Market Master is a powerful and easy to use Stock Market analysis system that allows you to easily track stocks.
MM1REC.ZIP73569Aug 10 1993Meal Master Recipes, Part 1 of 2.
MM2600.ZIP710056Feb 19 1993Over 2600 recipes for Meal Master version 7.03, very complete collection.
MM2692.ZIP760364Jun 28 1993EVERY Meal Master recipe on this BBS and then some with all duplicates stripped.
MM2REC.ZIP81304Aug 10 1993Meal Master Recipes, Part 2 of 2.
MM707.ZIP185415May 22 1993Meal Master V7.07. Very advanced recipe program. Now with several new import features.
MMARYLND.ZIP3389Sep 3 1990Meal Master recipes from Maryland. Ten recipes comprise a complete meal from soup to dessert. Loads directly into Meal Master.
MMBBQ.ZIP11412Mar 15 1992Barbecue recipes in MealMaster format.
MMCAJUN1.ZIP8857Dec 29 1990Cajun recipes for MealMaster.
MMCAJUN2.ZIP16321Dec 29 1990More cajun recipes for MealMaster.
MMCANDY.ZIP2902Nov 6 1992Candy recipes for Meal Master 7.01, Yummy.
MMCHILI.ZIP29748Dec 9 1992Spicy hot recipes for Meal Master 7.01, mexican, indian and american.
MMCHSCKE.ZIP11256Dec 29 1990Cheesecake Recipes for "Meal Master".
MMCONV15.ZIP76200Sep 15 1993Meal Master recipe conversion program for most other formats such as Quikbook and CHEF. Several other great utilities included. This is a must if you download recipes from the mail conferences.
MMCOOKIE.ZIP8158Oct 22 1990Cookie recipes in MealMaster format.
MMD.ZIP68687Jan 22 1988A complete Time Management System. Looks very good.
MMDIR.ZIP12161Sep 22 1986LList/print MultiMate ADV II doc summary screens.
MMDRINK.ZIP4285Dec 9 1992Beverage recipes for Meal Master 7.01, both hot and cold.
MMFISH.ZIP7743Sep 28 1992Delicious fish recipes for Meal Master recipe manager.
MMFORMAT.ZIP21213Aug 18 1989Allows you to format text files for import into Meal Master. C source code included. Very handy for Meal-Master users.
MMFRUIT.ZIP31427Dec 9 1992Recipes using all kinds of fruits for Meal Master 7.01.
MMGREEK.ZIP18726Dec 21 1992Some new Greek recipes for Meal Master, exported using version 7.04.
MMICRWAV.ZIP8725Jun 17 1989Meal Master microwave recipes.
MMJALAP.ZIP22651Aug 4 1993Wonderful, spicy Meal Master recipes using jalapenos peppers. Exported using Meal Master 7.03.
MMLIB1.ZIP31658Nov 12 1989Various Meal Master recipes. Part 1 of 6.
MMLIB2.ZIP22936Nov 12 1989Various Meal Master recipes. Part 2 of 6.
MMLIB3.ZIP16159Aug 6 1989Various Meal Master recipes. Part 3 of 6.
MMLIB4.ZIP26050Nov 12 1989Various Meal Master recipes. Part 4 of 6.
MMLIB5.ZIP23748Nov 12 1989Various Meal Master recipes. Part 5 of 6.
MMLIB6.ZIP12405Nov 12 1989Various Meal Master recipes. Part 6 of 6.
MMLIB7.ZIP25684Nov 12 1989Meal Master pickle and garlic recipes.
MMMEAT.ZIP19865Sep 28 1992Great meat dishes for the Meal Master recipe manager program.
MMMENU.ZIP49293Jun 19 1993Meal-Master Utility. Allows MM to run with compressed recipe files and has a little routine to extract Meal-Master/CompuChef and Qbook recipes from test files (like those saved from a mail reader) and output to MM readabl
MMMEX.ZIP28425Mar 15 1992Mexican recipes in MealMaster format.
MMORIENT.ZIP45857Aug 4 1993A rather large collection of oriental recipes for Meal Master. Includes recipes from China, Japan, Phillipines, etc. Exported using Meal Master 7.03.
MMPENN.ZIP42973Mar 15 1992Pennsylvania Dutch recipes in MealMaster format.
MMPOLTRY.ZIP24760Nov 6 1992Lip smacking recipes using chicken, turkey and other birds for Meal Master 7.01.
MMRECIPE.ZIP125337Sep 29 1990Loads of recipes for Meal Master: Cookies, beef, lo-cal, cheesecake.
MMRELISH.ZIP4350Nov 6 1992Super relish recipes for the Meal Master 7.01 program.
MMRICE.ZIP22903Sep 28 1992Loads of recipes with rice for Meal Master recipe manager.
MMSALSA.ZIP6889Aug 4 1993Spicy, tomato, fruit and many other kinds of salsa for Meal Master. Exported using Meal Master v7.03.
MMSAUCE.ZIP20676Nov 6 1992Loads of suace recipes, some hot, some mild, all delicious for use with Meal Master v7.01.
MMSPICY.ZIP8936Aug 4 1993Spicy, zippy, tangy and HOT recipes for Meal Master. Exported using version Meal Master 7.03.
MMSPMAYO.ZIP820Dec 12 1992Meal Master mayonnaise recipe from The Silver Palate.
MMSPUD.ZIP21505Sep 28 1992Great potatoe recipes for Meal Master recipe manager.
MMTHAI.ZIP8005Aug 4 1993A collection of Meal Master recipes from Thailand, many are very spicy but also very tasty. Exported using Meal Master 7.03.
MMTWAD.ZIP1612Apr 29 1993Meal Master recipes from The Tightwad Gazette, May, 1993.
MMWEST.ZIP5619Jul 10 1989Meal Master western recipes.
MMWOK.ZIP26871Jan 22 1995Wok recipes for Meal Master.
MONEY.ZIP123747Jul 7 1986Great family budget program.
MONEY1.ZIP30147Oct 20 1987Financial records program - accounts, deposits, withdrawals, etc.
MONYCNT$.ZIP145206Mar 23 1987Money Mgmt System Ver 3.94B.
MOVIE3A.ZIP244731Aug 13 1991The Movie Guide version 3.0 motion picture database. Part 1 of 2.
MOVIE3B.ZIP209031Jul 15 1991The Movie Guide version 3.0 motion picture database. Part 2 of 2.
MOVIEA14.ZIP321514Apr 15 1993MOVIES TO GO! v1.4 - 15 April 93 - Electronics Video Movie Guide. Info on 1,000 films (registered has 4,700 +). Search for catagories, actors, directors, MPAA rating, key words, year & much more. Part 1 of 3 parts.
MOVIEB14.ZIP237248Apr 15 1993MOVIES TO GO! V1.4 15 April 93. Part 2 of 3 parts.
MOVIEC14.ZIP86479Apr 15 1993MOVIES TO GO! V1.4 15 April 93. Part 3 of 3 parts.
MOVIEREV.ZIP44828Jun 18 1989Movie reviews of rentable tapes.
MOVIES.ZIP73452Aug 15 1989Movies database - listing of thousands of films (actors, directors, etc.
MOVIES1.ZIP154533Oct 1 1989A fantastic, and rather extensive movie database with small review of some movies. Part 1 of 2.
MOVIES2.ZIP129303Oct 1 1989Movie database and reviews. Part 2 of 2.
MOVIES50.ZIP489237Dec 12 1993The Movie Database: info on 6000 movies, including cast members, writers, director, (for some) actors' roles, quickie reviews/ratings, musical director, cinematographer, more. 12/93 edition.
MPLAN301.ZIP64277Dec 1 1988Mortgage Planner. Excellent for home buyers.
MRBILL.ZIP269268Mar 10 1988Very good billing program.
MSL.ZIP84193Dec 16 1991Master Station Log - emulates DD FORM 1753.
MTS103.ZIP936262Apr 11 1995MINDING THE SHOP ver 1.0.3 Shareware Software - Point-of-sale software for auto service shops which will track inventory incl perpetual + will track valuable data about your customers, inventory.
MUFFIN.ZIP6227Jul 29 1989Meal-Master Recipes: Muffins.
MUSICDB.ZIP104488Jan 10 1992A data base program designed to keep track of what is on all those record albums.
MUSICORG.ZIP178971Feb 14 1988FOR RECORD COLLECTORS is a computer data base system specifically designed for collectors, broadcasters, and other people with music collections.
MUSICTR.ZIP158556Dec 10 1990Full featured Musical Recordings Data Base that is menu driven with an on-line help system.
MXI30A.ZIP65574Jul 1 1986Bussines accounting package pt 1.
MXI30B.ZIP86313Jul 1 1986Bussines accounting package pt 2.
MYCALU11.ZIP51250Dec 6 1989MyCALEND is a program to create customized calendars. Once a calendar has been created it need not be changed again for the events you have indicated. Very nice, and handy to have.
MYCHOR10.ZIP30039Jul 28 1992MyChore v1.0: simple reminder program designed to be run from the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
MYF362.ZIP113542Jun 26 1991Managing Your Food program version 3.62 (Part 1 of 2 files).
MYF3DATA.ZIP71563Dec 10 1990Managing Your Food data version 3.62 (Part 2 of 2 files).
MYROLO.ZIP38810Feb 15 1986Rolodex program.
N1REC89D.ZIP98531Jan 23 1990Billboard #1 Hits Database. A Menu driven Database filled with #1 Pop Hits from 1955 to 1990. Excellent.
NAMEBASE.ZIP102356Jun 5 1991SImple but effective name and address database.
NAMEVM.ZIP221857Apr 11 1991NameVm is an extensive name/address program. Stores information in dBase compatible files.
NAVABB1.ZIP109389Feb 27 1989Naval Acronym & Abbreviation Database.
NETTOOLS.ZIP7636Mar 7 1990Clarion 2.0/2 L.E.M. containing NetWare interface functions.
NEWBASE.ZIP153982Jul 9 1988Database system.
NEWBIZ10.ZIP137730Mar 8 1992Generate ideas for setting up your own business through brain storming.
NEWSBASE.ZIP81297Apr 30 1987A database for news clippings.
NIM2.ZIP81983Apr 8 1988Newspaper Indexing System.
NJEVAL.ZIP25156Mar 30 1989Evaluate equations on the DOS command line.
NMENU2.ZIP200795Sep 12 1994NewMenu online cookbook v2.0.
NOTE95.ZIP28164Oct 12 1992A Personal Information Manager For The HP 95LX Palmtop Computer.
NOTEWR40.ZIP113645Sep 1 1994NoteWare 4.0 : Top-Rated TSR Npad! Pop up NoteWare anytime to write notes, views and directories, capture screens, dial the phone, or find information in notes. "By far the best TSR Notepad I've seen"-- Mike Callahan.
NPA931.ZIP638233Mar 27 1993Numbering Plan Area - a comprehensive directory of telephone area codes and exchanges.
NURSEAID.ZIP135298Aug 24 1991Tool for Elementary School Nurses. Manage student info (address, shot record, phone numbers, and more) Uploaded by author.
NYC.ZIP13104Nov 5 1988Determines a NY cities street cross-section through the building address.
ODAY300.ZIP239432Jun 23 1992OMNIDay 3.00 Computer Diary program with many features and toggles. Over 10000 encryption options, handles up to 10 users, full featured text editor, accepts all major TSR spell checkers and thresarauses, all world dat
ODBC.ZIP1353Nov 1 1992Setup ODBC tips with Microsoft SQL Server.
OLB60AV1.ZIP724313Oct 27 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 1 of 14.
OLB60AV2.ZIP724377Oct 27 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 2 of 14.
OLB60AV3.ZIP724377Oct 27 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 3 of 14.
OLB60AV4.ZIP520296Oct 27 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 4 of 14.
OLB60CR1.ZIP722468Sep 2 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 5 of 14.
OLB60CR2.ZIP722465Sep 2 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 6 of 14.
OLB60CR3.ZIP722399Sep 2 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 7 of 14.
OLB60CR4.ZIP708851Oct 25 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 8 of 14.
OLB60LX1.ZIP722571Sep 10 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 9 of 14.
OLB60LX2.ZIP704586Sep 10 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 10 of 14.
OLB60PR1.ZIP634782Jan 8 1993OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 11 of 14.
OLB60PR2.ZIP407940Jan 5 1993OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 12 of 14.
OLB60TP1.ZIP721042Sep 8 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 13 of 14.
OLB60TP2.ZIP606102Nov 9 1992OnLine Bible Version 6.0. King James version. Part 14 of 14.
OMNIDAY.ZIP239432Jun 23 1992OMNIDay 3.00 - Computer diary program with many features and toggles. Has over 10000 encryption options for diary. Can handle up to 10 users at once and has a full featured text editor.
ONBASE.ZIP42835Oct 22 1987Memory Resident database.
ONTIME12.ZIP84348Aug 13 1988OnTime! The Professional Reminder Program.
OPTIMA.ZIP328706Apr 22 1991The OPTIMA Project Management system. Useful for tracking resources.
ORGCHART.ZIP41368Sep 24 1988A simple to use organizational chart generator. Will output to either a printer or file.
ORIENTAL.ZIP77316May 13 1994Oriental recipes for Microcook program.
OSHA1A.ZIP342736Mar 27 1994Complete OSHA regulations on disk. Easy to use read / search all OSHA regulations.
OUTLIN.ZIP11681Mar 13 1994Powerbuilder 3.0 outline demo with source.
OUTPUT.ZIP171376Nov 25 1992Save Microsoft Access report to file. From CIS.
PAGAN11A.ZIP191615Jun 3 1994The Pagan Daybook is a calendar application for Microsoft Windows. It will display the current date and time, the ancient and modern tides and the names and meanings of any pagan festivals that fall on this day.
PAGED10.ZIP47140Jan 23 1990PAGEME is a paging/call notifcation system that may be used in conjunction with your answering machine and a commercial pager (beeper).
PAR11.ZIP83654Sep 30 1989PAR is a personal asset inventory system. It will track all of your belongings. This is important for insurance purposes.
PAYROLL.ZIP11769Jan 16 1987Very good Payroll Program written in dBase III. Includes source.
PBASE.ZIP84662Oct 14 1985Database Manager.
PC-ACC1.ZIP147476Feb 28 1987Financial programs part 1.
PC-AP13.ZIP37446Apr 13 1989Accounts Payable system from Medford, works with PC-GL33.ZIP.
PC-AR39.ZIP41659Apr 12 1987Medlin's Accounts Receivable.
PC-BID.ZIP75652Aug 28 1988Construction bidding program that maintains a database of bid items together with Labor, Equipment, Material and Sub-Contractor costs.
PC-CHECK.ZIP35699Sep 13 1985Checkbook and savings manager by the Forbin Project.
PC-DISK.ZIP32601Oct 28 1986Disk catalogger.
PC-GL33.ZIP37560Apr 13 1989Latest medford general ledger package.
PC-ORG.ZIP127442Mar 22 1989MultiFunctional PC Organizer-Addr/dialer/wp/diary etc.
PC-PR15.ZIP41144Jun 23 1987Medlin's latest payroll program V1.5.
PC-QUOTE.ZIP75749Aug 28 1988Construction Quoting program that maintains a database of quote items together with Labor, Equipment, Material and Outside costs.
PCACT211.ZIP142925Sep 1 1987PC Personal Accounting, very flexible.
PCAL1462.ZIP190153Oct 7 1993Excellent TSR pop-up Personal Calendar V14.62. This one has just about every feature you would want in this type of program.
PCAREA21.ZIP68339Feb 21 1990PC-Areacode is an easy-to-use but extremely useful program which can find the areacode for virtually any city or town in the U.S. or Canada.
PCBOOKS.ZIP77410Aug 30 1989Easy to use and learn general ledger accounting program.
PCDBMS.ZIP127578Sep 24 1986Relational DBMS now with calc fields.
PCDOC211.ZIP51137Aug 15 1987PC Personal Accounting Docs (
PCF30A.ZIP171254Aug 9 1993PCForm v3.0 - The Pick and Click Forms Generatory and Management System - Great for making custom forms and line drawings with easy form cataloging. Block editing and two point drawing simplify form development. Auo-
PCF50-3.ZIP244672Jan 29 1990Documentation for PC File 5.0.
PCF5_1.ZIP290780Feb 22 1990PC-File V5.0 DBMS. Not dBase compatible. Simpler version. Excellent menus. Part 1 of 2.
PCF5_2.ZIP267996Feb 22 1990PC-File V5.0 DBMS. Not dBase compatible. Simpler version. Excellent menus. Part 2 of 2.
PCF70A.ZIP319148Jun 16 1993PCFile:DB version 7.0 -- Shareware database system using dBase III+ databases. Part 1 of 4.
PCF70B.ZIP351715Jun 16 1993PCFile:DB version 7.0 -- Shareware database system using dBase III+ databases. Part 2 of 4.
PCF70C.ZIP268654Jun 16 1993PCFile:DB version 7.0 -- Shareware database system using dBase III+ databases. Part 3 of 4.
PCF70D.ZIP239713Jun 16 1993PCFile:DB version 7.0 -- Shareware database system using dBase III+ databases. Part 4 of 4.
PCGOURME.ZIP39876Jan 27 1991PC GOURMET is a database management program that allows you to store your favorite recipes on disk for viewing, editing, or printing.
PCL.ZIP66182Feb 1 1989PC Library will allow you to organize whatever info you want. Was designed to maintain a knowledge base of computer information.
PCMECH21.ZIP195491Dec 15 1991PC Mechanic Maintenance Management system, version 2.1. Organize your building equipment maintenance. Features rival commercial packages costing $1000's. E A S Y to use. Many new enhancements.
PCMONEY.ZIP35656Dec 22 1985Money Manager for Home or a Small Business.
PCPM.ZIP63757Mar 12 1986PC Project Manager.
PCRECIPE.ZIP30124Sep 13 1985Recipe Database Program.
PCYRBK20.ZIP21596Jun 4 1986Calendar/Appointment Scheduler.
PC_TOUCH.ZIP31546Oct 4 1984A simple but very good typing trainer.
PD125.ZIP15956Jul 1 1992PopDATE is a resident perpetual calendar using under 3.5k of RAM. Includes C source code.
PDA20-A.ZIP157366Jul 29 1991Personal Database Administrator v2.0 (File 1 of 2).
PDA20-B.ZIP93840Jul 29 1991Personal Database Administrator v2.0 (File 2 of 2).
PDESK1.ZIP113626Jun 20 1989PD Is A Complete Office Environment For Your Computer 1 OF 2.
PDESK2.ZIP163755Jun 20 1989PD Is A Complete Office Environment For Your Computer 2 OF 2.
PDSQUOTE.ZIP141893Feb 12 1988The PDS*QUOTE Quotation System is designed to allow you to quickly and accurately prepare quotations for various projects.
PEGDOC.ZIP27887Jul 2 1992Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG 2.0) User's Guide and Features Summary. For use with PEGWAR.ZIP.
PEGFOLD.ZIP150482Jul 8 1992Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG 2.0) Optional Folders add-in utility. Allows you to create customized TV Guide listings with the PEGWAR.ZIP software.
PEGNY130.ZIP231639Jun 21 1992TV Listings For Week Of 07/04/92 - NY Edition. This file cannot be viewed without the software in PEGWARE.ZIP.
PEGWAR.ZIP245981Jul 8 1992Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG 2.0) Shareware. The ultimate electronic TV GUIDE. Provides program titles, descriptions, etc for over 10,000 programs/movies per week in a searchable, printable database. Requires data f
PERINV11.ZIP50040Feb 28 1988Data base program for personal inventory/insurance purposes.
PERS_SYS.ZIP105178Jun 13 1992Personnel System 1.0. A business application which stores and retrieves information about personnel within your company. Includes employee name, social security number, position, job status, date hired, marital status, sa
PFFORM13.ZIP196400Apr 28 1989An easy to use forms design and entry tool with some DB functions. Oriented towards laser printers in the Shareware Version. Registered Version supports Epson Dot Matrix & compatibles.
PH.ZIP63795Oct 24 1988Phone number data retrival program that will also dial numbers for you.
PHBK11.ZIP39953Jan 4 1991Great PhoneBook program compatible with PC Mags CARDFILE.
PHOEBE.ZIP133931Apr 15 1987V 2.04 sales management software pkg.
PHONBOOK.ZIP68480Nov 9 1988Phone number data retrival program.
PHONEADD.ZIP100885Mar 7 1989Phone and address sys w/ scrolling windows.
PHONEBK.ZIP54348Apr 9 1991This program is a stand alone database that can store up to 500 names, numbers and addresses. Version 2.5.
PHONEDIR.ZIP169934Oct 17 1989Never forget an important date again. This phone book helps you track friends & relatives important dates. And use SK's autodial.
PHONENUM.ZIP114809Oct 29 1989Simple phone number database. It will act as an on-line Rolodex.
PICLABEL.ZIP74783Jan 27 1991PICTURE LABEL prints graphic images from either PrintMaster, PrintShop or "The New PrintShop" graphics libraries on the left hand side of address labels.
PIES2.ZIP8848Oct 23 1990Pie recipes in mealMaster format.
PIV101.ZIP87000May 17 1989Companion program for AS-EASY-AS spreadsheet. Like Sideways, but better!.
PL.ZIP84016Jan 6 1988Professional librarian, excellent.
PLAN.ZIP25918Oct 30 1987Calendar and Note Planner.
PLANNER.ZIP67179Sep 18 1985Managers Planner.
PLANTMGR.ZIP95005Nov 11 1989Landscaping assistance for the garden.
PLATCHK4.ZIP81628Nov 3 1988Calculate Real Estate Area using Metes and Bounds. Draws Plats.
PLUMBER.ZIP375167Apr 13 1990Great program for plumbers. Tracks inventory, parts lists, etc.
PNH15.ZIP24364Jul 22 1989Phone Handler will allow 300 numbers, name/address/phone/dialer V1.5.
PODDIAL.ZIP60489Sep 9 1991Pop-up dialer with data base.
PONY.ZIP7614Jan 14 1991Horse Handicapping system. Requires RBASE 3.1.
PONY10C.ZIP266135Apr 15 1990Excellent mailing list manager and mailing label printer. Versatile, includes carrier-route for bulk mail.
PONY20.ZIP217855Apr 21 1992Pony Express 2.0 is a postal, UPS, and Federal Express rate utility developed for the IBM PC. Supports UPS rates of 2-24-92. Selected as one of the top 3 shareware programs for business (PC World 10-90).
POP40.ZIP150694May 10 1991Database of Top 40 pop songs 1955-59 (& info on getting later editions).
POPBAS15.ZIP53437Dec 29 1990TSR PhoneBook/Dialer that uses only 4k conventional Ram.
POPHITS.ZIP70301Apr 19 1989Billboards number one hits on the Rock Chart from 1949 to March, 1989. Includes comma delimited database and a database browser.
POPLABEL.ZIP53617Aug 18 1992"POP-LABEL" is a small, fast, "Pop-Up Window" program for creating and printing LABELS.
PORTCLDR.ZIP15336Jun 22 1991Clarion calendar/tickler. Application, and source code.
POSTAL91.ZIP31086Mar 24 1991Shows postal rates for 1991, along with other useful information.
PPRO.ZIP50113Jan 14 1989Phone book with dialer and print options.
PPS1.ZIP237336Aug 12 1991PPS v1.0 - People, Places, and Sounds rolodex type database.
PRC36.ZIP34749Nov 7 1988Printing Desktop Calculator, great little handy calculator with tape.
PREVMAIN.ZIP91043Feb 18 1988This program will keep track of the work history, preventive maintenance and equipment list for a health care facility.
PRO4A.ZIP186025Sep 1 1989A very nice shareware DBMS. Has many nice features, and a very powerful program generator. Easy to learn and use.
PROBKMND.ZIP134798Aug 14 1990PROFESSIONAL BOOK MINDER is a specialized data base to keep your books, articles, and magazines in order.
PRODEX-1.ZIP100888Dec 8 1987Rolodex and appointment etc. 1 of 2.
PRODEX-2.ZIP109108Dec 8 1987Rolodex and appointment etc. 2 of 2.
PROFILE1.ZIP165770May 1 1989Professional filing system, stores any kind of information. Part 1 of 2.
PROFILE2.ZIP85549May 2 1989Professional filing system Part 2 of 2.
PROFILES.ZIP165281Oct 10 1988Fast, EZ, Full Feature Address Book & More!.
PROP.ZIP15500Sep 17 1987Two sample book proposals. Useful for novice writers.
PROPOSAL.ZIP34150Nov 22 1992Instructions on writing a business plan.
PROSPEC2.ZIP13660Jun 17 1992A dBase written program to help organize job hunting.
PROSTAMP.ZIP88746Sep 28 1989PROSTAMP is a an excellent Stamp Collection database. Perfect for the beginer and the expert collector.
PSCHED.ZIP64081Dec 25 1991This is a program for individual or group schedule management.
PSL.ZIP90425Oct 16 1989The Personal Software Librarian - helps you keep track of your software.
PSP41.ZIP296956Jun 7 1993THE PARCEL SHIPPING PROGRAM PSP V4.1. A complete UPS Manifest system.Automates your UPS shipping and eliminates UPS Log Book. Meets all UPS reporting requirements.
PTD221.ZIP341703Apr 23 1993Personal Training Diary - Sports/Fitness diary for the endurance athlete. Disk 1 of 3.
PTD222.ZIP295780Apr 23 1993Personal Training Diary - disk 2 of 3.
PTD223.ZIP288312Apr 23 1993Personal Training Diary - disk 3 of 3.
PUBLISH1.ZIP89418Apr 13 1988DBS-22 Publisher part 1 of 2. Catalog and Mailing list program. Allows the printing of large catalogs or lists easily.
PUBLISH2.ZIP11892Nov 14 1987DBS-22 Publisher part 2 of 2.
PVLAB101.ZIP64391Feb 14 1991Plain Vanilla Labels is a simple program to print simple labels.
PW-GUIDE.ZIP53621Feb 19 1987Price Waterhouse guide to writing business plans.
PWRDISK.ZIP280499Nov 28 1989PowerDesk all-in-one office software package. Includes all major office automation needs in one package.
P_F.ZIP88000Jul 25 1987Point and Figure Charting Program
Q-FORM22.ZIP144483Dec 1 1992Easy to use form maker.
QBOOK96A.ZIP94466Mar 1 1990QuikBook is a program designed to help you maintain a database of recipes.
QF-MOUSE.ZIP7094Aug 25 1988Logitech Mouse file for use with QFiler.
QFCS24.ZIP131559Dec 8 1992Prints Fax cover sheet, keeps log, database of addresses.
QKRECIPE.ZIP94189Apr 22 1989Quick-n-Easy Recipes. View over 500 recipes broken down into categories (AMERICAN, CHINESE, etc.). Menu-driven.
QPE21.ZIP116154Aug 21 1988An excellent and comprhensive portfolio manager. This program is a professional level program with lots of features and options.
QUATMOUS.ZIP3930Jan 12 1988Using a mouse with Quattro.
QUOTEPRO.ZIP168098Sep 22 1992Foxbase executable that keeps track of materials database, does customer quotations, cost analysis.
QWIKGANT.ZIP61125Feb 27 1991Facilitates drawing of Gantt Charts.
QWIKSKED.ZIP85871Feb 3 1987GANTT Chart Scheduling System.
RAC116.ZIP42183Aug 5 1991Rock Area Coder v1.16 area code lookup program.
RACONT.ZIP182870Jun 26 1991Text File Management System. Perform rapid searches on text file databases. Indexs, and compresses test files.
RC.ZIP47863Jul 24 1989Fixes corrupted Reflex 2.0 database files. A real lifesaver.
RCBDES20.ZIP251503Jun 25 1990This program analyses and designs singly reinforced concrete beams of rectangular, 'T', or inverted 'L' sections.
RCOLOR.ZIP736May 6 1986Set color in REFLEX screens.
RCPWIN2.ZIP68059Nov 26 1990Recipe Maker Version 2 for Windows 3.0. A recipe manager with suggestion system for ingredients and also Meal Planning and Grocery Lists.
RDB-BIB.ZIP21017Apr 9 1989General bibliography of books and articles on relational data bases.
RDWAY301.ZIP177086Nov 24 1991Tell distance between major cities in the U.S.A. Also shows you route. Can print. Even calculates cost of trip.
RDX-10.ZIP69058Jul 19 1990A simple address book implemented as a Rolodex.
REA_V13.ZIP81395May 17 1991Beta Release Of A Real Estate Program - Needs To Be Tested And Evaluated.
RECIPE.ZIP36231Feb 6 1986Good, fast Recipe program, Grocery list generator, Meal planner.
RECIPE55.ZIP54873Mar 3 1989Menu-Master 5.52s - Food/Recipe/Menu/Shopping List System.
RECIPE7.ZIP21318Oct 25 1985Part 7 of a great cookbook.
RECIPES1.ZIP75129Jul 11 1986Part 1 of a great cookbook.
RECIPES2.ZIP63771Oct 18 1986Part 2 of a great cookbook.
RECIPES3.ZIP60517Mar 26 1986Part 3 of a great cookbook.
RECIPES6.ZIP91751Jul 3 1986Part 6 of 7.
RECMGT32.ZIP215931Dec 9 1993Recipe File Manager. Cost/serving, Size Yields Up/Dn, Add/Edit/Print, Convert weight/measure of many food products, Shopping List. Stand alone or interface with inventory modules.
REFUNDS.ZIP1775668Jul 29 1994Database of over 50,000 people who are owed a refund from the U.S. Government but haven't claimed it. Instructions on how to check to see if you or someone you know can claim your money are included with the database.
REGIT-1.ZIP320735Nov 23 1990Regit Point-Of-Sale V4.0A powerful point of sale cash register. Supports bar codes and a database for 10,000+ customers. Part 1 of 2.
REGIT-2.ZIP64644Nov 12 1990Regit Point-Of-Sale V4.0A. Part 2 of 2.
RELEASE.ZIP4019Feb 15 1991Short Tutorial on Press Releases.
REMEM.ZIP25775Nov 9 1987Utility to help you remember Birthdays and Anniverseries.
REMIND.ZIP1325Mar 11 1987Puts time & a reminder on your screen.
REMIND2.ZIP1573Dec 1 1984This is an alarm-clock/scheduler program. Also good if you just want an on-screen clock.
REMIND55.ZIP55433Sep 2 1991Simple reminder calendar with several useful functions.
REPL2.ZIP374061Dec 20 1994Find and Replace for MSAccess. Will search all objects and properties. great to rename objects and all references to them. A must have.
RES-PRO.ZIP57285Feb 20 1991Resume Professional 1.6 - put together a professional looking resume and cover letter - optional mouse support - mouse NOT required.
RESKIT11.ZIP125942Apr 7 1993PC Personal Resume Kit v1.1 - Allows you to create "electronic resumes" residing on diskette that will allow your prospective employer to view your "unique and original" resume, complete with your image, on the screen of t
RESSHP.ZIP136624Aug 24 1992Resume Shop v3.0. Easy to use program to write job resumes.
RESUMAKE.ZIP17805Nov 22 1985A program to write your own resume.
RESUME.ZIP15628Nov 25 1985Resume Writer in Disk form (Interesting).
RESUME1.ZIP151938Jun 26 1990RESUME is a simple database that tracks resumes sent out by a job seeker. Useful if you collect unemployment.
RESUME25.ZIP69109Apr 5 1992Generates a resume document. Menu driven presentation allows entry of data in a database format.
RET045.ZIP275110Dec 19 1991Retail inventory system. Keeps track of more than one store.
RETAIL20.ZIP280527Oct 9 1991Retailer II+ is a retail management package which manages inventory.
RETIRE.ZIP44147Dec 12 1989Excellent program that will help in analyzing different retirement plans, and help you determine your needs in the future.
REVIEW.ZIP23955May 4 1988Managment tool for reviewing employees'performance.
RFSV202.ZIP96813Mar 28 1989RFS Version 2.02. A very complete program specifically designed for broadcast engineers. Includes all RF math calculations needed.
RLA10.ZIP8551Dec 1 1986Appointment by Alarm' 1.0/Mem-res reminder.
ROADWAYS.ZIP184292Feb 4 1992Roadways PC is an easy to use program to help you find the shortest route from one city to another.
ROKMAR.ZIP68456Nov 16 1988Home/Office Assets Inventory System.
ROLADEX.ZIP24194Jan 1 1980A roladex on the screen. names,#'s.
ROLLCALL.ZIP177849Jul 24 1991RollCall hospital employee tracking system.
ROLLS.ZIP13319Jan 18 1988Simple Sunday school roll book. Keeps track of attendance.
ROLODEX.ZIP68526Dec 28 1988A Great Rolodex type routine capable of different catagories.
ROOMPLAN.ZIP62885Jul 7 1987Re-arrange furniture in room, etc.
RQUERY2.ZIP190694Jun 26 1990A Query+Print engine for use with Microrim's Rbase data files.
RR2314.ZIP101918Jun 15 1988ReadRef, User-configurable on-line.
RSX24.ZIP304690Jan 31 1991This is a very good bibliography database system. Saves files in dBase format. Easy to install and use.
RTI10.ZIP34865Dec 1 1992Real-Time Invetory v1.0 -- Powerful, user-friendly invetory keeper/cash register program for small businesses.
RTM210.ZIP133006Jan 1 1991Resident Task Manager version 2.1 a very nice todo list manager with many options and an audit trail. Optionally TSR in 6K.
RUN101.ZIP71832Jan 19 1987Good jogger's log, for those athletic programmers.
SAK100.ZIP166021Aug 1 1991Shareware Author's database system. Manages shareware vendors.
SALES300.ZIP157041Jun 29 1990SalesTraq was designed to keep track of your buyers, sellers and prospects, as well as anything or anyone else. You can record their likes, needs, availability, and any other factor you may choose.
SALESLIP.ZIP11670Apr 23 1988Recreate lost cash register receipt.
SAMP30TM.ZIP63768Mar 1 1989Programs for generating random numbers, sample size selection, and estimating reliability of tests.
SANITIZE.ZIP3965Feb 5 1992Discussion on sanitizing with bleach for home brewers.
SASYST.ZIP184227Jan 14 1990Good Quotation Tracking and Invoice Generation Program.
SCANITB3.ZIP627035May 16 1994Scanner Database Frequency Program Beta Ver. DL and give suggestions.
SCBASE.ZIP19652Nov 1 1992Windows scanner database for storing frequencies.
SCHED13.ZIP239229Jun 9 1993Item Schedule 1.3 - This is a simple Item Scheduler that allows you to chart particular items throughout a month. The example I use it for is to track my monthly bills. Features include prompting for an item coming due an
SCHED2.ZIP10778Mar 4 1990Improved version of PC Magazine's (Vol 9 No 6)
SCHED25.ZIP22283Apr 25 1989College scheduler for lazy students. Includes Pascal source.
SCORCARD.ZIP206432Nov 12 1992A Widows Application to maintain sports cards. Uses Paradox Engine.
SCOUT12.ZIP189934Nov 7 1990A software package developed for EPA, this is a small multivariate exploratory data analysis tool whose main features, multivariate outlier testing and interactive 2D/3D graphics, are relatively unusual.
SCRAPS11.ZIP145633Jul 8 1991Scraps v1.1 personal information manager.
SECFUN.ZIP10094Jun 3 1994Security functions for MSAccess.
SECWIZ.ZIP17662May 19 1993MS Access. Security wizard.
SENATOR.ZIP197601Feb 5 1993Database program with search of US Senators, their address, phone and fax number.
SF-171V1.ZIP448044Sep 19 1991Computerized SF 171, Federal Government Job Application Form.
SF171.ZIP78171May 1 1987Government application form.
SF171V1.ZIP448044Sep 19 1991Program to print employment form 171, a standard form for all US Govt. jobs. Keeps a database of customized field entries for diffrent positions you may be applying for. Dot matrix printer, photocopy of form needed.
SHOEBOX.ZIP91220Feb 11 1994Straightforward information storage program, uses concepts of shoeboxes (files) with envelopes and pages within shoeboxes to organize your date. Shareware, $32.
SHOPPER.ZIP75817Oct 13 1987Shopping made easier with this simple shopping list maker.
SIDECLCK.ZIP4368Aug 23 1985Add clock functions to Side Kick from Borland.
SIGNUP.ZIP23931Aug 23 1985SIGN UP! is a menu-driven program designed to register participants into workshops.
SIMPLE-1.ZIP140619Apr 13 1989Mailing List Program Disk 1 OF 2.
SIMPLE-2.ZIP65305Apr 13 1989Mailing List Program Disk 2 OF 2.
SIR!.ZIP40841Feb 5 1989Phone/address book. Uses modem to dial out for voice communications.
SITP.ZIP85111Dec 12 1986Stay in Touch v2.0. Complete address book/mailing list system.
SLVIT.ZIP237042Oct 16 1990Solveit V4.0, very friendly & versatile financial package, much improved.
SMS9201A.ZIP283103Jan 15 1992Shareware Marketing System 1/92. Help shareware authors market their shareware.
SMS9201B.ZIP294951Jan 15 1992Shareware Marketing System 1/92. Disk 2 of 2.
SNDZ111.ZIP274076Jun 15 1992SoundZ 2.22 the ULTIMATE audio librarian - catalog tapes, CD's, records, reel to reel tapes - many many nice features.
SOAR202.ZIP148220Apr 18 1988Service oriented accounts recievable package. Very easy to use, and is excellent for a small business that has monthly billings.
SOFTINVD.ZIP1220620Sep 11 1994Software Inventory Database - MS Windows program that allows you to track software titles using an ACCESS database. Easy to use, fully functional. Requires VBRUN300.DLL. README file has install info and complete descript
SOUP.ZIP9844Jul 16 1989Meal Master recipes: Soup Mix.
SOUR.ZIP6304Jun 17 1989Meal Master recipes: Sour Dough Bread.
SOWEST2.ZIP5203Apr 25 1990Southwestern recipes for Meal Master.
SOWEST3.ZIP7796Apr 25 1990Southwestern recipes for Meal Master.
SOWEST4.ZIP6224Apr 25 1990Southwestern recipes for Meal Master.
SPLUS300.ZIP322482Jan 18 1990Service Plus: The Ultimate Maintenance and Service Call Tracking System.
SPORTCB.ZIP88730Nov 15 1989Sportcheck. Trading card database. Baseball Edition contains data files for every major set by each of the seven prominent baseball card manufacturers.
SPTSMGMT.ZIP131861Jun 22 1989Excellent sport management system for coaches of any sport.
SQL-BIB.ZIP6256Apr 9 1989Bibliography of books on structured query language (SQL).
SQLSIG1.ZIP31476Aug 15 1989Collection of Oracle SQL and Non-SQL programs. Includes C source.
SRP14.ZIP61259Jul 19 1992Steve's Resume Program. One of the best of the lot, but still too generic for all but the simplest resumes.
SS#INFO2.ZIP2597Aug 17 1988Interesting information about your SS#. Find out what it means.
SSII120.ZIP191676Mar 18 1993Software Susie v2.0. Database for keeping information about your software.
SSN12.ZIP26490May 1 1991Cross reference your Social Security number and the state where it was registered and vise versa.
SSN20.ZIP32618Feb 20 1993Determine place of issue for Social Security number issued between 1951-1988.
SSN35.ZIP44135Mar 12 1993Nice little program to tell you things about Social Security Numbers (e.g., what state).
SSQL31A.ZIP308617Apr 12 1992Shareware SQL Database, Version 3.1. Excellent intro to the SQL language.
STAFF3.ZIP324313Jul 27 1991Database manager, Flat File DBMS with relations, Productivity Tool.
STAMPB15.ZIP412022Aug 29 1993STAMPBASE (Version 1.5) for Windows. StampBase is a Stamp Collection Inventory System for the Windows environment.
STAMPMAN.ZIP65920Jan 31 1991Stamp Collector's program.
STARLAB.ZIP36540Oct 24 1987A very simple and easy to use label printing utility.
STARTR10.ZIP146053Nov 17 1990Star Trek Video Library. *.DBF files and application reference Startrek, STNG, and the animated series.
STAT-CA.ZIP341600Aug 8 1991Statistics from the Census Bureau. Master data for U.S. as a whole, and data for the state of California.
STAT-MD.ZIP262675Aug 8 1991Data from U.S. Census. Has some master data for the country as a whole, and specific data for Maryland.
STAT30TM.ZIP90227Mar 1 1989Menu driven statistics package for linear and multiple regression, parabolic curve fitting, and mean analysis. Keyboard and file data input.
STATEGEN.ZIP67952Apr 26 1989Creates monthly billing statements for small business operations.
STP30TM.ZIP54517Oct 5 1990Yield/Price calculator for investments in stripped mortgage-backed securities.
SUDC10.ZIP75249Apr 4 1993Utility which allows the import of the entire Cat's Meow homebrew reference library of recipes into the SUDS database. Requires SUDW21.EXE and CATMEO.ZIP. This allows for an unbelievable database of homebrew recipes.
SUDW21.ZIP234114Aug 2 1993Windows 3.1 database for the homebrew enthusiast. Includes a number of recipes and allows for the import of text files. Hops IBU calculator, filters database for specific types of recipes, etc.
SUGAR31.ZIP180137Nov 15 1992Insulin usage/blood glucose tracking program.
SUPRFORM.ZIP185066Dec 1 1990Super Forms is a powerful forms generation and management system that allows you to create a form on your screen, enter data, and print it.
SURVEY2J.ZIP148422Nov 25 1994SURVEY POWER 2.10 Create, analyze, & print out demographic and correlation results to your surveys. Accepts single choice, multiple choice, rank order, text entry, and cumulative type questions. Up to 9 choices per q
SURVEY36.ZIP161440Jul 7 1991Survey version 3.6. Survey results analyzer/manager.
SVS2BIX.ZIP25926Oct 4 1991Convert OCLC Prism SaveScreen files for import to BIBL.
SWAT10.ZIP97045Nov 25 1992StopWatch 1.0. Allows up to 750 events to be timed within a 24 hr period. Attach a note to each event. Automatically records event time, elapsed time from start and from last event.
SWIFTHLP.ZIP75109Jun 29 1990Clarion DBMS Quick-Reference Help demo. Comprehensive.
SWIMDB16.ZIP189595May 1 1992SwimBase is an easy to use, menu driven program to keep all the data necessary for a swim team. The swimmers' personal data is stored along will all event, meet and season results.
SWT20.ZIP307161Aug 23 1992Shareware Tracker for shareware programmers. Track sales, expenditures, mailing lists, etc.
SYNCHX10.ZIP36121Jun 20 1988SYNCHX10 lets you synchronize the clock in your X-10 PowerHouse interface with the clock kept by your PC.
SYSLOG12.ZIP22209Sep 24 1991Records Screen Output. Can be used to get documentation for problems, document activity on the PC, etc.
TABS.ZIP268291May 15 1990'The Address Book Solution' is a TSR address list management system.
TANKMIND.ZIP237802Mar 24 1993Aquarium database maintenance program.
TAPEMK14.ZIP54080Jul 15 1990TapeMaker is a unique program that helps you choose songs to record on a tape, and then will print a tape label.
TASKPRO.ZIP43142Nov 30 1989TASK-PRO allows a manager to maintain a well organized database of tasks and troubles. TASK-PRO allows related tasks to be grouped into files which can be manipulated independently.
TBSMAIL.ZIP118642Oct 31 1989A simple maillist managememt program.
TC44APRO.ZIP573336Sep 8 1994Time & Chaos, v4.4a. Windows 3.1 PIM with phone/address, calendar, to-do, flexible reporting, user assigned categories for info, much more. Very nice.
TC902.ZIP127181Mar 14 1991Small spreadsheet/word processor program - great for laptops.
TCARD28.ZIP247499Feb 18 1993Time Card is a small business accounting tool to track employee work hours. It works by employees punching in and out from the keyboard. Includes features such as Network support, E-Mail, report generation, passwords, pri
TCLK20.ZIP174568Jul 25 1992Timeclock is a comprehensive, easy to use program to help small business' keep employee and project time records.
TCLOCK1.ZIP160456Dec 9 1990Time Clock tracks employees punching in/out and keeps track of hours worked. Many features.
TDLMGR.ZIP39398Apr 7 1991The TODO List Manager is designed to give the user the ability to create and maintain a total of 9,999 tasks for up to a total of 1,000 different people.
TELESALE.ZIP95179Jul 3 1987TELESALE is a database for people doing telemarketing or sales.
TEMPLATE.ZIP75901Feb 8 1991Q & A Version 4.0 Database templates.
TFEB5B.ZIP156665Apr 15 1991The Family Edge (Shareware version B.5B). A great Geneaology program that has multiple databases, up to 64k people in each, and a GEDCOM utility available.
TICKLE.ZIP26025Jul 31 1987A very good time date reminder program.
TIKLER53.ZIP66595Aug 5 1993Tikler 5.3 Easy event reminder. Automatic event notification by date, periodically, day of month. Runs TSR or normal.
TIM21.ZIP325593Jun 8 1988Time is Money professional time billing system. Includes client and project tracking, variable rates, fixed price sales, mileage, expenses, etc. Produces and tracks invoices.
TIMELOG1.ZIP129927Aug 24 1992Timelog 1.0. Win 3.x program for personal time usage recording, maintains a database of work projects. User can "Punch In" and "Punch Out" on projects added to the database. Timelog can produce several time usage reports
TIMESKED.ZIP80231Feb 7 1991TimeSaver and Multi-TimeSaver are designed to give busy people efficient scheduling tools.
TIMEV11.ZIP79994Nov 21 1991Daily Charge Slip Tracker, keeps track of your billable and non-billable time, includes client, charge code, provider and charge slip files, charge slips can be printed out by any combination of client, provider, date or c
TIMSAV33.ZIP88176Mar 20 1989Time Save III version 3.3. Personal Planner (Time Mnagement).
TJC.ZIP33034Oct 22 1989New Hebrew calander that optionally displays Hebrew.
TM.ZIP11141Mar 16 1990Simple time management program, small and quick.
TMAST324.ZIP275082Feb 13 1993TASK MASTER v2.4 - Easy-to-use project tracking program. Keep track of office assignments, correspondence, projects, tasks, and other work - easily.
TMDEMO.ZIP346734Apr 17 1995Wrestling Tournament Management program in GUI environment. EXCELLENT program for running wrestling tourament.
TMO_12.ZIP192779Jul 18 1992Musician, DJ's : Create and maintain set sheets, song lists, job schedules, multiple custom contracts. Also includes: Chord Builder, Scale Builder, Key Reference Chart, Tuner. The Musician's Organizer Version 1.2.
TODO399.ZIP44235Sep 8 1990To Do List Manager version 3.99. An easy to use but very complete Todo list manager with printing, audit trails, pop up calendar and many other features.
TODO52.ZIP95624Jul 12 1990To-Do Version 5.2. Excellent time mangement program.
TPCNEW.ZIP6045Apr 16 1993Shows what's new in the Programmer's Corner CATALOG.LST file.
TPMORT.ZIP56935Jun 2 1988Mortgage Loan Program - windows, on-line help, etc. Very Good.
TPOI2.ZIP331510Aug 30 1993Touring Points Of Interest - provides information and a list of sources for all of US.
TRAVEL.ZIP4632Feb 11 1990MealMaster recipes for cookies that travel well.
TREEBASE.ZIP87620Jul 1 1992Simple database that organizes information (records) the way that DOS organizes it's directories - text-oriented, reviewed in PC Mag, worth a look.
TRENCH18.ZIP244476Dec 2 1993Trench is designed for General and Electrical Contractors to estimate material, production and labor costs of multi-layered trenches.
TREPLN21.ZIP159440Aug 12 1993TREEPLAN for DOS v2.1 - Decision tree software for structuring risky decisions. Show sequence of decisions and events over time. Print tree diagrams.
TRIPPLAN.ZIP44901Nov 7 1988TRIPPLAN is a trip planning aid that calculates the shortest route between cities using mileage data such as that obtained from road maps.
TRNSTOCK.ZIP98379May 21 1986TRANSTOK is a utility for investors to track and analyze stocks. It will "bridge" and act as a data translator for stock market quotes from many on-line datbases.
TSJOG14.ZIP23991Apr 18 1993Simple calculator/pacer for jogging enthusiast.
TSRDIAL.ZIP42403Nov 22 1986Simple TSR phone dialer with BASIC source code.
TUNE-I.ZIP81127Aug 9 1993Great new ultra capable scanner database for the latest scanners.
TURBOCAL.ZIP119953Oct 4 1988User friendly real estate program. Even a RE agent could use it!.
TVGUIDE1.ZIP132968Nov 22 1993TV Episode Guide to your favorite TV series.
TVTIMES.ZIP67190Oct 25 1992TVTIMES v2.0 - TV TIMES is a program for making personal TV LOGS. It is especially designed for the TV ADDICTS.
TW.ZIP43837Jul 22 1991TravelWare 1.0 organizes all the details you need to keep track of during a business trip. Schedule and review flights, meals, lodging, and transportation, and keep track of expenses.
TX69.ZIP336605Jul 27 1994This is TickleX, the most powerful tickler/calendar program available.
UBL11.ZIP160444Mar 20 1991"Ultimate Bicycle Log" program to keep a log of bicycle workouts, plus gear ratios and other information.
UDECIDE.ZIP74920Nov 10 1990UDECIDE helps you make decisions. Allows you to assign weights to different criteria.
ULTCLOCK.ZIP42544Jul 28 1989The "Ultimate" Alarm Clock. Dials phone, Alarms, etc.
UNOTES11.ZIP75882Sep 21 1990Useful Notes lets you create, organize, and access information on electronic notes. Similiar to Tornado Notes.
UPS.ZIP80464Aug 2 1988UPS mailing system.
UPS20.ZIP14681Sep 20 1988A UPS rate package written in Dbase. Includes dBase source code.
UPSBOOK.ZIP141545Aug 19 1991Computerized UPS Book shipping manager.
USDA-NDB.ZIP374080Jul 9 1992USDept of Agriculture Data Base File.
USMAIL30.ZIP139211Mar 26 1992Info on all rates to mail packages/letters by US Mail.
USPRO1.ZIP721740Feb 7 1995US Philatelist v2.02 Organize your US-only stamp collection with this mouse-driven inventory and identifier software. Register and get current market values and stamp descriptions for 6600+ US Stamps.
UTIL.ZIP47904Apr 14 1987The Gas & Electric Utility Analyzer. A program to analyze your gas and electric bill, and forecast future bills.
UTIL91.ZIP19702Jun 20 1991Oracle Database Adminstrative Utility SQL Scripts. Automates a lot of the daily BDA chores and has an exxcellent collection of DBA reports.
UTLB5B.ZIP125446Apr 15 1991The Family Edge (Shareware version B.5B) utilities.
VAC25.ZIP31364Aug 19 1989Great Office Vacation Tracker and Scheduler - Color, windows and more.
VCP110.ZIP331901Feb 10 1994Visual Calendar Planner Version 1.1.
VCRCAT.ZIP55063Mar 3 1990A complete VCR librarian. Many nice features, easy-to-use.
VCRCOVER.ZIP16735Feb 9 1986Makes VCR tape covers with descriptions.
VCRDBASE.ZIP32430Apr 29 1986Excellent video tape library data base.
VCRHOME.ZIP77795Jun 17 1988Simple DB to catalog your home VCR collection of tapes.
VDL418.ZIP95845Feb 17 1990A videotape log program to organize your videotape collection.
VENDOR3.ZIP587665Jul 23 1993PC Vendor - an editable database of 3700+ computer vendors info.
VIDCAT.ZIP27593Jan 27 1987Video Collection Catolog Program.
VIDEO.ZIP112425Aug 29 1993Nifty database program for keeping track of your videos. 99 user-defined categories, search on several fields. Very easy to use. Runs nice in Windows or DOS. Documentation included.
VIDEOCAT.ZIP23962May 26 1986Catalog your video cassettes. Good program.
VIDLIB.ZIP15951Dec 11 1987Simple Video library collection database system.
VIDLIB1.ZIP129860Jan 27 1989Very complete Video collection database system. Looks very good.
VIDRENT.ZIP48552Mar 18 1988This program allows you to run a small Video Tape Lending library from your PC. It can support up to 1200 customers and 600 tapes.
VIDSTR.ZIP176264Jul 3 1990SUCCESS LINE VIDEO STORE is an easy to use program for video stores. It manages all aspects of video store operation from customer and inventory management to rentals, sales and reports.
VINO215A.ZIP337883Aug 1 1991VINO:FILE Cellar Master manages your wine cellar and tasting notes.
VISAHOW.ZIP2586Aug 26 1989Ideas for obtaining Visa/Mastercard merchant status for home businesses.
VISION40.ZIP191186Jan 18 1992Free form text database that allows you to create fields easily - Vision v4.0 - shareware.
VLTAG213.ZIP34391Aug 2 1990Produces labels for your 3" Diskettes, optionally giving file contents, Volume ID and Library refrence.
VMSYS23.ZIP106604Jan 5 1990VMSYS PLUS will provide you with a wealth of reports and graphs outlining how your efficient your vehicles are performing.
VOLTAG.ZIP33459Feb 15 19903.5" diskette labeler. The finest available. Includes mouse support.
VRSPLUS.ZIP275414Nov 18 1990The Vehicle Record System Plus consists of a series of menu driven program modules which are designed to help you track expenses for all of your vehicles.
VTIME.ZIP36936Mar 24 1991Calibrate your VCR's. Time vs counter readings. You can calibrate for up to 3 different VCR's.
VTL20.ZIP47500Dec 15 1989VTL is an easy to use menu driven, video tape tracking system.
WALLET.ZIP2310Oct 11 1985Keep track of your credit cards.
WALLYBIL.ZIP29930Feb 27 1987DataBase program to help room/housemates share expenses and pay bills.
WAMPUM45.ZIP359614Feb 25 1993Wampum 4.5 DBase III & IV compatible DBMS, with ability to include PCX graphics as a field, while maintaining DBase compatibility. Also loads in as a 20K TSR, fast & efficient.
WBAR.ZIP86841Apr 27 1993WonderBar v4.2 - TSR (memory-resident) program which lets you print POSTNET bar codes wherever you want them: on mailing labels, letters, envelopes, etc.
WDCHELP2.ZIP67020May 22 1993Build a callers helpdesk for telephone support for customer service.
WDX14.ZIP177714Jun 14 1994Willowdex Address management system written in Clipper.
WED45.ZIP200758Jul 11 1993The Wedding Manager v.4.5. Easily manage your guests and expenses with this powerful but user-friendly program. This colorful tool produces many helpful reports and statistics.
WEDPLN20.ZIP331192Mar 15 1992A menu-driven, dBase compatible wedding planner/organizer featuring guest list maintenance, seating chart organization, bride/groom appointment schedulers, customizable planning guide, planning guide, checklist, honeymoon
WELSH.ZIP5602Aug 20 1989Welsh recipes in MealMaster format.
WEST.ZIP5619Jul 10 1989Meal Master recipes: Wild West.
WESTRECP.ZIP5619Jul 10 1989Western Receipies for Meal Master.
WFIELD12.ZIP213583Jul 1 1991WYNDFIELDS is a general purpose Database program, useful for keeping track of any type of structured information.
WHOWORKS.ZIP37516Oct 29 1987WHOWORKS is a valuable program which allows the user to make, edit and print 5-week work schedules for up to 32 persons.
WILLKIT.ZIP8575Feb 26 1989Form to write a simple will, comprehensive instructs from lawyer.
WILLWRIT.ZIP40064Feb 16 1986Write your own will menu driven.
WINBCRD.ZIP169610Aug 8 1992Sports Card Collection Manager for Windows.
WINCL403.ZIP296278Aug 13 1992WinClaim, version 4.03 Medical billing software lets you enter medical claims, print the new red HCFA 1500 insurance forms and patient statements, post payments directly to open items, and run financial reports such as an
WINCN11.ZIP289362May 4 1994WINCOIN V1.1 is a Win 3.X application for coin collections. Contains all US coin categories, including grading info and history. Master coin lists, which contain years and varieties for over 4300 coins, are included.
WINFLY.ZIP89864Jun 6 1993Frequent Flyer Database. Keeps track of bonus miles.
WIZARD25.ZIP221194Jun 27 1992The Wizard Data Base, version 2.50. Allows you to create your own multimedia databases, allowing users to do several tasks concurrently such as locate and print data, display graphics files and hear sound selections. Sear
WIZCON.ZIP15324Feb 11 1992WIZCON is a program intended for owners of the Mail Order Wizard (or WizKid) and who are not willing to shell out $500 for a data export program. WIZCON is limited at this time to exporting the customer list only.
WLOG.ZIP27553Sep 17 1986A work log for creating hourly accounts for billing - for consultants.
WMF.ZIP43627Jul 25 1987WMF (Weekly Mutual Funds) provides a quick and easy way to track the weekly performance of as many as 104 mutual funds or stocks.
WOODCUT.ZIP42050Oct 8 1989For carpenters & cabinetmakers: computes wood cuts from lumber.
WORK.ZIP152792May 16 1992Resume tutorial program, for those having trouble getting their thoughts together in preparation for a job search.
WORKLOG.ZIP28086Nov 10 1986This is a very nice Time Billing Program, It also has the ability to inv.
WRITER.ZIP166460Apr 9 1992Easy Working Writer freeware from Spinnaker. Formerly part of the 8-in-1 package.
WVH24C.ZIP261654Mar 3 1994What Vehicle History? 2.4c service tracking, reporting, and billing for all types of mechanical devices. Parts inventory with stock level, profit, and income tracking. Intended for business or shop handling many vehicles
XC.ZIP107761Jul 6 1989Exchequer is an easy-to-use check writing and checkbook management program. It is designed primarily for home users and small businesses wishing to automate and simplify their bill paying.
XCALC315.ZIP227814May 4 1988EXpress calc ver 3.15 works great with file eXpress & eXpress graph.
XMARK.ZIP378025Mar 28 1992Map display program teaser. Gives one city and offers more files for sale.
YDPLS23H.ZIP340820Sep 13 1994YDPLS23 is a personal information manager with a kitchen sink full of utilities - Dialer, calendar, calculator, zip lookup, capitalization of data entry, 200 memo per record.
YEARP289.ZIP105117Jan 12 1989Wall Calendar Program.
YEARPLAN.ZIP52870Dec 18 1987Year Planner is an organizing tool which mimics the familiar "write- on, wipe-off" wall planner calendar system most businesses use to schedule important events.
YH132.ZIP210616Jun 30 1994An informative and comprehensive job interview simulator that provides realistic training and valuable experience to prepare you for your next job interview.
YI2V23.ZIP283623Mar 10 1993FYI2/Business Office Manager - complete with card file, mailing labels, etc.
ZBASE31.ZIP108457Sep 28 1992Databases archive files that have been stored on diskettes. Recognizes all different type archives and prints reports.
ZCB10.ZIP398002May 13 1994Zip code and area code finder for Windows.
ZDLEGAL.ZIP63640Jul 3 1985Several useful legal forms for the consumer.
ZEPHYR4A.ZIP349043Dec 20 1992Zephyr is a full-featured, menu-driven, fully-relational dBASE and FoxPro-compatible data base management system. Part 1 of 3.
ZEPHYR4B.ZIP365644Dec 20 1992Zephyr is a full-featured, menu-driven, fully-relational dBASE and FoxPro-compatible data base management system. Part 2 of 3.
ZEPHYR4C.ZIP366395Dec 20 1992Zephyr is a full-featured, menu-driven, fully-relational dBASE and FoxPro-compatible data base management system. Part 3 of 3.
ZIPCODE.ZIP9065Apr 22 1991Simple Zipcode Directory for Maryland.
ZIPDB.ZIP971883Mar 5 1993Full US Post Office Zip Code Directory in .DBF format.
ZIPKEY2.ZIP201790Feb 1 1991A TSR Zip Code Finder. Over 43,000 + Zip Codes. Can be used with many other programs.
ZMAIL285.ZIP291149Sep 27 1989Excellent mailing list program with many very powerful features. Unlimited number of records, this is NOT a demo.
ZMRAK-D1.ZIP141603Jan 20 1989(1of2)Zoomracks, database with spreadheet,word proc, hypertxt funcs.
ZMRAK-D2.ZIP38491Jan 20 1989(2of2) Zoomracks, uses a rack & card system, very intuitive.
ZUPSBA.ZIP7348Oct 5 1991Zip code to UPS zone converter [Balto. point of origin]. With TASM source.