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Stamp Collector's program.
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Stamp Collector’s program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AIRMAIL.DAT 21783 4108 deflated
AIRMAIL.IN1 5406 544 deflated
AIRMAIL.IN2 5406 540 deflated
BROWSE.COM 960 836 deflated
COLOR.EXE 3024 2303 deflated
CONVERT.DOC 2560 1030 deflated
CONVERT.EXE 21104 11117 deflated
MONO.EXE 3024 2303 deflated
PARPOST.DAT 2226 485 deflated
PARPOST.IN1 1802 77 deflated
PARPOST.IN2 1802 77 deflated
STAMPFIL.DAT 318 22 deflated
STAMPFIL.DB1 159 11 deflated
STAMPFIL.DBF 707 216 deflated
STAMPFIL.IN1 1802 37 deflated
STAMPFIL.IN2 1802 37 deflated
STAMPFIL.SDF 22440 3593 deflated
STAMPMAN.EXE 74544 28264 deflated
STAMP_V2.DOC 19840 6300 deflated

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Contents of the CONVERT.DOC file

StampMan, Version 2.0,
The Stamp Collector's Database

Converting Version 1.0 Index Files
for Use with Version 2.0

It took a while but Version 2.0 of StampMan, the Stamp Collector's Database,
is here. Good news and bad news. The good news is that data files from
Version 1.0 are not wasted with Version 2.0 of StampMan. The bad news is
that an insidious bug in Version 1.0 causes all data and index files created
by Version 1.0 to produce a fatal error message when they are attempted to
be loaded directly into Version 2.0. The bug is my error and I am heartily
sorry for the inconvenience. I tried to do something manually instead of
letting the software and hardware figure it out for me. So much for the bad
news. The good news is that the bug is fixed and conversion of the files
can be painless and simple.

To accomplish the necessary conversion, run the conversion program by
entering "CONVERT" and the filename of the datafile to be converted
at the DOS prompt. If no filename is entered, the program assumes the
data file is named "StampFil" just as in StampMan. For example, if the
datafile is named "StampFil.DAT" and is located on drive B, enter:


If the datafile is named "MyFile.DAT" and is located on drive C: in
subdirectory "STAMPS", enter:


The first thing the conversion program will do is rename the Version 1.0 file
by replacing the "DAT" suffix with "DB1". The program will then create the
new Version 2.0 data file, read through the old data file and, in effect,
import the data into the new file. The data file is then reindexed, the
Version 2.0 files are flushed and written to disk, and your data is ready
for use by StampMan Version 2.0.

If CONVERT cannot find the specified datafile, please check the specified
drive, directory, and filename. One of them was probably misspelled. About
the only error possible is a full disk. The solution for a full disk dilemma
is to create the empty new files from StampMan Version 2.0 on a new disk and
then to import the data as a StampMan typed file from the old disk.

Again accept my apologies for the inconvenience and be assured that future
updates to the program will not require any additional changes to data files.

Thank you.


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