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A database for news clippings.
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A database for news clippings.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


NewsBase is self-installing; that is, when you execute it for the first
time it detects that no database, index, or configuration files exist in
the active directory. NewsBase will create the files it needs.

If you have a hard disk it is recommended that you create a new
directory for NewsBase, copy NEWSBASE.EXE into the directory, set it as
the default directory, and then execute NewsBase. That way all NewsBase
files will be put into the NewsBase directory.

If you use diskettes, have two formatted floppies ready. Copy
NEWSBASE.EXE to one of them. This will be your 'program disk'. The
other will be your 'data disk'. Set the DOS default drive to the drive
containing the program disk, and execute NewsBase.

During installation you will be asked a few questions regarding what
sort of drives and monitor your systems has, and where you wish some
reports to go. You can easily change your mind later.

NewsBase requires 256k RAM.

'Help' is available from all NewsBase screens by pressing F1.

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