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Database of 1992 auto prices .
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Database of 1992 auto prices .
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AP.EXE 88871 50764 deflated
CONFIG.DAT 494 441 deflated
FA-M.92 102869 36739 deflated
FA-M.92B 6382 3020 deflated
FN-Z.92 85450 31578 deflated
FN-Z.92B 6014 2909 deflated
GUIDE.DOC 11751 4251 deflated
HELPFILE.DAT 1784 813 deflated
LOGO.DAT 1037 142 deflated
ORDER.DAT 1108 347 deflated
READ.ME 2414 1059 deflated
USAC.92 218032 86492 deflated
USAC.92B 8262 3504 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

AIM Software
2970 Williams Drive, Box 232
Georgetown, TX, 78628

Thank you for trying "AUTO PRICE".

I would like to encourage you to register AUTO PRICE. When you
register the program, the latest update will be sent, and invoice
prices will be included. The first entry of the make/model screen
will display invoice prices.

There is a on-line user guide the can be viewed and/or printed
from within AUTO PRICE. The GUIDE.DOC and ORDER.DAT files are
normal text file and can also be printed via DOS print or copy
command. Most user can run AUTO PRICE without reading the Users
Guide, however, it does contain information that will explain many
features of the program.

To run AUTO PRICE, switch control to the disk/directory containing
all of the files used by AUTO PRICE and type "AP". This version of
AUTO PRICE does direct screen IO. If you have display problems, you
can start the program with an "AP m" or "AP b" command. The "AP m"
command does direct screen IO in black & white. The "AP b" command
uses BIOS for screen IO in B/W. In this mode the displays will be
noticeably slower then the default mode.

US or foreign cars will fit on a 360k diskette and may be run from
diskette. To build a 360k diskette copy all files except the ones

US diskette: Exclude file "FA-M.92" & "FN-Z.92".
Foreign diskette: Exclude file "USAC.92".

Do not attempt to modify the data files. Many of them have been
encrypted, and any modification to them may make them unusable.

Because of the time it takes to create the data base, there is no
plans to include trucks for 1992, however, they may be implemented

The current data base may not have all of the interactions
programmed into it. It may be possible to select two conflicting
options, or some other contradictory conditions. These
discrepancy will be corrected in time, but should not make the
program any less useful. There is a override features that may be
used if the data base prevents a legitimate selection.

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