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MAILALL is a versatile mail list manager program. It will maintain addresses, phone numbers and the like.
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MAILALL is a versatile mail list manager program. It will maintain addresses, phone numbers and the like.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Mailall Files

The following files make up MAILALL:

MAILALL.EXE - Required, Main program file
MAFILNAM.DAT - Required, List of data file names
LABEL.DAT - Required, Save of all print menu entries
PRINTMAN.BAT - Batch file that will print MAILALL.MAN
DEMO.DAT - Demo address data file
DEMO.MM - Demo MailMerge data file
DEMO.LET - Demo letter using Wordstar MailMerge
README.DOC - Latest info on MAILALL (this file)

To Start MAILALL enter at the DOS prompt



MAILALL /C (if you have a color system)


MAILALL /M (if you have a monochrome system)

Mailall is compatible with all Mailist programs version 4.0 and
higher. Print the MAILALL manual for more information. MAILALL
version 2.8 now has an improved label print menu. You can now
print envelopes and reports. Also I have added a label data save
option which will keep you from re-entering the setup data once
you have determined what it should be. Because of the great amount
of data that has been added to the print menu I had to eliminate
the option that allowed you to print the codes and comments sections
on a normal label. The report section will print out all fields for
you but you will not be able to put this info on the normal label.
If you need this ability please let me know and I will try to add
this it back.

I also would like to hear from more of you on how you use MAILALL
and if you have any request or bug reports. I would prefer that you
register your MAILALL copy but it is not required. I have received
several checks with no mention of the actual user, MAILALL revision
number or where you got your copy of MAILALL from. Please give me
all the info you can. I always try to respond to any request and
all contributions to MAILALL.

Thank You,

James D. McDaniel

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