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Instant Info Ver 3.0 - TSR info tracker.
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Instant Info Ver 3.0 – TSR info tracker.
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Contents of the INSTINFO.DOC file

INSTANT INFO (ver 1.03)
July 5, 1987

INSTANT INFO is a 'terminate and stay resident' program which lets the user
make and refer to up to 20 'NOTES' on up to nine current 'TOPICS' while
keeping a 'REFERENCE' file handy.

The program is installed by typing 'INSTINFO' from the MS-DOS prompt. An
initial message shows that installation is complete. INSTANT INFO can then be
called-up (invoked) by pressing the ALT & F9 keys together (ALT-F9). This
can be done from almost any program or utility.
--The first screen shows topics which have been entered previously.
--Topics can be added (or deleted) now.
--The notes pertaining to any of the current topics can be called up.
---If a topic's notes are called up, new notes can be added to that
--The reference file can be read from the main screen.


You install INSTANT INFO at the beginning of the day, thus
making it available until the next system boot (or until deinstallation).
During the day, your boss calls with a question on the status of the Jones
matter. Having previously recognized and entered the Jones matter as a
topic, you press ALT-F9 (in the midst of your other work) and INSTANT INFO
shows you that the Jones matter is topic #4 (in our example). You press '4'
and the last 20 notes you have made on the Jones matter are instantly
displayed (with the date and time of entry) in last-entry-first order. You
answer the boss's questions and enter a new note showing that he has been
informed up to this point. Finally, you press 'ESC' and return to your
previous activity (spreadsheet, word processing or ... ). INSTANT INFO has
automatically made a permanent record of the new note.

NOTES on using INSTANT INFO------------

INSTINFO from MS-DOS system prompt initially installs the program.

ALT-F9 invokes the program after installation.

ESC always takes you back to the previous screen (or your original
activity, if used from the topic screen).

F1 brings up HELP notes for the current screen. Press any key to erase
the help.

F2 brings up this month's calendar. It can be advanced or backed to the
month you need with the arrow keys (press F1 for details). Press ESC to
erase the calendar.

The TOPIC and REFERENCE files may be changed as you wish. When you choose
a new TOPIC file the current TOPICs and NOTEs are automatically saved.
Be sure to have the proper disk (if you are using floppies) in the
default drive. A save is also done in the case of deinstallation (see
CTRL-F9 below).

CTRL-F9, when entered from the topic screen, deinstalls INSTANT INFO. This
is nomally not necessary unless you need to regain the system memory used
by INSTANT INFO. Of course, the program can no longer be invoked.

The REFERENCE file can be any ASCII file having lines of 72 or fewer
characters. Use your favorite text processor to build or modify the
data you need handy for reference. Suggested uses are: Conversion
rates; price lists; employee data; customer preferences; company
'hang-ups'; and anything else that might otherwise be found under
the glass on your desk-top.


INSTANT INFO is Public Domain software and you are encouraged to use and
share it as you see fit. No warranty or guarantee as to its proper
operation is made. If you find this program useful, a contribution of
$15 or whatever, would be useful to the programmer and entitle you to
make comments, complaints, or compliments to the programmer as well as
placing an onus on him to keep you updated with the latest version.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to those Gurus of the Public Domain who
have made direct and indirect contributions to this project. Most
notably: Lane Ferris's TSR routines and program skeleton, Martin Brain's
FASTWRITE routine and W. G. Madison's DATETIME routine have been used
(albeit with a tweak here and there) within INSTANT INFO. We stand upon
their generous shoulders.

INSTANT INFO was coded in Borland's TURBO PASCAL with a liberal helping
of inline machine language, largely courtesy of the above Gurus. If you
would like to have a copy of the (mostly undocumented) source code, send
a formatted floppy with your $15.

David G. Webb
8705 Pappas Way
Annandale, Va 22003.

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