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EDB is an easy to use menu driven Data Base Management System.
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EDB is an easy to use menu driven Data Base Management System.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

EDB.ARC contains four files.

1. EDB.EXE - The EDB data base program
2. EDB.DOC - The docummentation. It is suggested you print and read
the DOC file before running the program.
3. READ.ME - This file.
4. SAMPLEDB - a sample data base to help you get started.

To try out the SAMPLEDB, type EDB. The Menu will be displayed. Press
the "L" key and a directory listing will appear. Eneter SAMPLEDB for
the file name. Then press the "D" key to display the data. To
determine how much money was spent on advertising so far this month,
press the "M" key and respond ADV for the search key.

I suggest when establishing your own data bases, you start with just
a few records. Try to become familiar with all of the options on the
menu, before you try larger files.

I hope you enjoy using EDB (Easy to use Data Base).

Ken Brant

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