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Telephone book & auto dialer for Windows.
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Telephone book & auto dialer for Windows.
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Contents of the DELEVON.TXT file

DELEVON 1.3Peter Wagner

Delevon version 1.3 is a freeware program for MS Windows. With
Delevon you can maintain a lists of names and phone numbers.
With a Hayes compatible modem, Delevon can dial your phone.

Features :

- freeware
- small
- easy to use
- Dial with Hayes compatible modems
- Compatible with Windows 3.0
- Made in Germany

New in Version 1.3 :

- Redial if modem reports 'BUSY'
- New look

Usage Notes

Installation :

Extract the files from the DELEVON.ZIP file, and copy the files
named DELEVON.EXE, DELEDLL.DLL and DELE.VON to any Directory on your
harddisk. Select the program group you want to use, then click on
File - New - Program Item. Follow the prompts, filling in the
location on your hard disk for the program files.

Double click on the DELEVON icon to start the program.

Configuration :

Select the Configuration option from the Files menu. Here you can
choose the appropriate COM port, baud rate and dialing method.

'Init Command' is meant to allow you to issue Hayes commands such
as speaker control, etc.

You can specify a 'Prefix' if you have a telephone line that requires
something like '9,'.

Use :

From within the main window you can update, add and delete entries
in your phone list.

- Making a telephone call :

o double-click the desired entry
o wait for connection
o lift the handset
o press the OK button or the ENTER key

Peter Wagner
Compuserve : 100012,3711

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