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Epi-Info 5.01b. Epidemiology programs. Part 2 of 4.
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Epi-Info 5.01b. Epidemiology programs. Part 2 of 4.
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Contents of the 501B2.DOC file

Epi Info 5.01B as distributed by the Centers for Disease Control.

This is file 2 of 4. (An on-line manual is located in file 5,

Place all contents of files EPI501B1.ZIP through EPI501B4.ZIP within
a single directory or place them on separate diskettes. If placed on
separate diskettes, insure that all files within a particular .ZIP
remain together on their diskette.

Run INSTALL.EXE from EPI501B1.ZIP to create an executable set of
Epi Info files or to create a copy of the distribution set (but not
in .ZIP format). Use of INSTALL.EXE insures that Epi Info's files
are grouped appropriately on the target disk(ettes).

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