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Data base program for personal inventory/insurance purposes.
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Data base program for personal inventory/insurance purposes.
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Contents of the INV.DOC file

Personal Inventory 1.1 is a inventory system designed to keep track of
items in the home for insurance purposes. It is self explanatory -
simply enter Function key 1 for help when you're in trouble.

Unlike version 1.0, I am now asking for donations. Your donations
allow me to recoup some of the expense in purchasing compilers, assemblers
and software tools. A donation of $10.00 would be most appreciated.

If you are updating to version 1.1, simply copy both "inv.exe" and "inv11.hlp"
onto your directory or floppy where the old inventory program is stored.
Do not copy "inv.hdr", "inv.dt" or "inv.nx0".

Version 1.1 includes some bug fixes and a SORT/SELECTION menu in the

The system comes with items already entered. Delete them by entering
"d" at the Inventory Menu prompt.

If the help screens don't come up, try setting FILES=20 in your config.sys
file. If your monochrome screens look funny, set the "screen type"
flag to "mono" in the System Parameter Menu.

The following data files should be backed up:

inv.hdr - parameter file
inv.dt - actual data file
inv.nx0 - index file (item names)
inv.nx1 - index file (room names)

DO NOT exit the system by shutting off the system as this action may corrupt
the data files. Always exit gracefully by answering 'Y' at the EXIT MENU


Ed Trujillo

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