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Price Waterhouse guide to writing business plans.
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Price Waterhouse guide to writing business plans.
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Developing the Business Plan for your High Technology Company
Copyright (c) 1985 by Price Waterhouse

Boston University's note:

Although this outline and sample plan are geared toward
high technology ventures, most of the material is relevant
to start-ups of any kind.

Boston University and the Entrepreneurial Management Institute
are grateful to Price Waterhouse for permission to disseminate
this material.

One of your first steps in a new high technology venture should be developing
a business plan. A business plan is a key element in raising capital from
outside investors and also gives you a basis for your company's operating plan.

Preparing a document that reflects your plans for creating a company and
attracts the interest (read "money") of outside investors can be a time-
consuming and frustrating process. Many times, your business plan creates
your company's first and often most lasting impression on an investor. Much,
if not all, of you business is at stake when you present your plan.

Developing a good business plan requires careful thought and concentrated
effort. Price Waterhouse's experience with high technology companies and
their investors has enabled us to create this software for developing your
business plan.

Our microcomputer software consists of two parts:

- an annotated outline for preparing a plan
- an example of a complete plan

The outline provides a generalized approach to developing a business plan
for a new high technology venture. It includes our "helpful hints" and
comments that we have found will help present your information more

The example of a complete plan is exactly that: a business plan for a
fictional new venture that was written using our outline. This plan will
give you a working example of how the basics of the outline come together
in an actual, full-length, business plan.

Both the outline and example plan may be viewed on a screen or printed as
hard copy.

To use this software:

1. Boot your personal computer using your DOS operating system
diskette (version 2.0 or later), or hard disk, whichever is

2. To begin the program, type: "GO" (press enter or return)

"Developing the business plan for your high technology company" will appear
and you are ready to use our software.

To learn more about how Price Waterhouse's High Technology Industry Services
can assist you, please call your local Price Waterhouse office or

James M. Coriston
Chairman - High Technology
Price Waterhouse
150 Almaden Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95113-2007
(408) 282-1200

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