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Electronic Fund and Banking Program.
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Electronic Fund and Banking Program.
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Contents of the CHEKFREE.DOC file

Welcome to the world of electronic banking!

CheckFree Technologies has now made it possible for any person to pay
any bill, using any bank, anywhere in the country. This shareware
package provides you with a comprehensive yet easy to use bookkeeping
and home budgeting tool, and serves as the delivery vehicle for the
CheckFree Electronic Banking Service.

CheckFree provides the ability to pay all bills and handle all routine
financial tasks electronically, easily, and quickly -- regardless of the
merchant or financial institution. CheckFree makes banking, budgeting,
and managing funds easier by eliminating checks and providing accurate,
automatic record keeping. The process is very simple and can be used by
anyone who has a personal computer.


1.The consumer enters payment information into a personal
computer using the CheckFree software. The software
automatically records, categorizes, and sends the
information via modem to the CheckFree Processing Center.

2.The CheckFree system pays bills automatically through the
consumer's bank account.

3.Payments are sent anywhere in the U.S. using the Federal
Reserve system of transmittal -- the system used from
coast-to-coast by U.S. banks.

4. CheckFree provides the consumer with a completely automated
checking account register. Reconciliation with the bank
statement can be done in a few easy steps.

5.Regular monthly payments, such as mortgages or automobile
loans, can be paid automatically with CheckFree. The consumer
simply specifies the merchant, payment amount, and date for the
bill; CheckFree will process the payment on time -- every month
(or whatever the time interval is) until directed otherwise.
The software records these transactions to automatically keep
balance information up-to-date.

6.For documentation, CheckFree clients will have his or her
bank statement, complete with descriptive statements or
payment notices for each transaction, which serve the same
purpose as cancelled checks or receipts.


Reduced Paperwork:

CheckFree eliminates paper check writing. All CheckFree payments are
automatically recorded in the register and full receipt documentation
of transactions appears with the customer's monthly bank statement.


Consumers can access the CheckFree system anytime they want to pay bills
or review their account -- 24 hour a day, seven days a week. CheckFree
can be used with any checking account at any financial institution in
the U.S.

In addition, paying bills with CheckFree is faster and easier than
writing and mailing checks or printing them with a financial software
package. After initial payment information is set up, CheckFree
averages less than 15 minutes to pay all monthly bills -- a process
that can take hours by paper check.

CheckFree can process payments to and from any location in the U.S.

Saving Money:

Consumers save money in postage costs, the maximization of interest on
accounts by scheduling payment dates to coincide with due dates, and by
avoiding late charges and penalties.


To ensure a high level of account security, each CheckFree customer has
a personal account number. All data entry is off-line, and financial
records remain resident only in PC storage and memory. The system is
designed so that these records never leave the PC, and thus can never be
accessed by anyone except the user. The software transmits only payment
instructions to CheckFree, and does NOT include bank account numbers.

Furthermore, CheckFree processes payment requests through the Federal
Reserve Bank network and never requires actual access to the consumer's
bank account. Finally, entry to the program is protected by password.


Electronic funds transfer on the CheckFree system reduces human
intervention and the chance for error in paper check handling.
In addition, the software handles all the calculations automatically --
eliminating addition and subtraction errors.

Increased Control:

Bill payment is made specifically on the day the consumer requests,
so the customer benefits from the "float." In addition, the consumer
has a complete range of options to review, change, or cancel

Unlimited Availability:

CheckFree provides fast, accurate payment service to customers of
any U.S. financial institution.

Customer Service:

Because CheckFree Corporation has always considered client service
a vital part of its business, a full-time staff of client service
professionals is ready to answer inquiries Monday-Friday,
(8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Eastern Time).


CheckFree can pay any bill that the consumer wishes to pay, regardless
of the merchant's location in the U.S. The only exceptions are tax
liabilities and court payments.



CheckFree Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CheckFree
Corporation of Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1981, CheckFree Corporation
is the nation's leading provider of electronic payment services.
CheckFree processes payments electronically for companies in every state
across the nation. In fact, if you have ever used CompuServe, Source,
GEnie, or Quantum computer information services, you have already seen
how efficiently CheckFree works: each of these companies uses CheckFree
for their monthly charges. In 1988 alone, CheckFree will move over
$500,000,000 in consumer payments. Now, after three years of
development, CheckFree can provide this highly efficient technology
directly to individuals through their personal computer.


To get started, you pay a registration fee of only $29.95 which includes
a complete subscription kit with software version 1.13, user guide, sign
up materials and one month usage credit. However, if you register
before December 31, 1988, CheckFree will waive the registration fee and
you can get started for just a one month service fee in advance payment
of $9.00. To obtain a CheckFree subscription kit, call 1-800-882-5280
and ask for Electronic Banking (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time; Monday -

Why is CheckFree practically giving away subscription kits that are
about to be launched in nationwide retail distribution at year end?
CheckFree believes that making this offer to influential BBS users in
key geographic areas will help accomplish its primary task: getting the
PC community to recognize that electronic banking is finally here, and
that it works the way people want it to work.

This offer is intended to make it as easy as possible for you to see and
experience the efficiency of CheckFree electronic banking. We believe
this proven technology will provide you with a truly valuable service
that will let you use your PC the way it was intended: as an easy-to-
use, timesaving tool that will free you from unnecessary manual work.

If you would rather use your PC than create a lot of paperwork, try out
the CheckFree software and see exactly how easy it is to go electronic.


VERSION 1.13 of CheckFree is hereby placed in the public domain.
The CheckFree Software provided to you, whether obtained from CheckFree
Corporation or the public domain, is owned by CheckFree Technologies,
Inc. You agree not to tamper with or attempt to modify the software in
ONLY. You may make copies of the CheckFree software files for your own
use, and you may copy the files for others. You may not, however,
charge for such copies, or in any other way sell the program or
otherwise attempt to make money from it or any modified version of it.

The CheckFree software, services, programs, and related documentation
are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or
implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Hardware required to run the CheckFree Software is an IBM-compatible
computer with two floppy drives or one floppy and one hard drive, at
least 256K available RAM, MS DOS 2.1 or later, monochrome monitor and a
Hayes-compatible modem. A printer or a color monitor is optional. The
program will take advantage of those computers equipped with more than
256K RAM. Versions of the CheckFree Software will be available for the
Macintosh (512K RAM) and the Apple II series (128K RAM) shortly.

CheckFree is a registered trademark of CheckFree Technologies.
CheckFree Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary or CheckFree
Corporation. IBM is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.
Hayes is a registered trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products.

MS DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Macintosh and Apple II are registered trademarks of Apple
Computer, Inc.

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