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Idea List is an Information Manager which can help keep track of ideas.
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Idea List is an Information Manager which can help keep track of ideas.
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Contents of the IDEALIST.DOC file

Thank you! for trying IDEALIST (c) 1990 Michael R. Sleeter

Version 1.0 September 1, 1990

Michael R. Sleeter
P.O. Box 14857
Albuquerque, NM 87191

* \ *
* * * ___ \\----------\ Quick Start: Type RUN *
* * //----------/ *
* / *


|| About The Program |

This program is an Information Manager which is essentially an electronic
version of all those scraps of paper, envelopes and other tree-products
we typically jot down notes on and then we can never find them. This
software will end all that, and give you a fun, useful reason for using
your computer. The program is specifically designed for two types of

a) the person who has avoided using or reluctantly uses the computer
because it is intimidating dealing with that ugly DOS prompt "C:\"
(ok, fine, now what do I do?), and

b) the person who needs a convenient way to store and retrieve
information but does not want to spend hours deciphering monstrous
manuals or figuring out arcane database languages.

Even if you don't fit into one of those categories, you will want to try
this program. Its Graphical User Interface is unique among shareware
products. And it contains two extra databases you may find fun or useful
or both.

1. Information Cataloging

The program helps you easily record, retrieve and print idea titles,
categories and descriptions you have entered on virtually any topic
you can conceive. Use it to catalog hobby info - stamps, coins...Use
it for recipes. Use it to store all those great business ideas that
will make you a zillionaire! The possibilities are endless.

2. Inspirational Quotes

As an added pleasure, the program incorporates a database of
inspirational and sometimes humorous quotes which are displayed either
at your discretion or at various times when you would have had to look
at a "PLEASE WAIT" message on the computer screen.

3. Resource Database

Also included is a database of reviews of cutting edge books and
software on topics of creativity and business.

The bulk of programming effort has gone into making the program EASY TO
USE, and, yes, FUN and USEFUL.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is employed which makes the program
visually pleasing, and most importantly, it enables you to grasp
immediately how to use the program to your benefit. You should be able
to easily become fully operational very quickly.

|| RUNning the Program ||

1. Check to see that you have all the files listed below. These files
are distributed with IDEALIST 1.0. If any are missing, the program
may not function properly. Contact the author at the address listed
below - we will be happy to provide the complete program for you to

2. Ideally, the files should all be located in the same sub-directory on
your hard disk. However, the program will look extensively to find
what it needs should a file be misplaced.

3. Type the word RUN

The program may take a few moments to load depending on the speed of
your computer.

4. The first screen you will see lists the minimum hardware
configuration required to run this program (also listed below).

Hit any keyboard key to continue.

5. Next you will be able to enter and select menu choices. Move to the
menu option of your choice using the arrow keys, then press Enter -
or move your mouse cursor to the topic you want and click a button.
This set of menu choices is mainly informational and gives you
information about the software, the author, shareware in general and
a registration form. Go to the START option to start the main

7. Once you have selected the START option, the menu will disappear and
the program will run. From there, it should be clear what to do,
although an extensive HELP listing is provided, as well as individual
help screens for each of the main functions of the program such as
editing, printing, etc. Read the screens, select the ? buttons for
help, and you should encounter little difficulty.

|| Files Included With IDEALIST, and Minimum Hardware Configuration |

IDEALIST is a colorful, graphically oriented program. To be able to
enjoy IDEALIST, you must have the following hardware configuration:

1. EGA monitor and EGA screen driver

2. IBM PC or compatible

3. 8088/86 CPU, but PREFERABLY at least an 80286 CPU
(This will affect the speed of the program. IBM
compatible machines that have 80286 CPU's are
commonly known as "AT" class machines. Also included
is the recently released PS/1, and certain PS/2 models.)

4. A mouse is optionally, but is recommended - it will
ease use of the program, besides, they're fun!

5. A hard disk is required. The speed of the program
is intolerable if operated from either a 5-1/4 or
3-1/2 floppy drive. Additionally, you will need the
space a hard disk provides to enable you to have an
unlimited sized database of ideas you create and
store using IDEALIST.

The program will not work with CGA or monochrome monitors. The reason
for this is that the key objective of this program is to facilitate the
ease-of-use inherent with a well-designed graphical user interface.
Well-placed colors lead the eye, and can reduce eye-strain. Therefore,
there simply was no reason to create this program without color

Files included with this program:


You may find two additional files, PRINTER.COM and TESTFIL2.CRD.

The PRINTER.COM file is a special printer driver you may optionally
create to use with this program, although in all likelihood you will
not need to do this. This program will work as is with the vast majority
of printers. If PRINTER.COM is absent, don't worry. The program explains
the procedure for creating a custom driver. Choose the PRINTER HELP ICON
from the main menu of the program for details.

TESTFIL2.CRD holds the information you input. In its original distributed
form, a small, sample TESTFIL2.CRD was included to give users some ideas
for using the program. Again, if the program is not included, DON'T WORRY,
the software will create it automatically for you when you first save
a new idea or topic. It is intended that you will never have to worry
about the mechanics of working with DOS, or where things are stored. The
important thing to remember is, DON'T CHANGE THE NAME OF TESTFIL2.CRD after
you have created a list of ideas. The software will be unable to find
your data if you do. You may, if the file gets too big to work with
easily rename the original TESTFIL2.CRD to something like MYFIRST.CRD and
save it under the new name. You will then have a clean slate to work from.

Finally, if you receive IDEALIST with a huge number of ideas and topics
you have no interest in, it will be easier simply to exit the program and
delete the existing TESTFIL2.CRD file than to delete files one by one
from inside the software.

This software is USER-Supported software. It is not now and never has
been free. If you use and enjoy the program, you are required to send
$20 to the author at the address listed above. In the first menu of
IDEALIST you will find a handy registration form. PLEASE FILL THIS OUT
COMPLETELY when you send in your registration. This is the way we can
keep track of our valued customers, their software needs and any other
pertinent information.

You may contact Michael Sleeter either by writing to the address given
above, or you may contact me by leaving a message on the support BBS
for this software:

ANOTHER BBS? (505) 255-3623

Thank you for using IDEALIST! Please inquire about other products
distributed by Computer-Ease.

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