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Meal-Master Utility. Allows MM to run with compressed recipe files and has a little routine to extract Meal-Master/CompuChef and Qbook recipes from test files (like those saved from a mail reader) and output to MM readabl
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Meal-Master Utility. Allows MM to run with compressed recipe files and has a little routine to extract Meal-Master/CompuChef and Qbook recipes from test files (like those saved from a mail reader) and output to MM readabl
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Contents of the MMMENU.DOC file

Welcome to Meal-Master Menu (MMMenu)! This program was designed to
allow you to use Meal-Master with recipes stored in compressed format
(PKZIP, LHARC, ZOO, etc.). Please make sure you read and understand
these instructions before you run MMMenu.


Delta Services and Brett Jones make no warranties, express or implied,
as to the merchantability, performance or suitability for application
of this program (MMMenu). By using this program, you accept full
liability for any damages incurred from said use, and agree to release
Delta Services and Brett Jones from liability or litigation for any

Now that that's out of the way .........


First, MAKE SURE the filepath you have stored in Meal-Master
(Maintenance Menu, option 'F') is the path where you want your recipes
to reside while you are working on them (the compressed file does not
have to be saved there).

DO NOT change Meal-Master's filepath if you are running Meal-Master
using MMMenu! If you need to change to a different recipe set you
must first EXIT Meal-Master and run MMMenu again, changing the
'Compressed Meal-Master File' to the new recipe archive.

Once you start using MMMenu, Meal-Master's 'filepath' option becomes
the temporary directory you are going to use to decompress your
archived recipes to.

If this is the first time you are running MMMenu, the program will use
the un-compressed recipes you have and will automatically compress
your recipes when you exit Meal-Master. It will save the compressed
recipes to the filename you provide in the 'Compressed Meal-Master
File' option.

Second, always make sure there is enough room on your disks to store
your files. This program is *NOT* very smart; if an error occurrs
during compression or decompression, you MIGHT be told [only if the
compression / decompression program you are using returns an
'errorlevel']. If there is a detectable error during compression,
your Meal-Master files (INDEX.MMF, INGRED.MMF, DIRECT.MMF, etc) will
not be erased from the work directory, but your archive file probably
will be.

Third, Murphy's Law .... PLEASE make a backup of your recipe files
before running this program. If something goes wrong it might save
you hours of frustrating work trying to rebuild your recipe database.

Copy MMMenu.EXE into the directory where you have Meal-Master.

When you run MMMenu, you will first see the registration screen.
Once you print out the registration form, this screen goes away. If you
haven't registered, then please take a moment to read the screen.

Once you have pressed a key, the following menu will be displayed:

1. Compressed Meal-Master File: MEAL
2. Compression Program: PKZIP -A
3. De-Compression Program: PKUNZIP
4. Use EMS: Y
5. Convert Recipes for Import
6. Exit

7. Run Meal-Master

(If you are running a registered copy of Meal-Master, you will receive
an additional option: 8. Run Registered Menu)

99. Print MMMenu Registration Form

Option 1 - Compressed Meal-Master File

This is the filename of the archive file that contains your Meal-
Master recipes. If it doesn't exist, it will be created when you
select option 7 (or run Meal-Master from option 8). You use this
option to switch from one archive file to another (somewhat how
the 'Filepath' option used to work).

Simply enter the name of the archive file you want to use here.

Option 2 - Compression Program

This option specifies the compression program AND switch(es)
required to place your recipes INTO the compressed Meal-Master
file. It is automatically set for PKZIP, a popular compression
program, but can be changed for virtually any compression
program. Please refer to the documentation provided with your
compression program for any 'switches' needed to ADD files to an
archive (it's usually -A). The program specified MUST either
be in the same directory as MMMenu or in a directory in your PATH

Option 3 - De-Compression Program

This is the reverse of option 2. It controls the program that
REMOVES your recipes from the archive file. Again, it is
automatically set for PKUNZIP, but you can change it if you like.
Remember to include any switches that may be required! This file
MUST also be in the same directory as MMMenu or in a directory in
your PATH statement.
Option 4 - Use EMS

Meal-Master has the ability to use EMS memory if you have it. If
you want Meal-Master to run using EMS memory, say 'Y'es to this
option, otherwise say 'N'o.

Option 5 - Convert Recipes for Import

This option allows you to convert multiple Qbook and CompuChef
recipes to Meal-Master format so you can import them into your
recipe files. Since Qbook allows free-form entry of recipes this
routine is NOT 100% effective, but it works on the majority of
Qbook recipes. If there is a Qbook recipe in the file you are
converting that has two column format for the ingredients, the
second column MUST be at least 4 spaces after the first column,
and start at least in column 20. If it doesn't, then you will
need to edit the recipe's ingredients once you have imported it.

Meal-Master recipes may also be included in the file you are

I usually download my messages and read them with a mail reader
(SLMR [Silly Little Mail Reader]; available on most BBS's). I
have the option to save the entire message area where recipes are
exchanged, and use the saved file as my file to convert. This
option will run through the entire file, pulling out and
converting all of the Meal-Master and Qbook recipes.

When you select this option you will be asked for two filenames.
The first is the source file (the one with the recipes that NEED
to be converted). The second is the destination filename (the
file you will use for Importing into Meal-Master). Please note
that neither of these files will be deleted ... you must do that
by yourself once you have quit Meal-Master. If your destination
file is already present, the newly converted recipes will be
ADDED to it.

Option 6 - Exit

This allows you to exit MMMenu WITHOUT running Meal-Master.

Option 7 - Run Meal-Master

This option initiates the process of running Meal-Master using
the recipes in your compressed recipe file. For those of you
that MUST know how it works, take a look at MMME.BAT after you
quit from Meal-Master (this option creates an MS-DOS batch file
then runs it).

Option 8 - Run Registered Menu

This option only displays if you have registered your copy of
Meal-Master with Episoft Systems. Basically, it does the same
thing as option 7, but runs MMM.EXE instead of MM.EXE.
Option 99 - Print Registration Form

If you would like to register this program (NOT Meal-Master;
that's a SEPARATE registration) then please select this option,
fill out the form that prints on your printer and send it to me
with the registration fee. You don't get anything other than
peace of mind by registering, but keep in mind that this program

DID take a little bit of work!


I would like to thank Episoft Systems (Scott Welliver) for writing and
supporting Meal-Master. In my opinion, Meal-Master is the best recipe
manager available today (no, we're NOT related!). If you use Meal-
Master, and have not registered it, I urge you to do so. Mr. Welliver
deserves some recompense for the time and effort he has put into Meal-

If, for some reason, you feel the need to contact me about MMMenu,
please do so either in writing to the address on the registration
form, or through CompuServe E-Mail [user id: 76166,2542]. I will try
to get back to you as soon as possible.


Brett Jones
Delta Services
1405 Belmont Ave.
Seattle, Wa 98122

[Meal-Master, Qbook, CompuServe, PKZIP, PKUNZIP, LHARC and ZOO are
copyright/registered/trademark to their respective owners]

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