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Recreate lost cash register receipt.
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Recreate lost cash register receipt.
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Have you ever needed a sales slip and have just not been able to find
the one from the store? Your problem has just been answered!

To start the program enter "SALESLIP" or "saleslip" in the current
drive/directory the program is stored in. The program will initially
prompt you for the Sales Tax Rate and defaults to 6.25% if a value is
not entered. The program only prompts for the rate one time when the
program is intially loaded. The second screen displayed displays two
different sizes of a sales receipt and prompts for which receipt you
desire to have generated. The program defaults to a narrow receipt if
nothing is entered. It then requests the Store Name and then the Item
Description and Price paid for each item you wish to have on your
receipt. The program stops prompting for more input when nothing is
entered for Item Description. It then calculates a Sub Total for the
items purchased, Sales Tax and Total sale and outputs the receipt.

After the receipt has been printed the program asks if you desire to
generate another receipt. Pressing return defaults to "No" and the
printer page ejects.

NOTE: To abort the program press CNTL-C at any time.

SALESLIP functions with IBM/EPSON/Compatible dot matrix printers. It
has been tested on OKIDATA 192, PANASONIC 1091 and a BLUE CHIP M150/15

I hope this program may be of use to those able to get a copy. I have
found it to be very useful to obtain rebates when I have either lost
my receipt or when I have purchased more than one rebate item on one

The program is written in Turbo Pascal, please feel free to distribute
this package as you may see fit and...

Start REBATEing to you Hearts desire!

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