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Professional filing system Part 2 of 2.
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Professional filing system Part 2 of 2.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOOKS.FRM 1609 457 deflated
BROKER.FRM 2997 870 deflated
BUSINESS.DTA 2197 945 deflated
BUSINESS.FRM 1187 348 deflated
BUSINESS.NDX 1098 678 deflated
BUSI_EXP.FRM 2332 577 deflated
BUSI_INV.FRM 1703 535 deflated
CHURCH.FRM 3431 975 deflated
CLUB.FRM 2623 714 deflated
DBF-PF.COM 27054 16559 deflated
HOME_INV.FRM 1595 509 deflated
MAGAZINE.FRM 1651 456 deflated
MUSIC.FRM 1932 585 deflated
PF-INTRO.TXT 2666 1199 deflated
PF-READ.ME 18862 6577 deflated
PRINTDOC.EXE 8240 5201 deflated
PROFILE.DOC 157272 39225 deflated
REAL_EST.FRM 3240 1021 deflated
RESIDENT.DTA 1391 669 deflated
RESIDENT.FRM 1278 340 deflated
RESIDENT.NDX 1098 569 deflated
SAMPLE.LAB 1636 270 deflated
SAMPLE.RPT 1915 390 deflated
XMAS.FRM 2528 640 deflated

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Contents of the PF-INTRO.TXT file



o Unlimited number of database files

o Manage large databases with up to:
- 65,000 records per file.
- NEW: 3,000 characters per record
- 150 fields per database
- 100 lines for the database entry form

o Supports 9 field types
- Anything, alpha only, force uppercase, digits only, currency,
number, auto date, date, phone number, social security number

o Powerful search capabilities
- Alphabetic/numeric/date range searches
- "And", "or", partial, exact, and combination matches

o Index on any field
- View database in index order
- Find any record with index in less than 2 seconds

o Create help line for any field

o Powerful one-step global search and replace
- Replace information
- Add to beginning or end of field data
- Delete partial information
- Substitute partial data in a field

o Sorted reports or labels on up to ten fields

o Sort reports, labels, or mail-merge file in 3rd class bulk
mail order

o Print labels up to four across
- Print in 3rd class bulk mail order with dividers and summary
- Easy-to-use label creation with 15 predefined labels and an
"any-style" selection

o Reports up to 64 columns or 255 characters
- Customized column calculations (running balance, percentages,
spreadsheet formulas, etc.)
- Column summaries (total, average, count and subtotal,
subaverage, subcount)
- Invisible columns for intermediate calculations
- Perform scientific calculations (sine, cosine, square root,etc.)

o Preview reports on screen

o Create and save unlimited number of report formats for repeated use


o Optimized search and sort speeds

o Supports virtually all popular printer models

o Program files fit on one disk


o Free-form database design

o Change design easily without losing data

o Quick entry "ditto" key to copy information from previous form

o Pop-up and Lotus-style menus for easy use

o Over 150 screens of context-sensitive help


o Import/export ASCII data in comma-delimited, Standard Data Format,
or One-field-per-line format

o Convert dBase II/III/III+ files to ProFile format

o Create mailmerge file for most popular word processing programs

o Easily copy data between different ProFile databases

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