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Small business inventory control.
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Small business inventory control.
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Contents of the IC.DOC file

Feburary 11, 1987 CS-IC Version 1.3 Cincinnati Shareware

The version of CS-IC that you have received via Shareware does not
include user documentation. This program is NOT A DEMO; it is actually a
full-blown inventory control system comparable to those found on larger
systems. The user documentation has been excluded for two reasons:

1) The manual is far too long to fit on the same diskette with the

2) If we gave away the manual, then you would have no reason to become
a registed user. (for complete information on registration, see the

Included in CS-IC.ARC should be the following files:

IC.COM Main menu for CS-IC
IC.DOC This file
IC.SYS Screen data file
ICOVLY1.CHN Program overlays

ICSETUP.COM CS-IC configuration program (run first)
README.IC Registration information and license agreement

If any of these are missing, then the system is not complete. You may
always download the latest version on Cincinnati Shareware (Opus) at
(513) 531-4654. (1200/2400 and soon... 9600) There is never a charge
for updates.

CS-IC uses many files at once, so you will need a CONFIG.SYS file
on your boot disk that allows for AT LEAST 20 data files.

If you don't have a CONFIG.SYS file already, create it by typing:

CD \
FILES=20 (required)
BUFFERS=40 (to speed things up)
^Z (control Z, return)

If you have just created the file, you must reboot before running CS-IC.

The first step is to configure the system by running ICSETUP. This program
allows you to define the parameters such as company name, system type and
printer controls that are used. All of the programs in CS-IC operate the
same way. The following table describes the supported keyboard functions.

LEFT/RIGHT arrows Moves the cursor within the current field
UP/DOWN arrows Moves the cursor from field to field
HOME Moves the cursor to the first field
INS Turns on insert mode
DEL Deletes the character under the cursor
TAB Deletes from the cursor to the end of the field
Backspace Destructive backspace
RETURN Advances to the next field
F1-F10, ESC Valid functions defined at the botton of the screen

- 1 -

Feburary 11, 1987 CS-IC Version 1.3 Cincinnati Shareware

The following fields in ICSETUP require explanation:

Company name : Enter YOUR company name as you would like for it to
appear on your accounting reports.

Printer device : If your printer is not called PRN, then enter the device
name here; otherwise just press RETURN. This may also be
used to route printed output to a file.

Data directory path : Leave this field blank to create the data files in the
current directory; otherwise enter the name of the data
directory for CS-AR to create the data files.

Inventory period : Defaults to the system date. This is in the form: MM/YY.

Default sort method : This is the way that you would like most reports to sort.
You always have the option to change the sort, this is
just a default. Choose between Part number, Mfg/Part and


Cost/price precision : You may have from 2 to 5 digits after the decimal point.
(Precision from $.01 to $.00001)

Quantity precision : You may have from 0 to 3 digits to the right of the
decimal point for quantities. (From 1 to .001)

Multiple locactions? : Defaults to NO. If you stock items in multiple ware-
houses, say YES here. If you do, the LOCATION field
will be required in many programs.

Duplicate parts? : Defaults to NO. If one of your vendors' part numbers
overlap with another, then say YES here. Parts will
be unique by Mfg/Part number.


Def vendor from Mfg : Defaults to YES. If you normally purchase parts directly
from the manufacturer, say YES here. This simply controls
the default in IMM.

Trans cost entry : Defaults to UNIT COST. Some people would rather enter
the extended cost when entering receipts.

Transaction history : This allows you to control how long transactions will
remain online until they are purged.

Monthy hist. screen : This controls which parts (if any) will accumulate monthly
history. (See IMQ)

- 2 -

Feburary 11, 1987 CS-IC Version 1.3 Cincinnati Shareware

Default stock unit : This is the default unit that will appear in IMM. Usually
something like "EACH."

Default location : This is only applicable if you have selected the multiple
locations option above. This is the location that will
automatically be created when a part is added in IMM.

Reports form feed : Specify whether you want the printer to advance the paper
before or after the reports are printed. Default AFTER

Normal print, etc. : Enter the ASCII codes that IC-AR should send to your
printer for the specified funtions. (use decimal numbers,
0-255) You may use up to four bytes per function.

Once the system in configured, type IC from MS-DOS to enter the main
inventory control menu. The following programs are available:

inventory maintenance physical inventory
--------------------- ------------------

IMM - Inventory Master Maintenance CSP - Count Sheet Printing
IML - Inventory Master Listing PCE - Physical Count Entry
IDJ - Inventory Deviation
periodic processing Journal and Posting
month-end processing
ITE - Transaction Entry --------------------
ITJ - Transaction Journal and Posting
IBR - Balance Report MAR - Monthly Activity Report
ISR - Shortage Report MPS - Monthly Posting Summary
IMQ - Master Inquiry MIU - Monthly Inventory Update
CDF - Compress Data Files

If you have any other questions, please consider becoming a registered
user and getting the support of Cincinnati Shareware. If you have any
problems to report or need help, contact Chris Irwin via Fido 108/68.
The phone number is (513) 531-4654 (1200/2400 and soon 9600). He will
be glad to answer your questions even if you're not registered yet.

IMPORTANT: You may not have the latest version. Check with Cincinnati
Shareware's Opus System for the latest releases. If bugs are found,
they are immediately corrected and re-released. (513) 531-4654

Cincinnati Shareware
P.O. Box 9283
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
(513) 631-3574

- 3 -

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