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Recipe for India Pale Ale beer.
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Recipe for India Pale Ale beer.
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One More Time Ale
John Hall
Worthington, OH

4#Alexander Valley Light Malt syrup
3#Laaglander Light dry extract
1#British crystal 80 malt (cracked)
1/2#Munich malt, uncracked, toasted 350 degrees 10 minutes

1 oz.N. Brewer pellet hops, 8.5 alpha65 min
1/2 oz. Cascade leaf hops (12 alpha)65 min
1/2 oz. Cluster leaf hops (7.3 alpha)65 min
1/4 oz. Tettnanger leaf hops12 min
1/4 oz. Cascade leaf hops12 min
1/4 oz. Tettnanger leaf hops 2 min
1/4 oz. Cascade leaf hops 2 min

Water: softened filtered tap
Yeast: Wyeast Chico ale
Prime: bulk prime, 3/4 c. dextrose
Two stage fermentation in glass
O.G. = 1.050, F.G. 1.018

Toasted munich for 10 min whole, then steeped with crystal at 150 degrees
for 1/2 hour. Added to extract in kettle. Full wort boil for 65 minutes.
Ferment at 70 degrees for 5 days, racked, then 5 days at 68 degrees. Cooled
to 45 degrees for 8 days prior to bottling.

This is a very full, bittersweet beer, much like Belhaven Scottish Ale,
but with a hop aroma that is IPA all the way. Harder water would improve
it. Has changed considerably over the past 6 months, becoming dryer and
less bitter. Those last 5 bottles don't stand a chance now.

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