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EZ Inventory. An all-purpose stand-alone inventory program.
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EZ Inventory. An all-purpose stand-alone inventory program.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

A - EZ Inventory

1. This program is a general purpose stand alone program, written for
anyone who wishes an easy to use program.
2. It can be used for almost any kind of inventory items.
3. The program offers the following:

a. Unlimited record entries.
b. Intuitive use of program.
c. Excellent data integrity of records.

4. Four records are left in the program, as examples of records.
They can be overwritten later in the program.
5. Use the examples to familiarize yourself with data entry and,
excution of the commands. Names used in searches must be typed
in exactly as entered.

B - Disclaimer
Users assume all liabilities in use of this application.
No warranties are expressed or implied with this program.

NOTE: If you use this program and want more easy to use programs,
a $10.00 donation would be appreciated. Send to:

D & N Associates
P.O.Box 118
Finksburg, Md. 21048

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